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LED projectors have become an increasing number of popular. LED technology has been used in a variety of products, including home entertainment projectors, business and education projectors, and even the emerging market of Pico projectors, and other mini projector systems. It has its benefits in a number of fields, with a number of different uses.

Some pico and pocket projectors employ LED light sources, with regards to larger projectors the main player using LED light engines is Casio. But that’s nearly correct because they use a hybrid design with both LED and laser.

Lasers will be the other major solid state technology used, and it’s being found in some impressive, more costly commercial projectors.

Most manufacturers of LED projectors are claiming 20,000 or even more hours of life span for his or her light engines. That’s about 4-6 times traditional lamps in conventional projectors.

About LED Projectors
The life span of an LED source of light is seriously spectacular. Despite having 40 hours of viewing weekly, the common LED can run for an extraordinary 10-25 years, which is longer compared to the expected life of the merchandise itself! Let us devote perspective how long 25 years is really in the world of technology. In 1985, the VHS was the typical in home recording, an extremely huge TV was only 32 inches, CDs were new, DVDs were only a dream, and high-definition was still 15 years away. Thus, because technology changes so much, the consumption of the same LED projector 25 years in to the future is not actually practical. But theoretically, it’s possible!

First picture from the LED Optoma PK301 pico projector.
Second, the LED Samsung SP-F10M projector in bright mode.

But back again to reality. To your knowledge, all current pico projectors use a tiny LED source of light. Pico projectors make possible integration with small devices such as for example smart phones, etc. They are able to boast an absurdly extended life as high as 20,000 hours.

In the house theater space, LED light sources are emerging, typically in higher-end 3-chip DLP projectors. By the 2010-2011 season, all home entertainment projectors using LED light sources are over $10,000. LEDs are somwhat limited in brightness, however, which can describe why we haven’t seen more in the low price ranges.

Available sector, LED light sources are starting to rival conventional lamps. However, despite these developments, we can’t guarantee that LED light sources will replace all conventional lamps, particularly if you consider that people are actually seeing some business projectors sporting lamps with lives provided that 5,000-6,000 hours.

LED light sources will come into the primary home entertainment market just a little behind their acceptance available education market. For instance, the Samsung SP-F10M at $1,299 is an outstanding exemplory case of LED light sources entering lower cost projectors.

Another example is Casio’s LED hybrid projectors, designed to use both LED and laser technology. Both LED Samsung and the hybrid Casio projectors have the same sort of extremely extended life ratings, and both run around $800-$1,500 dollars.

The continuing future of LED Light Sources
We should understand that the business enterprise sector is a lot more than 10x how big is the house theater world. Due to this fact, as it involves economies of scale, LED light sources are quickly becoming valid propositions running a business and education, whereas they remain very expensive in home entertainment space (because of low numbers and high development costs).

With developments in LED technology, LED popularity and widespread consumption is expected to rise. It really is expected that, in the business/education world, LED light sources can be dominant over conventional lamps over another couple of years (2011-2012). Furthermore, LED home entertainment projectors should soon become offered by l

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