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I owned the JBL LSR 305 studio monitors for quite a while now, they have several useful features. The speaker drivers are design within an interesting way. The wide guide designed likely to allow center sound image turn out clear and heard irrespective of where you are sitting at in the area, without effecting all of those other sound so it could be produce accurately. I find this to be most evident, irrespective of where I sat in the area or how close, remote to the sides, the guts image was great, all of those other sound still sounded excellent. The lows on the studio monitor sound excellent to my ears, It has enough bass for all my needs, THAT I found to be very clean and clear. The sound really fill the room aswell the apt from a 3.5 volume setting that i use.

The studio monitors have many functions on the trunk of the monitors. Two Input’s, on / off switch, volume knob, trim switches and the input sensitivity switch. The monitor’s includes a TRS 1/4 and XLR connector both of these are balanced, I take advantage of the XLR connection myself. The trim switches enable you to control the high and low frequencies with +/- 2dB EQ for every. I am using the default trim setting which is 0dB. The input sensitivity switch enable you to config the studio monitor’s for consumer level -10dB signals and professional +4 dB signals, such as for example sound cards, phones/tablets, external dac’s and pro audio tracks devices. I take advantage of the +4 dB setting myself for my Gustard X12 Dac.

One thing you have to know before you get they are, they are incredibly source depended, assuming you have a poor source they’ll inform you. I don’t advise you plugging these into your onboard audio tracks unless you’re on broad music are actually the several good kinds that out, even i quickly don’t advise it. At least that can be done is use a recording pro box, external dac or a decent or good sound card.

The Setup
For the review I am using the Gustard X12 external dac, linked to the JBL 305’s thru XLR connections. The dac will be using the usb connections. I’ll use Music bee media center with it set to use Asio. The os I am using is Windows 10 pro 64bit.

Besides hearing music I am also a gamer, Games sound excellent on the JBL 305’s, the overall game sound was clear you heard everything that was going on in the overall game very cleanly. Due to wave guide the mids was great, irrespective of where I was as I played games like Dragon ball XV, Borderlands TPS and Interstellar marines, the voices arrived excellent and clean and in the guts. When there is a character walking to the sides of me talking, I heard them moving to the positioning. The guts image was very good.
The bass was powerful when I was firing a sniper rifle in borderlands without out doing all of those other game audio, which is fantastic when via these studio monitor’s. I really do not need a subwoofer at all. I fell I won’t need one and I pleased with the performance that I am getting from the JBL 305’s. The sound field was very big, the sound of me punching goku in the facial skin in dragon ball XV the force of the punches came thru, other npcs flying around the match was produced effectively.

When it found hearing music, I had the same results, according to the songs either it had been like they was on stage singing for you or their voices spreading thru the area or singing right to you.
The sound was very airly and spacious with the sound stage being big, I possibly could hear each separated instrument playing clearly, and do not require was over lapping one another, my room was loaded with sound since it expanded through the entire room. The highs are detailed and so are also clear, I didn’t have any problems at all hearing the high notes plus they didn’t bother my left ear.
The JBL305’s was very accurate with just how it produced the several bass notes, I had songs that had bass that went very deep that was still clear and clean, others such as for example dub step that had hard hitting bass that didn’t skip a beat, Another song that had a soft bass note and another that was an assortment of different bass notes, that arrived perfectly. The drum and the snares was clean and incredibly detailed, you could hear just how they was done in the recording.
These JBL305 discrete a whole lot of volume, while playing music I visited another area of the apt and I still heard them nice and clear from a volume setting of 3.5, even on 3.0 I still heard them. I have a tendency to use 3.0-3.5 anything greater than that, I’d have the authorities called on me or worst.


Honestly they are some excellent studio monitor’s that can be utilised for most types of audio, from music, games, movies and TV, with broad range of different devices for as long you have the sort of cables you will need. These was the first good couple of monitor’s that I’ve owned, I’ve no regrets getting these. I could see myself using thes

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