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For a lot of people that enjoy kayaking, the key drawbacks to running a kayak are storage and transportation. If you reside in a tiny space, it’s likely not feasible to store a normal 12-foot kayak at home. If you don’t own a car, transportation is hard. Sure, you can rent a kayak, but as time passes that can make a substantial dent in your wallet and you must operate around accommodations company’s schedule. And, usually the best paddling destinations certainly are a little off the beaten path.

Folding kayaks and packrafts are gaining a whole lot of talk lately because they’re simple to store and transport. You can even travel with them and hike to places that you wouldn’t otherwise manage to paddle on. For all those that are simply looking for a fairly easy lake float, a packraft can do (such as for example an Alpacka raft). But, if you need something with an increase of utility which will provide more enjoyment on several types of water, we think a folding Oru kayak may be the strategy to use. They cost fundamentally the same price as rotomolded kayaks that serve the same purpose. Oru kayaks fold right down to in regards to a 25 lb backpack which can be saved in the rear of a closet or beneath the bed until they’re prepared to be used. They can fit in the trunk of an automobile and can be induced a plane, train or bus. Oru kayaks also have a 30-day guarantee.

The origami-style folding Oru kayaks are made of an individual sheet of hard, corrugated plastic (polypropylene, to be exact). They come folded up in a backpack and so are pretty easily assembled into 12-16 ft long, sea faring vessels. Oru is a Kickstarter success story, launching in 2013 and reaching its goal almost immediately.

The 25-40 pound, manufactured in California Oru kayaks pack right down to medium suitcase size which can be carried on the trunk (their actual packed down dimensions are 33 in x 12 in x 29 in).

Because the original launch, they’ve added and redesigned models with their lineup, which currently sits at five different alternatives available: the Bay ST, the Beach LT, the Coast XT, the Inlet, and a tandem model, the Haven.

Traveling with an Oru is pretty easy. If flying, these boats could be checked on a plane, and generally will count as carry-on baggage (without extra fee). But, as a way to travel together with your kayak, you’ll need to acquire the Oru Pack or the Inlet Pack, that is a heavy-duty nylon backpack that fits the kayak and other accessories. Even if you’re not thinking about flying, the Oru Pack makes almost any traveling or hiking with the kayak easier and far more convenient. Remember that the pack isn’t appropriate for the tandem model, the Oru Haven.

Oru sells several upgrade accessories (although adding on extra accessories provides the full total cost of your kayak to a lot more than the list price). If buying Oru-branded extras aren’t in your budget (or you merely don’t want to) there are Facebook pages and YouTube videos focused on Oru hacks that will help modify your kayak all on your own. Beware: according to the modification, this might void the one-year Oru warranty.

Listed below are the accessories we think are worth purchasing:

The Oru Paddle (or the Oru Carbon Paddle, which is nearly a pound lighter) isn’t essential to paddle the boat, any paddle can do. But, the matching white paddle reduces into four parts and tucks away nicely when the kayak is in box form, that is a major bonus for traveling. Both amount of the paddle and the feather angle of the blades are adjustable.

The adjustable Nylon Spray Skirt fits tightly around the cockpit and keeps your lower torso dry while paddling moderate waters. An absolute must have if you don’t need to get wet. The Beach LT, Haven, and Inlet models aren’t skirt compatible.

The Neoprene Spray Skirt may be the upgrade to the nylon version that gives better spray protection with a weather-tested seal. Just like the nylon skirt, it really is made to fit the Coast XT and Bay ST models only.

The Oru Seat Wedge is a thin little bit of foam that fits correctly beneath the existing seat and will probably be worth the amount of money for the added padding under your hipbones it offers.

ORU PACK and Oru Inlet Pack
The Oru Pack and Oru Inlet Pack are heavy-duty nylon backpacks which makes transportation and carrying a cinch (actually, it’s necessary for airline travel). In addition, it has room to carry extra accessories, like paddles. It’s got padded band, a hip belt, compression straps, and a high and side handle. Neither pack works with with the tandem model, the Haven.

The Oru Float Bags certainly are a group of bags that permit the kayak to remain afloat and remain maneuverable in the event that you capsize or undertake water. Worth the reassurance if you’re worried about having a mishap from the water.

Oru Dry Bags
Manufactured from Toba-Tex with welded seams, the Oru Dry Bags are crucial for maintaining your gear dry.

Oru Repair Kit
We think a repair kit for essential gear is, well, essential

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