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The LG ProBeam BU50NST’s 4K UHD resolution and 5,000-lumen rated brightness make it a solid contender for boardrooms, conference rooms, and other applications that require fine detail in a major image that can endure ambient light.


4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution using XPR fast-shift pixel shifting; supports HDR 10
Laser-phosphor source of light promises up to 20,000-hour lifetime
1.6x contact lens; vertical and horizontal lens shift

Lacks support for 360 degree orientation
No 3D support
Most LG projectors up to now are designed for home or lightweight use. The 4K UHD (3840×2160), $4,499 LG ProBeam BU50NST laser projector is probably the company’s first targeted for business and education. Generally, it’s best referred to as the laser-based exact carbon copy of an average 5,000-lumen, lamp-based projector (which is how it really is spec’d), and well suited for the same tasks.

Weighed against most 5,000-lumen laser UHD projectors, the BU50NST is smaller, so that it is less obtrusive and much easier to find room for. And even though the documentation makes no reference to it, LG says the anti-dust optical engine and long-life laser source of light make the projector almost free of maintenance. So while its natural home is a boardroom, large conference room or classroom, or small auditorium, the BU50NST is potentially useful also for applications like retail or museum displays and even sports bars.

LG PH550

720P Home Video Projector

The BU50NST’s small size-12.8 x 14.6 x 6.1 inches (HWD)-is among its more desirable features. Remember that it weighs 21.4 pounds however-about around almost all of its competitors. So although it will easily fit into a tighter space, it isn’t much better to handle during setup. A few of its noteworthy features include HDR support, an integral Browser, support for DLNA, and support for wireless link with mobile devices, in order to show presentations easily from a phone or tablet.

Note too that predicated on the BU50NST’s 16:9 native aspect ratio, its HDR support, plus some of its menu choices-which add a game mode, a Cinema Home mode, and LG’s version of frame interpolation-you could possibly be forgiven for convinced that it must be suited to a brightly lit living room for movies, videos, and game playing. However, LG doesn’t advise it for that application, and inside our tests, contrast and HDR shadow detail came up short for home use.

Vertical and horizontal lens shift controls are located privately of the BU50NST.
Physical setup is easy. The BU50NST was created to be located either on a set surface or inverted in a ceiling mount, and it provides flexible positioning because of its lens shift and 1.6x zoom. With the projector sitting on a table and the lens in its vertically centered position, the vertical shift is +/- 50% of the image height, as the horizontal shift is +/- 20% of the image width. If you want to correct keystone or other geometric distortion, a 12-point warp adjustment offers four-corner correction, one-point barrel distortion correction on each vertical edge, and two-point barrel distortion correction on each horizontal edge.

I measured the BU50NST’s brightest predefined mode at 4,329 ANSI lumens-enough to light a 170-inch diagonal, 16:9, 1.0-gain screen in moderately bright ambient light. Throw distance for a 170-inch image ranges from roughly 16.1 to 25.8 feet. (For the number for your screen size start to see the ProjectorCentral LG ProBeam BU50NST projection calculator.) And unlike the brightest mode generally in most projectors, which are best avoided as a result of clear color shifts, the BU50NST’s brightest mode delivered accurate enough color to create it our recommended choice for presentations unless they’re heavily reliant on photorealistic images.

Note also that the BU50NST carries a couple of 5-watt stereo speakers, which deliver sufficient sound quality to create them worth using, along with high enough volume for a medium to large size room. If you like to use an external music system, among its HDMI ports supports HDMI-ARC, and there’s a 3.5mm analog music out port and Bluetooth speaker support with an AV sync control.

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