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With almost twelve Core i9-8950HK laptops under our belt, we’ve a pretty good notion about how precisely these unlocked CPUs is capable of doing. Average CPU performance is merely 8 to 9 percent faster compared to the average Core i7-8750H notebook for a disappointing first year debut.

Intel formally announced the Coffee Lake-H series for laptops on April 2018 comprising new Core i5 and Core i7 SKUs to supplant the prior generation Kaby Lake-H Core i5 and Core i7. As the refresh itself wasn’t surprising, the revelation of new Core i9 options certainly was. Can such a high-power processor really operate on a notebook computer form factor?

After testing over 10 different laptops with 45 W Core i9-8950HK processors, we are able to safely say that the performance advantages are minor typically and considerably smaller compared to the jump between Core i5 and Core i7. At best, users can get a raw multi-thread performance boost of twenty five percent over the common Core i7-8750H, but performance can in fact be slower compared to the Core i7 at worst according to the laptop.

The Dell XPS 15 9570 and MacBook Pro 15 2018 Core i9 configurations are possibly the best types of this. So as to best exploit the Core i9 CPU, the processor must run at high Turbo Boost clock rates for long periods. Unfortunately, most laptops just like the Dell or Apple just don’t have powerful enough cooling solutions for the duty therefore performance throttling inevitably occurs to keep core temperature in balance. The CPU would swiftly stabilize at its base clock rate to in the end be simply a hair faster compared to the Core i7.

Our chart below compares the CineBench R15 Multi-Thread scores of several Core i9 laptops against the common Core i7-8750H extracted from a sample group of almost 70 different laptops. Many OEMs charge $300 or even more merely to upgrade from a Core i7 to a Core i9, but we recommend standing firm with the Core i7 option and spending the excess cash on other key specifications such as for example higher storage capacity, RAM, or a faster GPU.

Users who want Core i9 on a notebook computer must consider Clevo or Eurocom models as these systems carry standard LGA1151 sockets especially made to run desktop CPUs at comparatively higher TDP ceiling

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