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After spending my fair share of time with the iRobot Roomba 790 and the Neato XV-21, a very important factor was certain: My apartment floors were free from debris, nonetheless they still needed an excellent scrubbing. Unfortunately, my growing reliance on robot vacuums rendered the very thought of mopping more painful than ever before. Between your unwieldy mop and big drippy bucket of soap and water, not forgetting the physical act itself, I’d be overjoyed easily never really had to mop again. Luckily, there’s a ‘bot for that. Get Best black Friday Deals and offers for your fav products.

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The $299.99 iRobot Braava 380t($254.00 at Amazon UK) is similar to a huge sibling to the iRobot Braava 320. The Braava 320 costs $100 less, however the 380t includes a bigger battery with faster charging, room-to-room cleaning capabilities, a pause button, an instant clean mode, and a furniture-protecting bumper. You’ll still desire a vacuum for large debris, along with the occasional helping hand for tough spills, but it’s an excellent accessory for the neat freak who hates to completely clean.

Design and Setup
The Braava 380t looks a heck of nearly the same as the Braava 320, with the same two-tier condition and dimensions. It measures 9.6 by 8.5 by 3.1 inches (WDH) and weighs about 4 pounds. It will come in shiny black plastic rather than white, with the same matte black plastic along the sides. There are simply three simple function buttons along with these devices: Power, Mop, and Sweep, along with navigation system indicator lights underneath. Gleam handle on the trunk that allows you to get and transport the robot easily. The only method you’d really understand that that is a different model, apart from color, may be the rubber bumper on leading. While both Braava models work slowly and gently enough that I wouldn’t worry about any of it scuffing even the most delicate furniture, the rubber bumper produces added satisfaction.

Before you start cleaning, first you need to charge the robot. Stand it through to its back again to access the charging port, plug it in, and await a good blue light to seem on the energy button. It requires about four hours to attain a full charge, that ought to last for four hours of sweeping or two-and-a-half hours of mopping. A INCREASE Cradle is designed for $59.99, which charges the Braava to full capacity in only two hours. It’s much easier to use, too, because you won’t need to stand these devices on its back.

Once fully charged, it is advisable to attach the correct cleaning pad and microfiber cloth for sweeping or mopping. The Braava includes one multi-purpose cleaning pad, one reservoir mopping pad, one microfiber cloth for sweeping, and one microfiber cloth for mopping. The cleaning cloths are machine washable, and can be utilised hundreds of times.

The pad for mopping includes a tiny built-in reservoir you need to fill with water before using. Dampen the mopping cloth, then place it onto the pad via Velcro attachments on the trunk. The pad for sweeping, meanwhile, runs on the group of grip teeth to carry a dry microfiber cloth firmly set up. The pads are held set up by magnets, and so are simple to placed on. You cannot utilize the mopping and sweeping cloths and pads interchangeably.

I was just a little surprised that there surely is no specialized cleaning solution for mopping. However the microfiber pads have already been exclusively formulated for optimal cleaning, so just water must do the trick. You may even use a mild solution of your decision, but anything thick can clog the wick (which may be the porous cap to the reservoir pad). Still, as an avowed germaphobe, I love to take a durable method of my cleaning every occasionally, and it appears like I’ll have to continue steadily to do that yourself later on. The multi-purpose cleaning pad works with pre-moistened cleaning cloths though, like Swiffer pads, in the event that’s any consolation.

Finally, before you start cleaning, you need to start the included, battery-powered NorthStar Navigation Cube. When you transform it on, a flashing blue light can look. Place the Cube on a counter or table with a clear view of the ceiling, and point the flashing blue light toward the guts of the area. This can help guide the Braava around your room. I did so have trouble sometimes obtaining the Braava to hook up to the Cube, but this might pass with repeated attempts.

One major benefit to the Braava 380t is that you should use additional Navigation Cubes to steer the robot from room to room. Just take into account that each additional Cube costs $39.99, and the Braava 380t only has so much battery life. But in the event that you reside in a tiny one-bedroom apartment like I really do, it makes for the best in kick-back cleaning.

Performance and Conclusions
Once you’re all initiated, all you have to accomplish is press the Mop or Sweep button and allow Braava do the others. I first tried sweeping, so as to prep my floors for an excellent mopping. The Braava 380t only works on flat surfaces, like tile or hardwood floor, so throw rugs and carpeted areas are completely out. Luckily, my apartment is mainly hardwood flooring, and the Braava avoided my throw rugs just like the plague.

The Braava 380t runs on the mostly forward motion to sweep, pushing forth and carrying dust, debris, and a good amount of pet hair. I was actually quite surprised at the quantity of dirt and dust the pad the found, since I have a tendency to keep a fairly clean home (I’ll blame it on a shedding pug and the hard-to-vacuum spots within the couch). It generally does not vacuum, which means you are going to have to clean off all that debris it accumulates by hand instead of emptying out a bin, that was a terrifying prospect when I spotted a long-dead house centipede (image seek out one at your own risk). I was glad the Braava found it, however, not so glad to dust it off yourself with a paper towel. Still the microfiber cloth found far more than I expected. Better still is that the Braava 380t is almost silent. I often forgot it had been even on until I heard it beep to i want to know that it had been done cleaning.

After an intensive sweeping, I set the Braava to mop. To get this done, it employs a back-and-forth technique where it leaves a liquid trail in the condition of the letter Y. I only filled the reservoir pad with water, to observe how good employment the microfiber cloth would do. Once more I was pretty impressed with the results. I assume I simply don’t expect my apartment to be dirty, but I was surprised at the quantity of dirt obvious on the cleaning cloth when the Braava had finished, in addition to the overall “clean” feeling of my floors.

The primary problem is that the Braava 380t pays the same amount of focus on each area it cleans, so that it will spend as much time on a dry out spill since it will on a properly clean portion of floor. That signifies that it’s properly fine for an instant cleaning, particularly if you usually keep things tidy, but you will need to devote a few of your own manpower on tough stains and spills.

The NorthStar Navigation Cubes did an excellent job in guiding the robot around my apartment. It often got right near furniture without actually bumping involved with it, and did an extremely nice job navigating around corners. A big shag rug in the center of living room threw the robot for a loop though. While there must have been sufficient space to navigate around the rug, it had been never in a position to make it; I had to choose it up and move it myself. And so far as I’m concerned, if I’m by using a robot to accomplish my housework, I would like to put in only a small amount hard physical work as possible. Additionally, there is no way to schedule cleanings with the Braava Plus, as if you can with vacuum robots just like the Neato XV-21.

Quibbles aside, I like the Braava 380t. It’s ideal for someone like me, who lives in a mostly hardwood-floored apartment. While its mopping functions aren’t quite on par with the superior suction of the high-end Roomba 880($599.00 at Amazon), it gets the added advantage of having the capacity to mop my floors after it sweeps them. There is also the Scooba 450($1,799.00 at Amazon), which vacuums and mops, but at $600, it’s double the cost of the Braava 380t. It is also a lot louder, but still lacks the muscle to obtain deep-set stains.

I’m tempted to provide the Braava 380t 4 stars rather than 3.5, but I will not, mainly for the reason that Braava 320 can be available. That model sells for $100 less, and I’m uncertain the added features listed below are worth the excess dough for many people. The extended battery is obviously nice, and room-to-room cleaning is handy, but remember you need to pay a lot more for additional Cubes. The rubber bumper is welcome but superfluous, as are a few of the other new features. If you don’t actually need these, then choose the Braava 320. In any event, you’re guaranteed a cool new robot for the inactive with cleanliness at heart.

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