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The Kodak PixPro SP360 may be the World’s first 360-degree action camera. With a distinctive 360º curved lens, the SP360 includes a 16 Megapixel sensor, Full HD 1080p video, 10fps burst shooting, Wi-Fi and NFC Connectivity, wireless control with iOS and Android Devices, and can be shock, freeze, dust and water -proof. The Kodak PixPro SP360 retails for about $350 / £299.

Ease of Use
A preexisting ultra wide-angle lens nearly doing it for you personally? Do you long to fully capture not only the topic before you, but go one better and capture the world throughout you in glorious 360°? As is suggested by the model name and number, the idea of the Kodak Pixpro SP360 is that of a 360 degree-shooting action camera that sits in the palm of your hand, which admittedly appears like fun. At the united kingdom launch in the past in February this season, Kodak’s new license holder for camera manufacture JK Imaging claimed that it had been the first ‘full view’ action camera of its type; indicating that users could be shooting both in the front and behind simultaneously (or above and below). Addititionally there is the option to visit panorama mode for a far more elongated, albeit still slightly fisheye-type, effect. Telling us that they wished to take us right into a brand new world, an excellent seven or eight months ago, JK Imaging/Kodak insisted that there wasn’t other things like this available.

Fast-forward to day and the central pitch remains. Namely that ahead of the SP360’s introduction, 360° panoramic photography required users to own advanced techniques, specialised equipment and software and/or multiple cameras. Now, the idea goes that anyone can do it. Alongside the release of the camera there may be the added capability to download a Pixpro SP360 iphone app for your iOS or Android phone or tablet to hook up wirelessly between your action cam as well as your ‘smart’ device. Both Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity are further offered.

These devices certainly looks one-of-a-kind. Its familiar Kodak yellow square base block, with round lens window sitting at the top, to your minds resembles a hand buzzer from a TV quiz show. Or simply a distress beacon for all those lost at sea? Shipped direct to us from the factory in China, the matchbox sized miniature camera certainly comes well presented, with this review sample rocking up in a box often its size that also included a bunch of ‘extreme accessories’ (we’re convinced its maker means ‘built for extreme use’, not that the idea of the accessories is itself extreme).

This kit version includes a suggested retail price of £339 via Dixons and Argos in the united kingdom. Additionally, there are further explorer kits or aqua kits, both at £299 – the camera isn’t currently being sold in virtually any other configuration. We’re guessing at that price that the Kodak Pixpro SP360 won’t be an impulse purchase, so continue reading for more information.

In the accessory bundle box we/ you get various housings and many different method of camera attachment. These comprise a typical camera housing, waterproof housing (allowing these devices to be used for four hours at depths as high as 60 metres), a (handle) bar mount, a curved adhesive mount, a set adhesive mount, a head strap mount, and also a handful of helmet mount options. Put into this mix we get yourself a surfboard adhesive mount, a typical suction cup mount, two extended arm options, a ‘quick clip’, some double-sided adhesive, anti fog inserts and two tethering straps. No wonder the shoebox-sized package feels as though we’re being treated for some heavyweight gear! JK Imaging reliably informs us that accessory bundles like this one will vary reliant on geographical region; since it may be the SP360 in its standalone ‘naked’ state is purportedly dust-proof shockproof, freeze-proof and water resistant/splash-proof. There’s no manual in the box, simply a brief ‘quick start’ guide, so best check out the website to download a complete(er) manual as a PDF.

Front of the Kodak PixPro SP360
Back again to the camera itself for an instant, and specifications that, on the facial skin of it, don’t sound that shabby. At the core of the SP360 is a 16.38-megapixel back-illuminated 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor. The fixed focus lens has a bright-ish f/2.8 aperture, with a focal length the same as a brilliant wide 8.25mm in 35mm film terms. Focus range is 50cm to infinity.

In addition to the full 360° viewing option we’re given a selection of 214° (‘Dome’ effect), 212° (‘Front’), Ring and Segment (180° to leading and 180° to the trunk respectively), in addition to the self-explanatory panorama. In conditions of video resolution – which does feel just like a device you’ll become more often using for motion clips instead of stills – there may be the capability to shoot Full HD videos in 1920×1080 pixels, plus an altrenative substitute for record at a high-speed 120fps (848×480 pixels resolution) and play it back at 30fps with resultant slow motion effect. Stills haven’t been forgotten though. Maximum resolution is a good 10 megapixels.

We said you could contain the Kodak P360 in the palm of your hand and at an unobtrusive weight of just 103g, that’s no lie. Its official boxy dimensions measure 41.1x50x38mm with the look appearing simplicity itself. There are big enough buttons to assist those using these devices while wearing skiing gloves or with wet fingers, as the lens cover/housing (which is often screwed loose and removed if so wished) does get quickly smeared with fingerprints when handling these devices. Luckily JK Imaging has thoughtfully included a lens cleaning cloth in the box with the camera. As an additional layer of protection you will find a slip-on rubber lens cap that resembles a squash ball sliced in two, that can be applied if you’re transporting it in order to avoid further smudges and smears. We also get yet another ‘spare’ lens cap in the extreme accessory package.

Let’s have a look then at the anatomy and functionality of the SP360 itself. Under a difficult plastic flap at one side, that will require prizing open by a fingernail, is a narrow compartment housing both micro HDMI interface and USB 2.0 output port (the USB port and cable can even be used for re-charging the battery in-camera, {for anyone

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