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Just about the most anticipated LEGO collaborations has been Swedish furniture giant IKEA, that was heavily teased for clear reasons.

The idea of two big household names partnering on a variety was especially enticing to LEGO fans, a lot of whom I suspect already use IKEA furniture to organise or display their sets.

When the number was revealed to you need to be a couple of white storage boxes with studs on the lids, AFOLs collectively groaned over the internet.

The LEGO x IKEA BYGGLEK collection releases today, 1 October 2020 in Europe and america, and will be obtainable in IKEA Stores, or on the website. Unfortunately for all those folks in Australia and Asia, we’ll need to wait till early 2021.

LEGO got touching a unique brief- never to review the BYGGLEK range, but to accomplish something imaginative and build with them. This is both exciting and terrifying as I don’t fancy myself a talented builder, but I was up to challenge myself.

In the event that you follow me on Instagram, or on Youtube, you might’ve already seen a few of the work I’ve finished with my group of BYGGLEK boxes, however in case you haven’t, have a look at a video of me unboxing BYGGLEK.

I’ll reveal what I built towards the end!

Like all IKEA products, some assembly is necessary, but thankfully you won’t need power tools or an Allen key.

The box design is typical IKEA minimalism, with a pop of colour along the medial side, with a colouful and haphazard LEGO factor pattern along the medial side.

There are 4 different products, 3 boxes, and an set 40357 BYGGLEK with a tiny assortment of parts to truly get you started.

There are 3 variants:

Large (USD $14.99 CAD $24.99 €14.99)
Medium (USD $12.99; CAD 19.99; €12.99)
Bundle with a little, and further small box (USD $9.99 CAD $15.99 €9.99)

Large: 32 x 44 studs (35 x 26 x 12 cm)
Medium: 22 x 32 studs (26 x 18 x 12 cm)
Small: 16 x 22 studs (17 x 13 x 6 cm)
Extra small: 11×16, (13 x 9 x 6 cm)
The BYGGLEK boxes are accurately as advertised – boxes made to bridge the gap between play and LEGO storage.

The lids of every box have studs on them, and the tolerances and clutch are indistinguishable from LEGO. They are the real thing, and work as intended – base plates fused to storage boxes.

I was thoroughly impressed by the caliber of the boxes, which are created out of ABS plastic, exactly like your LEGO elements.

With these boxes created by IKEA, I was just a little concerned that they could skimp on quality, but my fears were unsubstantiated.

What I must say i liked was the look language, curves and subtle information on BYGGLEK.

Here’s the lower of the lid where you could start to see the bars for added support and strength.

Here’s the lower, which rather than tubes like traditional LEGO brick, “teeth” can be found.

The undersides are also embossed with product details that i think is a good, subtle yet premium touch.

As you can tell from the photos, BYGGLEK boxes stack on the other person firmly, and the trick to this is a devilishly simple solution – using one’s teeth to lock the boxes set up with studs.

Kudos to the IKEA and LEGO Engineers and Designers who developed this solution since it functions as a close analogue to “clutch power”, and permits stability when these boxes stack on one another, or on baseplates.

It’s brilliant in the sense that is an totally new product, made appropriate for LEGO’s System in that seamless way.

If you’re a grown-up LEGO fan, the key draw here’s likely storage, that your BYGGLEK boxes prosper. The actual fact that they stack nicely and

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