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HD DISPLAY QUALITY. HD display quality was very good. It did an outstanding job displaying the best possible detail of HD content. Color temperature was slightly on the warm side, lending images a reddish tone. Insufficient contrast gave images a flatter appearance with little depth. The brightness level was good, rendering it a suitable choice for some rooms. Black levels were only fair with darker regions of the image looking unnaturally illuminated. Dark scenes, specifically, were without contrast and looked hazy. In scenes with subtly shaded light-to-dark areas, for instance a sky during sunset, the model did an excellent job making a smooth transition without distinct, coarse bands. There have been several very bright spots around the perimeter of the display (where in fact the bezel meets the screen) which were distracting on dark scenes. This appears like an excellent control issue, so make certain to inspect your TV if you buy this model. The deinterlacing and film mode businesses were excellent on HD content; there is little if any trace of jaggies on the edges of objects for video and film-based 1080i video content, such as for example from cable.

VIEWING ANGLE. This LG includes a wide viewing angle overall, much better than that of all TVs. It will supply the same display quality, with fewer problems than most TVs, for typical viewing conditions — say, if your loved ones is seated across an extended sectional or in chairs off to the sides. The picture did show some dimming from the sides however, not to any point we found distracting. With dark scenes this model didn’t fare quite aswell. When viewed from the sides, the depth of black levels varied according to the vertical position of the viewer’s head. As we moved nearer to the screen this limitation became a lot more apparent, particularly if seated on to the floor looking upward where black levels brightened significantly.

ULTRA HD PERFORMANCE. Overall UHD performance was very good and showed very good HD-to-UHD upconversion. All native 4K content (non HDR) we played upon this model, including movies and test videos, was presented in 4K detail with excellent fidelity when played back via the TV’s HDMI input. Resolution tests showed hook reduction of very details on our test patterns, but this is not detectable on live action real life content. This TV can stream 4K programs from Netflix and YouTube. Images were clean and finely detailed. High-resolution photographs were displayed completely 4K detail.

HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) PERFORMANCE. HDR performance was generally effective, just short of the greatest we’ve seen. The display’s insufficient brightness capability (by HDR standards) limited its capability to show the benefits associated with HDR to full influence on our test videos, while revealing some contrast between moderately bright and incredibly bright highlights within a scene. It did an excellent job reproducing a larger selection of nuanced shadow detail from black to white, without apparent banding on regions of the image that contain subtle shade variations. There is no noticeable lack of near-white shadow detail in the brightest areas. Very bright, colored objects remained nicely saturated, and a protracted selection of color capability had not been apparent from our test patterns.

MOTION BLUR. This LG TV has good motion performance, with some blurring on our motion tests. This model will not add a blur reduction feature.

SCREEN REFLECTIVITY. Though much less mirror-like as on some models, this screen surface is glossy and for that reason vunerable to reflections from a local lamp or window. It can an excellent job reducing glare from ambient light and maintains contrast in a brighter room environment.

SOUND QUALITY. This model has good sound quality; about average among the models we’ve tested. When watching a movie blockbuster, a concert, or Television show, it offers decent performance but falls short of the better performers. Bass was adequate, which added some fullness to the sound, and treble was nicely detailed, as the overall sound was on the bright side and somewhat closed in. The speakers produced an excellent volume range which means this model should play sufficiently loud in typical room environments, though quality does degrade at high volume levels. Also, at higher volume, dynamic compression kept the sound from distorting, but also limited the clarity of peaks in loudness, which is often distracting on some audio tracks content. Most persons would find this sound quality acceptable.

SIMPLICITY. On first switch on there can be an on-screen guide that can help you through setting up it. LG’s basic remote offers a normal button keypad with high contrast labeling that’s fairly readable in a candlight environment. It offers direct button usage of Netflix and Amazon streaming services.

INTERNET FEATURES. This TV provides advanced Internet functions via its “WebOS 3.5” portal with usage of a library of applications, and a complete Browser. Movie streaming services include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

CONNECTIONS. This model has three HDMI inputs– one supports ARC (Audio Return Channel), one “component/composite shared” input (therefore you can only just use one type or the other at the same time). In addition, it has two USB ports, an optical digital audio tracks out, an Ethernet port, WiFi wireless networking; DLNA, to gain access to files inside your home network; Casting, that allows you to send streaming content from your own mobile device to it via your house network; Screen mirroring, where in fact the image on your own smartphone or other compatible device may also appear on it. Note: HDMI and other internet connections designed to the rear-facing panel will protrude beyond the panel’s slim depth.

CONTAINED IN THE BOX. An instant start guide. An electric manual in the TV’s menu. A handy remote control with batteries. No printed manual is roofed.

ABOUT ULTRA HD TESTING: We test UHD display quality using 4K movies, videos, photos, and test patterns to verify these displays deliver performance to the format’s full potential. We check the TV’s capability to reproduce 4K image detail, and also high dynamic range (HDR) for TVs that support this capability. Image quality is tested by using a 4K movie player linked to the TV’s HDMI input, and also from files placed on flash drive connected to the TV’s USB port. We also check the grade of 4K streaming from Netflix or YouTube (if the service is supported by it), and how well it can upscale HD movies to the display’s higher UHD resolution while keeping artifacts such as for example “jaggies” along the edges of image content to the very least. The very best UHD TVs, and HDTVs, present high fidelity images that reveal the entire quality of the greatest source content without degradation.


The LG 65UJ6300 is a 65-inch LCD (LED) Ultra HD TV with a native resolution of 3840×2160 (2160p). As opposed to the basic 60Hz, it includes a claimed 120Hz frame rate, an attribute made to reduce motion blur.

It offers an Ethernet jack enabling a wired link with your home network. Additionally it is WiFi capable, in order to hook up it to your house network wirelessly. It really is DLNA certified, in order to view digital images placed on a compatible computer, phone, or other mobile device also linked to your house network.

This TV has three HDMI inputs, and one component-video input. Which also doubles as a composite-video input. In addition, it has two USB ports, which might be used to play media–photos, videos, and music–stored on a flash drive.

The LG 65UJ6300 measures 36 inches high by 56.4 inches wide by 10 inches deep, including its base. The panel itself is 3.3 inches thick including any protrusions, and the screen includes a glossy finish.

The guarantee upon this model covers parts for 12 month

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