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I’m convinced a column PA is accurately the very best tool for what I really do. The column systems that are actually coming out just like the Eon One makes things very exciting for the singing instrument playing artist who must put an iPod on during breaks or during create or tear down. I purchased a JBL Eon One system to displace my LD System’s Maui 28 column system a couple months ago.

Here’s my thoughts after 8 weeks of consumption at weddings, restaurants and my church.

  1. Portability:
    It’s the best lightweight solution available because the distance segments and main speaker segment fits in to the sub unit creating one solid unit to visit with unlike my last system, the Ld System’s Maui 28 which had two separate travel cases (one for both main speaker segments and one for the sub unit). You will however need to choose the JBL transporter pastored hardened soft case for $129. My Maui system had the padded soft cases included. You’ll feel that all lightweight units should have a transport protection case. Silly. The Maui cases didn’t include castors and you’ll have to pay and further $100 for that if you wanted that feature, so it is not too bad.
  2. Set-up/tear-down time:
    Absolutely the quickest create. I could set this up in about 1 min. NO EXAGGERATION on that either. I’m not counting running cables like I’d want to do with anything, but obtaining the system ready for cable running and such is super quick. Truly amazing. I leave the sub unit right in the transporter caster case and simply take the very best of the case off and set it right up as is on the castors. Really awesome due to that.
  3. Built in mixer:
    Here’s the increased loss of a star. The mixer sucks. I don’t want the mixer to suck. It just does not have a solid pre for the mic channels causing you to have to crank the machine to get some good volume from it. I especially had a rough time at a cocktail hour I was playing recently outside. The sound got lost quick, and it had been just my voice and guitar. There is no phantom capacity to use my top quality Neumann KSM 105. I’d need to use my pedal board with my TC helicon play Acoustic or then add sort of third party 48v option. My guitar gets loud enough using among the combi jacks with the mic button pressed in. I don’t believe it’s a Hi-Z input nonetheless it sounds fine. Your guitar probably does not have a problem because of the preamp on your guitar. Your guitar has two gain stages unlike a microphone counting on the mixer. I am by using a dynamic mic which includes been a Sennheiser e945 going back year of so. I’ve never really had a problem with it, however when using the mixer, I must crank things to obtain it to respond. After all I peg the mic volume and the machine volume completely to get the sound from it that’s reasonable. There’s very little wattage upon this thing in comparison to my Maui system. The reverb is usable and has that rich hall sound that I’d use anyways. You merely have that one reverb as a choice. One reberb. Really? really! So , I whenever choosing this unit, I needed one with a mixer option because I didn’t want to create crazy levels of wires with my little Allen and Heath Zed 10FX at every gig, but instead wanted the option to get a quick set up easily had compared to that would sound good. This thing are certain to get you by, but I do not like the underpowered preamp of the built-in mixer on microphones.
  4. Sound quality:
    The sound quality isn’t bad, particularly if you hook up a good mixer to it. That it is reasonable. Do you want to get an improved sound someplace else? Yes, but unless you’re A/B-ing both systems that will never happen in true to life, there is no reason to feel that this won’t be an excellent option.
  5. Sound dispersion (horizontal and vertical widths of coverage):
    First off, if you haven’t seen the pictures of the 6 little main speakers beneath the grill, go consider it. The spacial speaker placement they intended to provide great vertical dispersion because of this is awesome. Simply the speakers are sort of put on a half circle sort of pattern with both center speakers pointing straight and both upper pointing in a diagonal upward position and both lower pointing in the downward forward diagnal position. That is great for putting the machine directly behind you, the speakers pointing downward are simply perfect for your monitoring and so you can get leading row of people that sometimes skip the music by a left right create. Both speakers pointing in the upward position are excellent for assuming you have an audience who are within an auditorium or bleachers/balcony. That is similar to what the brand new Bose F1 can do, if you can flex the F1 to aim it for different conditions which I think is way better… I wish we were holding moveable. Also, you may take out one or two 2 of the spacer segments to really have the system reach the audience differently, or if you wished to sit and play. That is clearly a cool option. Because this uses 2 inch speakers, in a lined manner, you get the fantastic horizontal dispersion normally connected with column line arrays. One unit covers the area making the sound regular pretty much exactly where you walk in the area.
  6. What lengths the sound carries before dropping off:
    I really like the line array column units because not merely do they have a broad angle dispersion, however the sound drops off less as you move from the machine unlike traditional L/R big loud speakers where you front few rows take an decibel beating just to help you put the mains loud enough to permit the back of the area to get a good sound. Searching google to determine how small 2″ – 3″ speakers allow sound to visit further with loosing less decibels when configured within an array. It’s simply perfect for cocktail hours, restaurants, churches, etc.

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