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Some games are actually fun when you step beyond the intended gameplay cycle. Sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto V have a tendency to be really enjoyable when you ignore missions and just experiment on the planet, seeing just how much you can abuse and break the systems there. Just Cause 2 became a sleeper hit as a result of this, because of the mixture of a sizable game world, a grappling hook, and a reusable parachute. Square Enix’s Just Cause 3 takes the goofy nonsense that made Just Cause 2 fun and builds onto it. This $59.99 game isn’t very interesting when you just consider the repetitive grind of freeing towns and destroying bases, nonetheless it enables you to tether an endless parade of ragdoll models to gas canisters and send them flying all over the sky like bottle rockets. I played Just Cause 3 on PlayStation 4, but it is also on the Xbox One and PC platforms.

Hey, Rico!
You play Rico Rodriguez, the unaffiliated, pseudo-CIA mercenary from the first two games. He returns to his home country of Medici, a number of Mediterranean islands populated by residents that may only be referred to as “European,” a noncommittal amalgam of Spanish, Italian, and Greek accents and designs. It’s oppressed by General Di Ravello, a tyrant who appears like a Captain Planet villain voiced by Ricardo Montalban. Your goal is to free Medici piece by piece by making use of your friend Mario, who’s basically a Mediterranean version of Roman from Grand Theft Auto IV.

Also, Di Ravello is sitting on a stockpile of a rare mineral called Bavarium which has science fiction weapon applications. And he abducted David Tennant, who’s forced to be his minister of propaganda. It’s played straighter than Saints Row IV, however, not quite as straight as Saints Row 2.

Physics Is for Suckers
The overall game is, on the top, standard Grand Theft Auto-style third-person action. You can run around Medici, steal vehicles, and shoot soldiers. It’s basic items that would be boring alone, but becomes an entertaining playground romp with Rico’s toys. He has his grappling hook and reusable parachute from Just Cause 2, but they are given significant upgrades. The grappling hook is now able to fire dual tethers that enable you to attach anything to other things and pull them together. The parachute now includes a wingsuit that enables you to hang glide once you want, if you are high enough.

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