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Lenovo Miix 520: Construction and display
Save for Lenovo’s silvery “watchband” hinge, the Miix 520’s platinum silver exterior is discreet, as may be the case with most tablets. Unlike the crisp, minimalist lines of the Microsoft Surface Pro (2017), however, there’s a lot more of a feeling of “busy:” a fan grille runs along the very best of the tablet, ports cluster to the left-hand-side, and speaker grilles pop out occasionally.

The watchband hinge isn’t simply for show. It supports the weight of the tablet (which, at 2.72 pounds with the keyboard, is a lttle bit heavier compared to the competition), and it reclines to 150 degrees (the same range as the top Pro) with hardly a wobble. Lenovo uses the thin “sheath” kickstand that a lot of tablet makers (except HP) employ, though, that may jab your thighs after prolonged use.

When powering on the Miix 520, you might notice among the design touches that please habitual Lenovo users: the on-screen battery gauge. You additionally have the choice (via the Lenovo Vantage software, discussed later) of positioning a battery icon widget on your own taskbar.

As the Miix 520’s 12.2-inch, 1920 x 1200 IPS panel taxes battery life and lacks the visual pop of, say, the OLED screen employed by the Samsung Galaxy Book, the knowledge will probably be worth it. There’s a perceptible improvement in image quality in comparison to 1920×1080. The luminosity maxes out at only 298 nits, which is somewhat significantly less than your competition, but we consider something between 250 and 270 nits to be comfortable for average use.

Unfortunately, one aspect where in fact the Miix 520 skimps an excessive amount of is Windows Hello. The tablet lacks a fingerprint reader, and the 5MP front-facing camera isn’t Windows Hello-capable. The rear-facing 8MP camera is suited to Mixed Reality Viewer, a great new feature in Windows 10 where one can snap a picture together with your tablet and drop in another of a large number of 3D objects to spice it up.

Lenovo Miix 520: Keyboard, ports, and speakers
Lenovo is known because of its keyboards, and the Miix 520 generally will not disappoint. Rather than the Alcantara fabrics that contain end up being the design trend du jour, Lenovo opts for a far more basic pleather, which surrounds the keyboard and works just fine. Each key is large enough to give you a comfortable landing, and the 1.5mm travel lends itself to prolonged typing.

The row of relatively tiny function keys at the very top includes dedicated controls for toggling the touchpad, adjusting the brightness and sound, and locking the tablet. Users may also toggle the keyboard backlight, a good touch that isn’t always duplicated on rival machines. Unlike the Lenovo X-series tablets, the Miix 520 also forgoes both trackpad buttons, and also the iconic red TrackPoint pointing stick.

Ports certainly are a key nervous about any Windows tablet, especially as manufacturers manage the transition from legacy USB-A connectors to the brand new USB-C standard. The Miix 520 wisely splits the difference with two USB 3.0 ports: one Type A and one Type C. THE SORT C port doesn’t support the high-speed Thunderbolt protocol, neither is it used for charging-there’s still a dedicated power port, leaving both ports designed for use. No dongles are included.

Extra software
Lenovo generally excluded bloatware from the Miix 520. The business bundles a trial of McAfee LiveSafe, the Microsoft Office software (which need a subscription to Office 365 to activate) and Minecraft, in addition to the ubiquitous Candy Crush Soda Saga and March of Empires: War of Lords.

Somewhat oddly, Lenovo bundled both its Lenovo Settings application and also the new Lenovo Vantage, a smartly designed utility to accomplish from manage updates to explore several offers. When opened, though, Lenovo Settings simply informs an individual that the Settings iphone app and Vantage have merged, and Settings could be uninstalled. Perhaps you could go the excess mile the next time, Lenovo?

Vantage and the related Lenovo App Explorer also serve as front doors of sorts to additional, optional programs like Lenovo Le-Note, a OneNote-like inking iphone app which allows you jot an email on the screen, {even t

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