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Lenovo IdeaPad 330 detailed review
My feelings towards the Lenovo IdeaPad 330 are comparable to those of somebody who test-drove the feature-filled top-end variant of a Japanese hatchback but is currently examining the exteriors of the bottom variant they finished up buying. Where they remembered seeing fancy chrome inserts they now see uninspiring black rubber beadings. Where they remembered seeing a neat white LED light they now visit a black plastic cap.

I should describe myself better: I was using the more complex IdeaPad 530S and IdeaPad 330S prior to the IdeaPad 330 landed on my lap. Its increased thickness and weight over the other two became quickly apparent if you ask me. That’s not all. Inside, it wore an AMD sticker where there is an eighth-generation Intel Core series sticker on the other two. The proper side had a blank plastic cap for a DVD drive. An impression apprehensive, I fired the IdeaPad 330 up to access grips with all of those other laptop. Getting best laptop in this black friday then this page is here to give you awesome discount and sales.

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The model I received for review was powered by a seventh-generation AMD E2 processor, a built-in AMD GPU, had 4GB of RAM, and 1TB of hard drive-based storage. The display was a 14-inch LCD panel with HD resolution.

Build and Design

In my overview of the IdeaPad 330S, I’d written that the notebook closely resembled the more complex IdeaPad 530S. I believed it shared the same premium and classy design regardless if it was a far more watered-down model with an increase of plastic parts compared to the IdeaPad 530S. The same will additionally apply to the IdeaPad 330S and the newly joined IdeaPad 330 too, except the latter is far more watered-down compared to the IdeaPad 330S.

The body is manufactured wholly of plastic, however the matte-like finish on the lid does its better to look metallic. The top of lid and the bottom flexes considerably beneath the pressure of fingers when it’s held firmly to be lifted. At 2.1 kilogrammes, the notebook computer feels heavy to lift, take with you and place, but it’s not a major bother once you get accustomed to it. Tapping hard on the keys also reveals some unnecessary flex in the keyboard. The top around the keyboard is of the same colour as the lid but includes a brushed texture that provides its plastic nature away easily. The touchpad pretty much matches the color of the top around it.

A thick plastic hinge runs across almost the complete width of the display. There’s a thick black bezel around the sides of the display. The display hinge folds completely back again to 180 degrees. That is a useful feature whenever using crossed legs on a bed or sofa. Lenovo branding, overall, is louder upon this model rather than as subtle since it was on the other two models.

In conclusion, build and design on the IdeaPad 330 is passable. The minor creaks and flexes on the plastic body certainly are a frequent reminder of what’s lacking, but don’t block the way of computing. I only wish the notebook computer were slimmer for a fourteen-incher.

Display, Audio, and IO

The Lenovo IdeaPad 330 includes two display options: a 14-inch non-IPS LCD panel with an answer of 1366 x 768 and a 14-inch IPS LCD panel with an answer of 1920 x 1080. The model I received only got the former, but its performance is fairly decent. At 71 LUX, the utmost brightness of the screen is enough for home and office, however, not so much for outdoor areas like parks. Managing to replicate only 63 percent of the colours on the sRGB scale, all colours look generally beaten up. Text, generally, appears grainy on the IdeaPad 330’s display, whether it’s black text against a light background or vice versa. Pushing the display back even to 95 degrees distorts colours greatly to a spot where they look unrecognisable. Text, luckily, stays mostly readable before display is pushed farther back up to 130 degrees.

Audio through the inbuilt down-firing speakers is clear but feeble. The speakers are best for plain vocals in the quiet conference room of 15 x 25 feet. I could follow the voice of an audiobook narrator in one corner of the conference room when the notebook computer was located in another at full volume. The speakers are suitable for mid to high frequencies. Frequencies below 250 Hz or above 9000 Hz are an excessive amount of for the tiny speakers to reproduce.

IO ports are somewhat of a letdown on the IdeaPad 330 since it has all its ports on just one single side. This specific model is wearing its left side, the energy port, a LAN port, an HDMI port, two full-size USB ports (one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0), a 3.5mm audio tracks jack for headsets, and a regular-size card-reader slot. The rest of the sides of the notebook are bare. The proper side (excluding the Kensington lock port) has only an optional DVD drive. This specific unit in review didn’t have that either. So in its place was a grey plastic cap.

All ports are on the left; only two USB ports

No optional DVD drive upon this model, so that it gets a grey plastic cap

Not only did I must put up with only two USB ports, but I also had to wire devices I applied to the proper side (like my mouse) especially from the left side of the laptop. Most laptops have at least one USB port on either side. This weird placement could bring about too little space while connecting large dongles and devices with short or no extension cables.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard on the IdeaPad 330 is comparable to the main one on the IdeaPad 330S, but shows more signs of flex when the keys are struck. The keyboard lacks dedicated keys for Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down functions. The keys on the keyboard look flat and feel shallow but are decent for everyday typing. Having said that, I still wouldn’t recommend it if most of your activity on this notebook involves a whole lot of typing. At night, you will probably find yourself straining your eyes to discern the keys as this keyboard {does not hav

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