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Whenever you think about laptops, the most common image of a bulky clamshell device comes alive at heart. Even in 2019, nearly all laptops you will see on the market are too large, bulky and heavy. Lenovo is wanting to make the notebook more versatile with the Yoga series ultrabooks. Unlike other ultrabooks available in the market, Lenovo differentiates its Yoga laptops with a particular 360-degrees hinge — an attribute that lets an individual convert it to a tablet when required or make make use of it any orientation one prefers. The Yoga 730-13, that i am reviewing today, belongs to the group of ultraportable 2-in-1 laptops.

Lenovo sells several laptops beneath the Yoga moniker — the Yoga 500 series may be the more affordable series as the Yoga 700 may be the mid-range line-up, with the Yoga 900 offering the very best Lenovo provides in this regard. If the thought of Yoga series that suits you and you don’t mind shelling near Rs 1 lakh for reduced ultrabook experience with the Windows 10 in it, the existing Yoga 700 series laptops look great. The Yoga 730-13, actually, is indeed good that it could even undertake the Apple MacBook Air head-on.

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Lenovo Yoga 730 design: A sleek sheet of metal-plastic that occurs to be always a computer
The Yoga 730-13 is among the sleekest laptops you will discover available in the market. It’s a typical clamshell design but Lenovo’s refinement to the look makes it an exceptionally practical notebook to live with. The most notable of the lid is metallic and carries the classy-looking Yoga logo towards the proper. The hinges are very noticeable from the very best nonetheless they break the monotony of the plain surface and then add flair to the entire design. The hinges also accompany two large heat vents — they look classy with an extremely smartphone speaker grille-inspired design.

Pick it up and you may feel the 1.12Kg weight is evenly balanced over the device. This is among those few laptops that you could grab with two-three fingers and fling it in the backpack. At 13.9mm, its extremely thin and the majority is evenly distributed. The medial side features the power-button that’s illuminated — in dark situations. Slim design means Lenovo had to cut corners somewhere — connectivity options.

The Yoga 730-13 only gets an individual USB-A port, two Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports — among which acts as the charging port (yay) and a 3.5mm headphone jack. There’s no separate dongle in the box for just about any other port – goodbye HDMI-equipped devices.

Open the lid and you are treated to an elegant Lenovo layout. There’s a broad keyboard with big keys and a reasonably large seamless trackpad. There’s a tiny fingerprint sensor towards the edge The display portion is covered in glass with black bezels. The obvious Yoga hinges break the monotony of the silver-dominated surfaces. The chrome accents surrounding the trackpad and fingerprint sensor do put in a touch of class. Oh, and the keyboard is backlit.

I loved the depends on the Yoga 730. I was surprised a hinge allowing 360-degrees of rotation is indeed firm. When using it as a laptop, the lid never shook or went of the positioning. Whatever angle you put it in, it stays that way until you move it.

Lenovo Yoga 730 display: Touchscreen and among the best
The Yoga 730-13 sports a 13-inch full HD touchscreen display. The screen can be an IPS LCD panel and is a reasonably good one — not the very best though. The colours and contrasts could be referred to as above-average. The brightness levels are average too and you’ll have to bump it up to the max in outdoors. Viewing angles are good. All-in-all, the panel isn’t up using what you can get on a MacBook Air.

However, the touch is incredibly responsive — this is the 1st time I actually recommended the touch-based navigation over the typical trackpad and keyboard on a Windows laptop. When you flip it to tablet mode, the Yoga 730 feels as normal to use as an iPad. I only wish Lenovo could have used a slightly better LCD panel.

Lenovo Yoga 730 performance: Reliable workhorse
The Yoga 730-13 that I was using posseses an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550-U processor and Intel UHD Graphics 620. There’s 8GB of RAM onboard and a 512GB PCIe SSD storage. The Core i7-8550U may be the quad-core variant with up to 8MB of L3 cache. There’s Windows 10 Home pre-loaded as usual. In writing, the specifications aren’t bleeding edge taking into consideration the laptop computer premiered a year ago.

However, the Yoga 730 is a computer program machine and it impresses highly when utility is all you have to from it. I used as my primary workhorse for some days rather than felt that it might have done with somewhat more power. On the average day, I was focusing on long documents while keeping at least 7-8 tabs of Google Chrome opened in the backdrop — the Yoga 730-13 never showed signs of stress. Whether you are employing it in the notebook computer mode or the tablet mode, the Yoga 730-13 are designed for all of the tasks with absolute ease.

Although this isn’t a gaming machine and nobody within their right mind would utilize this for doing offers, I still put some modern titles upon this laptop. The Intel UHD Graphics 620 handled F1 2017 in the cheapest settings easily. It heated up substantially however the fans kept the temperatures in order (it did become noisy though).

The keyboard is rather comfortable to use for long documents. The chicklet keys have a good amount of key travel and the spacious keyboard layout ensures minimal or no ghosting at all. It isn’t as comfortable as the ThinkPad series laptops but isn’t bad at all — I can article to five articles at a time but still won’t feel tired. Lenovo evidently knows how exactly to design notebook computer keyboards. The trackpad makes make use of Windows Precision Drivers and is both responsive and accurate.

The lightweight body also helps it be simple to use as a tablet. The joy of binging on your own favourite Netflix or Amazon Prime Video title with the big 13-inch screen nearer to use with the keyboard folded away is unparalleled. While travelling within an airplane, the Yoga 730-13’s was a lot more productive than any other traditional laptop computer I’ve ever used. So when you are done using the laptop, just flip it up and shove it in the backpack. This the practicality that laptops should offer in 2019 as standard.

Lenovo Yoga 730 battery: Nearly long-lasting as a tablet
When a slim notebook is possessing a robust Core i7 processor and a variety of fancy stuff, battery life is likely to have a hit. The Yoga 730-13 is no different. Lenovo claims up to 11.5 hours of battery life but everybody knows that’s false in reality. I could extract up to 6-hours of life under normal work stress — typing long documents, 5-6 tabs of Chrome and streaming music in the backdrop. Which 6-hour life was only possible once I switched the notebook to the power-saver mode. Thankfully, the 65W fast charger fills it up in a hour when you go out of juice. Do note not absolutely all USB-C smartphone chargers can top-up the Yoga 730.

Lenovo Yoga 730 conclusion: In the event you buy it?
At a starting price of Rs 1 lakh, the Yoga 730-13 is a fairly expensive laptop. It falls in to the MacBook Air territory, which as we realize, is a seriously capable computer. However, don’t take the Lenovo Yoga 730-13 as a substandard product to the MacBook Air at all — there are lots of things a MacBook can’t do. The most prominent feature here’s its versatility — by using a Windows 10 notebook computer as a tablet on demand with an excellent touchscreen and a comfortable keyboard is luxury. The lightweight form factor means you can shove it in the backpack and may bypass with a notebook computer anywhere.

However, the Yoga 730-13 loses out to the MacBook Air in two key areas — first being the common 6-hour battery life, and the next being Windows 10 as an operating-system that doesn’t match macOS {with regards to|

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Last update was on: May 23, 2022 5:39 am

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