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Budget laptops aren’t always immediately appealing. They are designed to be cost-effective, but functional devices, that complete the job. You might not exactly be mesmerised by their looks, and incredibly often, you’ll not be working with the speediest possible hardware. However, a lot of us don’t need the absolute speediest any way.

Over the past couple of years, updates in this segment have already been incremental. There are new processors, a slightly faster RAM, and so forth. The Lenovo Ideapad 310 is this year’s budget entry from Lenovo, and it requires a go at the consumer’s pocket.

Build and Design: Same exact, same old
Like its predecessor, the Ideapad 310 can be manufactured from plastic. The keyboard bay and the lid have non-glossy plastic, which is smooth and feels decent. The bottom of the notebook is more rigid, with scratchy or textured plastic-type material used here.

That said, the device itself is not perfectly made and there are many spots on the keyboard bay aswell as on the lid, which may have obvious flex. The screen specifically has a lot more flex than I expected.

Display: Simply average
At an price tag of Rs. 34,990, the Ideapad 310 provides 1366 x 768p resolution. The display isn’t great. It really is neither bright, nor vivid. The max luminescence recorded on the display was at the centre, at 234 lux. Overall, it’s what you will call the average display. The Asus A555LF and HP 15 Notebooks offer better display panels, at similar prices.

It can tilt to a complete 180 degrees, but that becomes a straightforward party trick as a result of the sub-par viewing angles on the Ideapad 310.

Ports: Just the requirements
Lenovo stuck to the fundamentals and covered all of the essential ports, including a USB 3.0 port. The Ideapad 310 has only 1 USB 3.0 port. The Sdcard slot together with the regular mic/headphone jack is a typical practice on these budget machines, but our review machine also had the optional DVD drive. Additionally you get yourself a standard HDMI port and the proprietary power port. The energy brick is currently integrated on the plug itself, making the charger lighter to transport.

Keyboard and touchpad: Room for improvement
Budget laptops from Lenovo have often had better keyboards than their competitors, and that presents here. The island-style keyboard has flat keys with linear depression. This signifies that the keys travel along when pressed without wobbles, translating into smoother typing experience. Further, actuation point (where in fact the keyboard detects an integral press) is merely right, and the keys make a unique click sound when you press them. The feedback from the keyboard is ample, too. However, the resistance of the keys might have been slightly easier to enhance overall typing experience.

The touchpad is pretty standard for a budget laptop. It supports all windows gestures, but pointer speeds certainly are a little slow out-of-the-box. You can of course modify this according to your preference. The left and right click buttons have little travel and work without the issues.

Performance: Nothing exceptional
Our test machine was powered by the brand new Intel Core i3-7100U processor. This is a excellent processor and didn’t falter once during our tests. Using the device as a daily driver with Office apps, browsing, FHD video playback plus some frequent video conversion, I faced no issues. The notebook computer also handled Flash-based games pretty much.

It performs at par with most laptops in the this price bracket, but is faster than convertible laptops just like the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series, which sells at the same price.

Audio quality via both bottom mounted speakers isn’t great, plus you’ll desire a really silent room if you need to hear those speakers.

Battery: Not enough
There’s a whole lot of room for improvement here. As the Ideapad 310 does lasts longer than its predecessor, it’s still not great. I acquired about 4 hours worth of battery life about the same charge, with all the device as my daily driver. As stated above, this consists of some FHD video playback, frequent video conversion, browsing and using some Office software like

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