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The Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 720 ($1,249) is a detachable Windows tablet that’s so light it could actually be held comfortably with one hand. Like the majority of higher-end detachable tablets, though, the Miix 720’s expense helps it be a comparatively poor value weighed against both conventional laptops and devices just like the Ipad Pro. If it doesn’t frustrate you, the Miix 720 is an excellent choice for a tablet, occupying a middle ground between your ultra-expensive Microsoft Surface Pro and the less expensive Lenovo Miix 520.

On the Lighter Side
At only 1.65 pounds excluding its keyboard cover, our review unit is refreshingly light, weighed against the Acer Switch 3 (1.98 pounds), and a comparable as the top Pro (1.75 pounds). It’s thin, too, at 0.35 inches or 0.57 inches with the keyboard attached. That’s comparable with the 0.33-inch Surface Pro, but slightly thicker compared to the iPad Pro (0.27 inches). Once you attach the folio-style cover, the weight is a far more significant but nonetheless manageable 2.49 pounds. That’s a lot more than the lightest ultraportables (the Apple MacBook and the LG Gram 13 both weigh about 2 pounds), but significantly less than the 3-pound threshold that’s considered light for a typical laptop.

As well as the tablet and cover, Lenovo also contains its battery-powered Active Pen with every Miix 720 purchase, a good touch considering that regardless if you spend a lot more than $1,000 for an iPad Pro or even more than $2,000 for a Surface Pro, you’re still likely to shell out extra if you wish an electronic pen from Microsoft or Apple. The pen is effective for quick sketches or doodles using the software that include Windows 10, although graphic artists used to precision tools will see it lags behind the 4,096 degrees of pressure sensitivity that the Microsoft Surface Pen offers.

Apart from two different memory and storage configurations, Lenovo offers no other options, meaning it will come in just one color. Just about any inch of the tablet is black, from its keys to the kickstand that props it up if you are using it on a desk in Laptop mode. The main one color exception may be the silver watchband hinges that anchor the kickstand to the trunk of the tablet. They give a taste of the massive, head-turning hinge that you will find in Lenovo’s 2-in-1 convertibles, including the Yoga 920. On the Miix 720, they add a tiny premium flare noticeable and then persons who are near you and also have a view of the trunk of the tablet.

For memory and storage, you can select either the 8GB of memory and 256GB SSD of our review unit, or intensify to 16GB of memory and a 512GB SSD for $1,549. The latter choice is way better if you intend to plug the Miix 720 right into a monitor and peripherals to use as a desktop if you are not on the run. In fact, when you can utilize the excess power, upgrading to the very best configuration makes the Miix 720 more competitive with similarly priced laptops, especially the Apple MacBook Pro.

If you do want to hook up your tablet to peripherals in the home or at work, Lenovo’s generous I/O complement makes it simple. On the left side, there exists a USB 2.0 port, a headphone jack, and a USB 3.1 Type-C connector with Thunderbolt 3 support. Connect the USB-C port to a Thunderbolt dock that’s in turn linked to a power and you suddenly get access to charging and all your peripherals with an individual reference to 40GBps throughput. On the proper side, there’s a USB 3.0 port, the energy button, and an individual rocker button to improve or lower the quantity.

The inclusion of Thunderbolt 3 vastly escalates the Miix 720’s versatility in the home and at work. That’s versatility you will not get with the top Pro, which lacks both USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. The Miix 520 has USB-C, but no Thunderbolt support.

Lots of Pixels
Another benefit for the Miix 720 over its less-expensive but equally sized sibling, the Miix 520, is an increased screen resolution. To anyone who’s used a smartphone before couple of years, the Miix 520’s full HD (1,920-by-1,080) resolution will be noticeably grainy, in particular when browsing the net or doing offers. The Miix 720’s 12-inch QHD (2,880-by-1,920) glossy multitouch display is in an easier way on the eyes. Alternatively, if you’re mainly making use of your Windows tablet to view HD movies and Television shows, you won’t get yourself a lot of benefit from the extra pixels.

