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The Jaybird X4 are excellent wireless sports in-ears that are fairly versatile for everyday everyday use. By design, they are incredibly lightweight and can certainly easily fit into your pockets or bag if you’re visiting the gym. They provide a large amount of tips and fins options for optimal comfort and stability during exercise, or throughout your commuting. In addition they barely leak and isolate a respectable amount of ambient noise. Unfortunately, like the majority of Bluetooth headphones, they have somewhat an excessive amount of latency for watching videos and their proprietary charging cradle is restrictive sometimes because you can’t charge the headphones without it. On the upside, also, they are appropriate for the Jaybird MySound mobile iphone app that provides an excellent EQ and profile presets in order to customize your sound to your liking.


+Minimal leakage

+Stable and lightweight design

+Above average and customizable sound


  • The in-ear fit is uncomfortable for a few
  • Cumbersome charging cradle


Type: Wireless In-Ear

Enclosure: Closed-Back

The Jaybird X4 kept an extremely similar design to the prior model, the Jaybird X3. They do have different tips and stability fins which are more earbud-like, making them somewhat convenient than typical in-ears given that they don’t enter your ear canal deeply. You get multiple tips and fins for the best fit easy for you. Also, they are rated IPX7 for sweat and water resistance which pays to for athletes. These were made to be charged with the provided cradle rather than a universal and more prevalent charging cable, which is somewhat disappointing and restrictive. They include a tiny pouch that isn’t the very best protection for the headphones, but thankfully, it doesn’t add an excessive amount of bulk and can easily fit into pockets. On the upside, these wireless in-ears are incredibly portable, stable enough for some sports and won’t cause you to sweat more when training.


The Jaybird X4 can be an above-average sounding couple of closed-back wireless in-ear headphones. They have a deep, regular and punchy bass, with a comparatively even mid-range and a well-balanced treble. The bass is slightly overemphasized, and the mid-range is recessed, pushing vocals and lead instruments to the trunk of the mix, that may still be ideal for bass-heavy genres like EDM, but isn’t well suited for vocal-centric music. In addition they feel a lttle bit sharp on certain S and T sounds, while some are lacking at length. This will be most noticeable on vocals and cymbals. Also, like the majority of closed-back in-ears, they don’t have a speaker-like soundstage. On the upside, they are appropriate for the Jaybird MySound software which enables you to customize the sound to your liking with the provided parametric EQ and sound profile presets according to which kind of music you’re hearing. You also have usage of various other Jaybird owner shared profiles.


The Jaybird X4 have good passive isolation performance but get outperformed by the X3, probably because of their more earbud-like design. They don’t have any ANC features but nonetheless passively block a respectable amount of ambient noise, and barely leak at all. This implies you’ll manage to increase your listening volumes to filter more noise without bothering persons around you together with your music. They’ll be ideal for the office but may not isolate enough in the bass range, where in fact the rumble of engines sits, to become a great option for a daily commute option, but nonetheless {

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