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We’re all guilty of shopping for something due to the fact we think it’s pretty. As the LG TONE Free HBS FL7 is presented beautifully, it’s underwhelming for the purchase price. There are some great benefits, though, just like the bacteria-reducing charging case and Meridian Audio tuning.

Editor’s note: this LG TONE Free HBS-FL7 review was updated on July 30, 2020 to handle the way the buds compare to the LG TONE Free HBS-FN6.

Who should get the LG TONE Free true wireless?

The glossy finish turns these earbuds into fingerprint magnets.

General consumers may choose to consider LG’s TONE Free headset. These serve as a far more stylish option to the Apple AirPods, because they don’t form a cogent seal. AAC may be the only supported high-quality codec, which benefits iPhone users however, not Android users to the same degree.
Hygienic listeners will appreciate the UVnano charging case that uses internal UV LEDs to lessen bacterial buildup on the ear tips.
Using the LG TONE Free HBS-FL7

UV LEDs inside case blast the ear tips with UV light to lessen bacteria.

LG’s latest true wireless earbuds embrace today’s design aesthetic with glossy panels and a circular charging case. It looks gorgeous, on par with the older Earin M-2 that was uniquely spectacular because of its time. The indented touch-capacitive housings constantly register commands, so that it is simple to field calls and pause playback without reaching for your phone.

Regardless of the elegant look, the earbuds are durable and merit an IPX4 rating to prove it. However, I wouldn’t recommend training with these, because they don’t create a seal to the ear. The half-open design is ideal for remaining alert to your surroundings, however the ‘buds fell out multiple times during testing-once as I jogged across a crosswalk. If you’re moving any faster when compared to a brisk walking pace, you really should look at something better just like the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go. At least if the earbuds do fallout, your music will automatically pause because of computerized ear detection. Re-inserting them automatically resumes playback, and the procedure is snappy.

The earbuds prioritize beauty at the trouble of functionality.

Another neat feature of the LG TONE Free HBS FL7 may be the puck-like charging case. According to independent testing, the UVnano technology reduces earbud bacteria via the integrated UV lights. Although this isn’t a cure-all, it might lessen the rate of non permanent hearing loss by stopping ear infections. Minor infections can impede one’s capability to perceive and discern noises such as for example speech patterns.

Should Android users get the LG app?

The ear tips are bulbous and oddly shaped, so that it is possible for the ‘buds to fallout.

The LG Tone & Talk iphone app isn’t very helpful: it affords nothing beyond what you can do directly from the headset, apart from finding your earbuds. Controls are limited, and you can’t adapt the quantity or skip tracks. Whatever you can do is pause music, cycle through EQ presets, review notifications, and access Google Assistant.

Controls are identical on both earbuds.

Single tap to pause or resume media playback.
Double-tap to examine notifications.
Triple-tap to cycle through EQ presets: normal, bass, flat, and treble.
Tap and hold to generate a command.
How do you hook up the LG TONE Free HBS-FL7?

The all-black appearance is sleek and covert.

Removing both earbuds from the case simultaneously initiates pairing. Android 5.0 devices with location services on automatically recognize the TONE Free HBS FL7 and display a nifty pop-up requesting to pair the earbuds to your smartphone. iPhone users need to feel the typical pairing procedure for sifting through the iPhone’s Bluetooth menu and selecting “LG TONE Free HBS FL7.”

After the headset is connected, Google will prompt you to complete setting up these devices and invite Google Assistant access. Updates are created available through the Google application. If one is available, an alert appears in your smartphone’s notification shade, informing you that headset access is unavailable after the process begins. On March 9, 2020, I installed firmware version 1.5.0#2f09259 and expect more to come.

Connection strength is ok; there have been some connection stutters when the headset was significantly less than a meter from my Samsung Galaxy S10e, but nothing too severe. Unfortunately, multipoint connectivity isn’t supported; and that means you need to manually switch in one device to another, instead of hook up to two simultaneously.

Audio-visual lag is barely noticeable, though it really is still present. AAC may be the only high-quality Bluetooth codec supported, which isn’t ideal for Android devices but serves iOS products well. That is fine as high-quality streaming isn’t too important when the earbuds don’t create a complete seal to the ear. Whatever, external noise will get in and degrade music reproduction by method of auditory masking. This implies any benefit afforded by aptX or LDAC will be rendered practically null.

Battery life is average
We recorded 5 hours, 19 minutes of listening about the same charge before needing to pop the earbuds in the event. This isn’t the very best battery life we’ve observed, nonetheless it stands above average. Plus, the earbuds support quick charging; all you have to is to put them in the USB-C case for 5 minutes to enjoy 1 hour of listening. Altogether, the case provides up to 15 extra hours of on-the-go battery life.

The indegent fit impacts sound quality
The dynamic drivers are tuned by Meridian Audio and promise an engaging sound. Listeners searching for accurate sound reproduction will love these earbuds theoretically, however the semi-open build subjects music to auditory masking. This implies loud, external sounds mask relatively quieter notes like mids (e.g. vocals). Suffice to state, you don’t buy these earbuds for sound quality but also for style and {the

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