Meanwhile, the Miix 720 has many-but not all-of the nifty features for on-the-go use that you’d expect from a much bigger laptop. For example, there’s a front-facing webcam with IR sensors to enable you to log into your Windows 10 account using face recognition. As you’d expect from a tablet, gleam rear-facing webcam, but both cameras have problems with grainy photographs and video, especially indoors. There are stereo speakers, too, cleverly built-into the cutouts for grabbing the kickstand in order that they face outward. They provide faithful sound because of Dolby processing, although it’s miles from voluminous and susceptible to muffling if you grab the tablet by its sides.

One minor drawback that may frustrate you on the run may be the plastic stylus holder that attaches to 1 of both USB ports on the Miix 720. Not merely does it occupy a port, however when the pen is in the holder, it’ll block usage of the other ports or buttons along the edge. To my chagrin, Lenovo uses this impractical plastic USB holder for most of its pen-enabled products, and we are able to only hope that the business will switch to a far superior magnetic design just like the one Microsoft offers soon.

If you are using the Miix 720 as a laptop, you will likely luxuriate in its excellent keyboard and touchpad, which are included rather than an optional extra just like the Surface Pro’s keyboard cover. Not merely will be the keys backlit, but they’re also the same size and condition as the types you will discover on Lenovo’s ThinkPad lineup, which we think supplies the most comfortable typing connection with any laptop. As a result of thinness of the cover, the Miix 720’s keys offer less travel compared to the kinds on a ThinkPad. As a consolation you can pick from a set or angled orientation because of the cover’s two magnetized zones, and you even get rare full-sized directional arrow keys.

Lenovo carries a standard one-year warrantee with the Miix 720.

So-So Performance
Detachable tablets typically offer lackluster computing performance weighed against their notebook competitors, which is among the factors that reduces the Miix 720’s value proposition. The tablet’s seventh-generation Intel Core i7-7500U processor is nothing to scoff at in some recoverable format, but on our benchmark tests, it fell drastically short of the performance that the CPUs on competing tablets offer. Its score of 2,837 on the comprehensive PCMark 8 benchmark is substantially worse compared to the Miix 520, which managed an extraordinary 3,436 because of its newer eighth-generation CPU.

These proprietary scores are calculated from a battery of tests that measure common tasks like video conferencing, web browsing, and spreadsheet editing. While a score below 3,000 is relatively unusual for a Core i7 machine, I didn’t notice significant sluggishness when using essential applications just like the Microsoft Edge browser or Microsoft Excel. The Miix 720 can be fine for light photography editing, as evidenced by its competitive time on our Photoshop test (three minutes and 41 seconds) nonetheless it lags far behind the Miix 520 in terms of 3D rendering and video encoding. For example, it was greater than a minute slower compared to the Miix 520 when encoding a 1080p video using Handbrake.

While it’s fine to play simple games like Solitaire or Minecraft on the Miix 720, it can’t handle the detailed graphics of more technical titles. Neither can almost all of its competitors, as evidenced by their dismal scores on our Heaven and Valley game simulations. The main one exception may be the Surface Pro, that includes a superior Iris Plus GPU that helped it achieve frame rates above the minimum 30 fps we generally consider to be acceptable for hardcore games.

With a battery that lasted 8 hours and thirty minutes on our rundown test, the Miix 720 ought to be up for a day of light use without going on a trip to a power outlet. That is almost one hour longer compared to the Miix 520, but drastically shorter compared to the Surface Pro, which lasted for nearly 14 hours about the same charge.

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Consider the Tradeoffs
The Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 720’s brilliant display supplies the experience you’d expect from the Microsoft Surface Pro at a substantially lower price. In addition, it offers Thunderbolt 3 support for far better connectivity in the home, a comfortable keyboard, and an included digital stylus. But those advantages come at the price tag on computing performance, which lags behind both Surface Pro and the less-expensive Miix 520.

Assuming that you can do with out a QHD display, the Miix 520 offers an improved mixture of value and performance, this means it remains our Editors’ Choice for midrange detachable tablets. Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best Windows tablet and also have a major budget, it’s hard to carefully turn down the top Pro, which pioneered the category and is still an improved tool for professional use because of features like its superior pen and graphics card.

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