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The Top features of the Keurig K15
“A little and compact single serve coffeemaker that brews k-cup pods in multiple sizes, the Keurig K15 brews a rich, smooth and delightful cup each and every time with the quality you anticipate from Keurig.”

The top features of the Keurig K15 include:

Multiple cup size options – Pick from 6oz, 8oz and 10oz. Select a 6oz cup for the strongest taste etc
No water tank. This makes the device lighter and more travel friendly. Simply add the number of water you want for each and every cup
Removable drip tray: This makes cleaning and emptying the drip tray easy. In addition, it means you can fit a more substantial cup beneath the spout if you wish to
Warm water option: The warm water option is great to carefully turn an espresso into an Americano
Obtainable in five fun colours
Auto switch off mode. The device automatically switches off after ninety seconds from use that will save you money on your own energy in the event that you usually forget to carefully turn your machine off
The following is roofed with each purchase:

Your machine
A user manual
A standard warranty
Optional extras because of this machine include:

An extended warrantee of 3 or 4 years for a tiny additional fee
Keurig reusable k-cup: This capsule can be utilised if you want to use your own freshly ground coffee instead of buy capsules that may run expensive at around 70c per cup
Keurig storage drawer: This drawer is a superb method of storing your capsules out of sight however in easy reach. In addition, it doubles up as a are a symbol of your machine and makes pushing it in and out when working with it super easy
How Does the Keurig K15 Work?
It’s really easy to use. All you have to accomplish is:
Add the water to create your desired size cup​
Add a k-cup
Select your desired size on the panel
Simple huh? Each cup takes around two minutes to brew as the water must heat every time you use the machine.

Things We Like
The reliability and strength that include a Keurig product
The large selection of drinks options (over 300 varieties from seventy-five top brands)
The choice to use your own freshly ground coffee
The size and design: Ideal for small kitchens
The price
Things We Didn’t Like
Having less water tank makes making multiple cup at the same time a mess around
It requires around two minutes per cup to brew
You will need to use Keurig branded capsules in the event that you choose never to grind your own coffee
Ways to get the Most From the Keurig K15
Here are some ideas to be sure to get the most out of your machine and that it lasts so long as possible:

Browse the manual and only use as directed by the product manufacturer
Make sure the device is cleaned regularly and thoroughly
Make sure the device is descaled regularly
When possible, use filtered water for longer times between descaling and make certain that the flavour of your drink isn’t impaired
Use high-quality coffee
Although the maker states this machine is merely appropriate for K-cup pods, actually most pods will fit this machine, which means you don’t need to spend a lot of money on overvalued pods. However, if you are using non-recommended pods and there’s a problem with the device, you won’t be included in your warranty.

Who’s The K15 Ideal for?
The Keurig K15 is exquisite for anyone who would like good coffee on the run.

If you travel a whole lot, especially in a caravan or camper van, this machine is for you personally. Having less a water tank helps it be super light-weight and the tiny, compact design won’t over crowd your available space.

It’s also an excellent fit for anybody who won’t be using the device a whole lot. If you’re a once weekly sort of coffee person, then this machine will a lot more than cover your requirements without needing to spend a lot of money. Having less water tank does mean you won’t forget to empty it between uses and wrap up with a tank packed with smelly, stagnant water!

Who Should Avoid the Keurig K15?
Really, this machine is a travel product. It isn’t a great choice for an in home coffeemaker unless you is only going to be using it on very rare occasion.

The long brewing time and frequent refilling mean it isn’t a machine for a family group who want several cups a day and multiple cups at the same time.

What’s underneath Line?
Overall, the Keurig K15 is a superb little compact model. If you prefer a light-weight machine to take anywhere with you, this can be the one!

Overall, the Keurig K15 is a fantastic little compact model. If you prefer a light-weight machine to take anywhere with you, {this is actually the|this can be the|this can be a|h

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