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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge detailed review
Out from the first 100 persons who’ll see this review, at least 50 wouldn’t bother simply clicking it, instead flooding the Facebook comments with carefully chosen and ‘creative’ posts that deride Samsung. Well, Samsung has only itself to be blamed for that.

Nevertheless, for anybody who are actually considering scanning this Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review, all we ask is, keep an open mind. I’m not likely to get into how important the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are for Samsung, or that the company’s sales are falling and both of these devices absolutely need to hit the location. I’m just likely to get because of it.

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Build and Design

To state that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a looker will be a massive understatement. There’s nothing beats it on the market at this time. The LG G Flex 2 could be curved, but it surely catches your eye only from certain angles. That’s not with the Galaxy S6 Edge. Whether it looks good or not is at the mercy of personal preference, but if you carry this around with you, persons will notice, no question.

I’m not a major fan of the glass on both sides of these devices, since it just means there’s that a lot more to break. Smartphones usually are the strongest on the sides, but that part of the phone is included in the edge. But again, you’re likely to be extra careful with a device that costs Rs. 58,900 anyway aren’t you?

I won’t say that it is the sturdiest device out there, but it’s as premium since it gets. If Samsung’s goal was to defend myself against the ‘premium-ness’ of the iPhone, then your S6 Edge may be the someone to pit against it. Not the Galaxy S6 actually, the S6 Edge.

You’ll have a while to get accustomed to the new feeling a dual-edge display brings to the table, but you’ll get accustomed to it.


I wrote in my own Moto Turbo review, a QHD display hardly makes any sense on a 5.2 inch display. So, it shouldn’t seem sensible on the S6 Edge’s 5.1 inch display either. Somehow though, Samsung makes this display look and feel so superior to anything out there. Yes, I could see Apple fans arguing with me about the benefits associated with Retina, but really, the Super AMOLED here’s without a doubt the very best display on a concise smartphone today.

As always, the colours are on the warmer side, but 577 ppi in conjunction with amazing viewing angles, because of the Edge, makes this the very best smartphone display today.

As the curve on each side permits the viewing angles to feel better, the actual fact that your video and images may also curve along the sides is actually a concern for a few. It barely is important in the entire experience though, therefore i won’t complain.


No bloatware huh? Well, that part is virtually true. While there are very a few pre-installed software on this phone, it could be wrong to categorise software like WhatsApp and Microsoft’s OneDrive etc. as bloat. Do I wish I possibly could uninstall what I needed? I sure do.

I don’t genuinely have a problem with Touchwiz as an UI, but most of the things is seen as useless. Flipboard gets control the screen that’s handled by Google Now on the stock launcher, nonetheless it is nowhere as seamless. Being truly a alternative party app, it can’t be that seamless anyway. It’s not stitched in to the launcher, like HTC’s Blinkfeed or Google Now. Hence, swiping to that screen will minimize your phone for another or two while Flipboard boots up.

Not everything is bad though, the addition of a style Store is good. As the Theme Store isn’t flush with themes at this time, this simply means Samsung has scope for improvement here, with developers as well as users to arrive with self-made themes.

The Edge

Many called the edge display on the Galaxy Note Edge a gimmick, however the addition of another presented some interesting propositions. Developers could execute a lot with that display, actually, Samsung’s own features for the Note Edge were quite useful aswell. You won’t realise all this if you don’t compare the Note Edge with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge though.

There’s no separate panel here, it’s simply one panel with curved glass, which severely reduces the functionality. There’s very little that can be done with the edge, except some quick calls and various colours for a few preset callers. As the Edge adds too much to the phone’s looks, it doesn’t bring much by method of functionality.


If we ever execute a story about ‘X reasons to get the S6 Edge’, this and another segment would be near the top of its list. The Exynos 7 octa SoC handles the performance part well, better still compared to the Moto Turbo. Does the S6 Edge heat up? Yes, it can, and you’ll feel it, especially in the hot summers that people have here.

The phone doesn’t seem to be to throttle the processor quickly though. Over extended periods of gaming, the S6 Edge doesn’t seem to be to throttle the processor for at least the first quarter-hour. Even after that, the consequences of throttling aren’t as apparent because they would be of all other smartphones. If you’re a major gamer and play high-end games on your own phone, you will like the S6 Edge.

The Manhattan and T-Rex tests on GFX Bench heat up the S6 Edge, and in the event that you run the AnTuTu test immediately after that, you’ll notice a drop in the score. This score it’s still above famous brands the Moto Turbo and Nexus 6 though, which says something.

Also, when that is done within an air conditioned room, the heating is less and the telephone can continue on with its best performance for slightly longer.

The only problem with the performance that I could indicate is that some software kept crashing, unless I rebooted these devices or manually closed all applications. The problem is of course a RAM management problem, which is software related. That is good news, since it means Samsung or Google can fix it through a software update.


Despite the top grade performance though, none of the above may be the primary reason for purchasing the Galaxy S6 Edge. What you ought to buy it for may be the 16MP rear camera. Yes, the 5MP front camera is fairly nice

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