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Finding the right lawn mower could be a tricky task, with so many models available to buy and such a variety of brands. There are four main types of mower offered by hugely varying prices and all with cool features that need to be looked at.

To create things easier, we give attention to some of the tips to watch out for when deciding on a lawn mower and make clear some of the positives and negatives of different types.

We’ve also included a set of ten of our best lawn mowers over the board, as tested by our experts. All of the models on our list have already been awarded Best Buy status after being thoroughly subjected to their paces. Each one of them has scored at the least 4.5 out of 5 overall, in order to be reassured that you’re looking at one of the better machines in its category.

There are a selection of styles on the list including both corded and cordless mowers, which offer various functions and extra features. To create things as clear as possible, we’ve included a set of pros and cons for each and every model, in order to make the best choice on the very best lawn mower for you personally.

How to pick a lawn mower
There are many of factors to consider when choosing the proper lawn mower for you personally. Firstly, you must decide whether you will want corded electric, petrol, battery-powered cordless or push mower.

Corded electric mowers are usually in the mid-price range and so are relatively light and quiet. You will desire a charging point and perhaps an extension cord and the electric cable will get in the way.
Petrol lawn mowers are powerful but have a tendency to be loud, heavy and so are less environmentally-friendly. They want an twelve-monthly maintenance check-up and a way to obtain petrol and oil.
Battery-powered cordless lawn mowers will be the latest kind of mower and so are the most lightweight and manoeuvrable. You have to remember to keep carefully the battery charged plus they could be expensive, although prices are needs to come down. Have a look at our pick of the greatest cordless mowers.
Push mowers are cheap and manually powered, so they will be the most eco-friendly mower you can purchase but, they might be hard work for an individual, especially if strength and mobility are a concern. Check out our pick of the greatest hand push mowers.
Once you’ve decided which kind of mower is right for you personally, consider what extra features you may want.

Check how big is the mower. The wider the cutting width, the more area of lawn could be covered at once.

The capability of the grass collector will dictate how often you have to stop mowing to empty it and even though larger bags mean fewer trips to the compost heap they’ll make the mower heavier to use as they fill, which is worth considering.

Some models require assembly when you initially have them. Cheaper models particularly, often need handles and grass bags assembled before use, that can be fiddly.

When you are particularly tall or small, check if the handle can adapt for different user heights and if space for storage can be an issue, if it could be folded down and easily saved.

Other features just like the selection of cutting heights, whether an easy charger is roofed and inevitably, price should be taken under consideration, too.

Finally, robotic mowers are another option not included here. If you’re considering this sort of mower, we’ve got a set of the very best robotic lawn mowers you can browse, or look into our full set of individual lawn mower reviews.

Al-Ko 42.9 Li SP cordless lawn mower
Our rating: 4.8 out of 5

Al-Ko 42.9 Li SP cordless lawn mower
This solidly made mower includes a simple design but functions well and is simple to manoeuvre. It could run for 20 minutes on a 90 minute charge and includes a selection of 7 cutting heights. Our testers were impressed by the brushless motor and steel deck and the actual fact it can accumulate a generous 60 litres of cuttings. There’s also a two year guarantee.


Brushless motor and steel deck
Light and manoeuvrable with a front carry handle
Large grass collector
Solid, simple design
Among the quieter models tested

Not especially fast

Webb Supreme 53cm petrol lawn mower
Our rating: 4.8 out of 5

Webb Supreme 53cm petrol lawn mower
Our expert testers were impressed by the easy-to-fit accessories which mean this machine will be able to collect, rear discharge, side discharge and mulch. This large mower handles surprisingly well considering its size and includes a powerful engine with auto choke, that pull starts. There are seven cutting heights and a sizable 70 litre collector.


Extremely versatile, simple to use
Good size yet manoeuvred well
Wash port for cleaning
Large grass collector


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