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Folks have been asking me to examine these speakers for months. The claim is that there surely is something special here, a fresh bargain, a fresh answer for music perfection on the cheap. Well this is actually the review, let’s see what each of the buzz is about.

Note: There were a good amount of write ups on the advantages and disadvantages of using these speakers as studio monitors. This review is from the perspective of a target audiophile tall on expectations and short on budget, so make an effort to keep up.

They just barely fit on my tiny desk, and yeah they needed stands. At just a little over 10 pounds a bit the random garbage collection was sagging somewhat under the weight of the monsters.

Merica for scale.

My wife said they are the nicest looking speakers that I’ve tested. I believe they appear to be Batman’s speakers.

Component Overview
I really do my listening before I pull a speaker apart, but I find you need to clarify the parts in order that readers really know what I’m discussing in the listening impressions section. So here’s some information on the items that makes the sound.

That is clearly a textile dome and it has rolled surround that means it is look bigger and helps push down the resonance frequency of the driver so that it can crossover lower. The dome sounds good, and I did so not hear any distortion from it while damaging my hearing with test tones.

No-one really cares about the driver though, the true star of the show may be the waveguide. I’m guessing you need to know if it works.. well, yeah it works such as a fucking champ.

Freehand pointing a microphone at the speaker in a random ways comes home with among the better measurements I’ve ever recorded, this pattern control is god like. Bow right down to your brand-new waveguide overlord.

The woofer is a 5 inch injection molded poly cone with very soft butyl rubber surround. I’ve always liked poly woofers, which one plays clean and loud. no complaints because of its size it can a hell of employment.

The spider large and appears to regulate the woofer perfectly. There can be an extra backing magnet on the woofer, this increases magnetic force around the voice coil which supports efficiency. In addition, it helps cancel magnetic interferance beyond the speaker, which I’m guessing could be one factor with it sitting a few inches from the amp board.

That is clearly a port, it’s a flared port, and appears to be tuned to an acceptable frequency. The -3dB point upon this speaker is 43Hz on the spec sheet, and I get specifically that in my own room.

In the event that you look closely you can observe just a little light bleeding from leading LED. I did so not notice this on my back walls in pitch darkness, so that it should not be a concern.

Plate Amp
Balanced connection on the trunk of the amp in addition to a prosound/consumer level input sensitivity switch. The speakers ship with consumer mode as the default, and I did so have no issues using unbalanced RCA to 1/4 inch jack cables.

The energy switch is back here, and turning them on an off is a pain in the ass. Lucky for all of us they can be connected to a switched power bar or other remote AC switch since there is a soft start/delay when turning them on. The delay is long enough for me personally to turn using one speaker, walk to the other, transform it on, and then consider the first and wonder whether it’s going to start.. and then it can.

The trim controls aren’t to be touched.. they work just fine, however the speaker is indeed tonally correct out the box if you touch these you are making the speaker sound worse. Also, my measurements below 600Hz are simply completely random according to where in fact the microphone and speakers are put.

You understand those JBL guys make pro amps, and as part of Harmon there is also a few persons in the rolodex from companies like Crown, and Mark Levinson. Predicated on all of that I’ll have a stab and reckon that this is simply not an off the shelf part. The amps listed below are class D amps, 41 watts per driver, so 82 per speaker, or even more than enough to damage you and sound great carrying it out.

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