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1 Kegco K309SS-2 Review
Whether it’s for your house or your buddy’s cookout, you’ll be the star of the party if you bring this kegerator. It costs a lttle bit a lot more than our other models, nonetheless it packs an abundance of features that managed to get our favorite.

For example, its dual tap system offers you access to two delightful brews at the same time, and its own interior is big enough to carry a Coors, Miller, or other oversized keg.

Because of its forced fan cooling feature, it could keep your beer really chill, and so long as you don’t open the entranceway, it does an outstanding job in maintaining a winter when unplugged from its outlet.

It even has rolling casters, which means you may easily move the kegerator from your kitchen to the patio.

We also like its digital thermostat and deep chill function that are frequent reminders that this is the greatest kegerator in the marketplace.

2 EdgeStar KC2000 Review
If you wish an ice-cold beer but don’t want to break your budget, the EdgeStar KC2000 may be the kegerator you want. It’s a full-size appliance made to endure to ½ barrel keg size.

With a temperature range between 30°F to mid-40°F, this unit includes all the equipment you will need to get started on chilling your beer straight from the box. An elegant draft tower can look great in your kitchen and can surely become the center point of any gathering.

Take into account though that kegerator is suitable for stationary, freestanding use. It can come with casters, nevertheless, you should only utilize them sporadically.

It also includes a drip tray to catch spills and contain messes. Perfect for the beer enthusiast or the beginner, this kegerator brings unrivaled affordability.

Exactly what is a kegerator?
A kegerator is a home appliance made to dispense fresh beer on tap. The name derives from the term keg and the term refrigerator, as the machine involves a refrigerated cabinet where it stores the beer keg. Most kegerators likewise have a draft tower that connects to the keg with a coupler.

A pressurized skin tightening and tank is employed to push the brew from the keg and into your glass, employed in an identical fashion to the bar draft beer machines.

Types of kegerators
Investing in a kegerator starts with deciding which type you want. Like the majority of refrigerators, they can be found in three types.

Countertop kegerators: Are small and economical appliances designed to take a seat on your countertop, just as an air fryer or electric griddle. These units are ideal for many who want beer on tap occasionally but don’t want to get or don’t have space for a freestanding or built-in kegerator. However, they often only use 5-liter kegs, which are very hard to find.
Freestanding kegerators: Can be found in various sizes, from small to big, and you could find models that may accommodate all keg types. They act like the original refrigerators but have a few additional components, for instance a CO2 tank, couplers, and a draft tower with one or multiple taps. These units usually use a compressor to refrigerate the air inside cabinet and keep your beer fresh. As a result of selection of models available, you will find freestanding kegerators at a range of price points. Furthermore, you may also select from indoor and outdoor units, and almost all of them are portable.
Built-in kegerators: Can be found in multiple sizes and also have a front ventilation system, a design feature which allows you to place the machine next to a wall, build it right into a cabinet, or stick it beneath the counter. These units are ideal if you wish to produce a fixed home bar area because positioning the draft tower will demand you to improve the countertop.
Buy vs. DIY kegerators
The three types above are ready-to-buy kegerators that always come with all of the accessories you must create your house bar, including couplers, pressure regulators, CO2 tanks, tower and faucets, and all the items had a need to assemble the unit and begin dispensing beer straight from the box.

However, when you have an unused mini fridge and want to unleash your talents, you can create a kegerator yourself.

All you have to is free time, patience, and a conversion kit. There are numerous tutorials how to create a kegerator you can follow, and you’ll conclude with a custom-made beer dispenser.

Kegerator tower and taps
If you don’t actually want to spend hours creating a kegerator, the essential thing to check on before buying – after you’ve decided the sort – may be the draft tower and its own taps.

Tower configuration and elbow shank
The draft tower can have multiple configurations, from single to quadruple. The most frequent for home kegerators are single and double, although you can choose whatever configuration fits you best, according to just how many types of beer you intend to have the ability to dispense concurrently.

These towers usually are built with a twist mount which allows easy, no-tool installation, and take a seat on the surface of the appliance.

Regarding the elbow shank, you can pick from a one-piece or multiple-piece types. One-piece models have an extended lifespan but usually are more expensive.

Best kegerator taps
It’s also advisable to decide what forms of taps you want. Most kegerators have either chromed brass or stainless taps.

Chrome plated brass taps: Are very cheap, however the chrome layer will chip as time passes, exposing the brass. Rust and corrosion will eventually occur.
Stainless-steel taps: Are more costly but almost rust-proof and corrosion resistant. Since there is no coating involved, also, they are unlikely to chip. Overall, they have an extended lifespan, and buying them can pay off over time.
Size and keg compatibility
Kegerators come in a variety of sizes, and you ought to decide which is most beneficial for you predicated on your available space and the sort of kegs you intend to use.

Most appliances are appropriate for standard half-barrel kegs or smaller. Some popular beer producers, however, use oversized kegs that are hard to squeeze in small and even in a few full-size kegerators.

If your selected beer will come in such keg, check if it’ll fit into the applying before buying your kegerator.

Kegerator temperature range and control
While using the temperature range can vary greatly from one model to some other, most kegerators have ranges between your low 30°F and mid-40°F. Some units have even dual temperature zones; they are ideal if you wish to dispense a lot more than beer on tap. For example, if you wish to have both beer and wine on tap.

Regarding the temperature control, you can decide on analog and digital thermostats.

Analog thermostats: Are simple and inexpensive. They contain a knob you can change to select the required temperature level. These thermostats are incredibly simple to use, nevertheless, you won’t manage to set an actual temperature if you need to.
Digital thermostats: Have plus and minus buttons you need to use to set an actual temperature within the unit’s range. You will most likely have the ability to see your selection on an LCD screen. On a single screen, you can even monitor any temperature fluctuations that may compromise the caliber of your beer.
Kegerator door features
Another important element of your kegerator may be the door. Aside from subjective considerations regarding its color, finish, or style, you should choose a door that’s:

Reversible: Enables you to select from a right- or left-hand swing, providing you more overall flexibility when integrating the applying into your kitchen or home bar.
Lockable: If you wish to restrict usage of the kegs, a door lock can help you do so.
Fitted with an alarm: Another essential feature is a door alarm which will alert you if you’ve left {the entranc

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