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Bigger is better. Soon after reviewing the ThinkPad E480 its bigger brother, the E580, found its way to your lab. Does the affordable 15.6-inch business notebook have problems with the same heat issues as the E480? Why don’t we find out, shall we? Get awesome black friday deals, sales, offers in this year.

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In last year’s ThinkPad line-up, the E570 was among the last models that could be known as proper notebook (instead of an Ultrabook) not merely as a result of its comparatively thick case, but also because of its legacy features, for instance a VGA port or a DVD drive, features that were long taken off other ThinkPad models. Thus, the affordable budget ThinkPad played its part as a normal multimedia notebook.

All that’s now something of days gone by – the brand new ThinkPad E580, which managed to get to our lab soon after its smaller 14-inch ThinkPad E480 sibling, has also turn into a much slimmer Ultrabook instead. This transition from notebook to Ultrabook is among the most crucial overhauls in the 15.6-inch Edge or E-series’ history. And it just so happens that tremendous evolution (or regression, according to your personal perspective) coincided with Intel’s most crucial CPU development lately: the E580 has Intel’s latest 8th generation Core processors (Kaby Lake-Refresh) with four rather than two cores. Regarding our review unit (model 20KS0001RGE), we are considering a Core i7-8550U coupled with an AMD Radeon RX 550, 8 GB of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD that sells for 905 Euros (~$1,105) in Europe. During writing, an E580 SKU built with dedicated AMD graphics had not been available in the united states.

Considering that the E580 is probably the first affordable 15-inch business notebooks built with Intel’s latest generation of CPUs, our test group is comprised mostly of previous generation models. Amongst others, they are the HP ProBook 450 G4, the Dell Latitude 5580, and the Acer TravelMate P2510.

The E580 not merely looks strikingly like the E480, additionally it is identical in nearly every single way. As such, it differs immensely from its predecessor, the E570, using its very different case design.

From a design perspective, the transformation from notebook to Ultrabook has most definitely paid. The black case is drastically slimmer and smaller sized than before, because of its narrower display bezels. Unlike the E480, the E580 lacks the “chin” within the display and looks a lot more sophisticated. Exactly like on the E480, the rounded corners had to yield to a boxy design.

Touch and feel are a lot more high-quality when compared to E570, among others, because of the aluminum display lid and the coated palm rest. The case’s rigidity can be more advanced than last year’s model despite its slimmer profile – having less a user-replaceable battery and a DVD drive have certainly helped. Like on the E480, the metal reinforced palm rest is really as stiff as a metal rod and will not bulge a good bit. Small model was more rigid around the keyboard where in fact the E580 shows a small amount of flex. That said, it can require more force than is generally put on the keyboard when typing. The bottom warped slightly under torsional forces, and exactly like on the E480 the display lid is a lot more flexible. Intense force put on the trunk of the display lid results in obvious distortions on the panel itself.

Among the things we criticized about the E570 was its construction, e.g. around the display cover. The E580 is way better in this regard, but sadly it really is still not perfect. The region between your base and the palm rest was palpable and somewhat sharp-edged.

The display is secured by an individual wide mono drop hinge. Unlike small E-series ThinkPads it can’t be opened one-handed. Generally, the hinge did an excellent job of holding the display safely set up. For the very first time because the ThinkPad Edge E520 a 15.6-inch E-series ThinkPad’s display could be opened to {a comp

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