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The Logitech G600 MMO Mouse is an effective 20-button laser gaming mouse that’s very customizable, nonetheless it has some drawbacks.

Insane customization potential
Thumb buttons reduce reliance on keyboard
Comfortable, weighty design
Middle rows of thumb buttons feel indistinct
Will not support claw or fingertip play styles
Not very useful for some non-MMO games
At high degrees of play, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games could be demanding titles, requiring pinpoint precision with a variety of buttons. While MMO players may wonder why a keyboard wouldn’t suffice, the $79.99 Logitech G600 MMO Mouse can replace a whole lot of traditional keyboard functions. A comfortable design and an abundance of customization options get this to mouse an attractive prospect, however the sheer number of buttons could be superfluous or intimidating for all however the biggest diehards.

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In conditions of comfort, the G600 is a delight for anybody with a palm grip. Because the thumb controls 12 of its 20 buttons, there is absolutely no groove for the thumb. Rather, the index finger controls the left button, the center finger controls the proper button and the ring finger rests on a third button that activates the mouse’s macro controls.

At 4.69 ounces (133 grams), the G600 is a lttle bit heavier compared to the standard gaming mouse, and at 4.6 x 2.9 x 1.6 inches (118 x 75 x 41 mm), it’s quite a lttle bit bulkier, too. However, the heft makes the mouse feel substantial and satisfying to use.

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Those that prefer to use claw or fingertip grips should take heed: This is simply not the mouse for you personally. To support the 12 thumb buttons, Logitech made the mouse tall, and you must stretch your fingers across it. Claw users will see their grip inefficient, while fingertip users will not be able to click on the left button at all.

The thumb buttons themselves will be the mouse’s main draw, but what they give in versatility, they lack in distinctness. Each button includes a slightly different feel, however, not quite different enough. Understanding how to navigate among 12 buttons with just one single digit takes time; doing this when the buttons differentiate themselves only through very subtle contours ensures that you’ll be making plenty of mistakes at first.

The G600 is a comfortable mouse overall, but its main draw – its plethora of buttons – takes some used to, and could have already been much easier to use. The mouse can be available only in a right-handed conformation, so left-handed users are out of luck.


Like its thumb buttons, the G600’s software is a mixed bag. The program is unbelievably deep and customizable, but only the most patient users will explore everything it provides.

The G600 has six available profiles: three placed in the mouse, and three placed using the pc. Eighteen of its 20 buttons are programmable; both nonprogrammable buttons will be the standard left and right mouse buttons (although users can reverse these, if desired).

Unfortunately, users cannot switch among all six profiles at will. When you open the Logitech G600 software, you need to decide whether you intend to use the profiles placed on the mouse or those placed using the pc. It’s simple to adapt among games but functionally impossible during play.

Whenever a user holds down the 3rd mouse button, it switches to a second profile. For instance, by default, a thumb button might match the quantity 1 on the keyboard. Holding down the 3rd button could switch it to Shift-1, Ctrl-1, F1 or a letter. Since users can cycle through three different profiles at will, this effectively gives them usage of 108 buttons offered by a second’s notice.

Aesthetically inclined players will be pleased to understand that you can choose any color for the mouse’s LED buttons to go with a profile. If you need green buttons while playing MMOs, blue buttons while typing away in Microsoft Word and hot-pink buttons while fragging foes in “Call of Duty,” the G600 is pleased to oblige.

Users may also change dots-per-inch (DPI) inputs on a whim – to ranging from 200 and 8,200 – to improve how quickly the cursor tracks over the screen. This could be helpful when differentiating between an endgame raid in “Wow” and a leisurely game of “Civilization V.”

You can program each profile with multiple DPI settings and switch them by pressing a mouse button (you can program which). For example, you might like to switch between several DPI settings rapidly in a casino game with on-foot and vehicle segments, or keep your DPI frequent whenever using productivity software.

Having way too many options is never a bad thing, although tweaking a huge selection of possible buttons, DPI settings and color combinations could be intimidating. It might not be essential to do so, as the G600 can download and use premade profiles for games which range from “BioShock Infinite” to “Wow.”

The primary good thing about an MMO mouse just like the G600 is that your right thumb is probably the few fingers that’s not doing much right from the start. Assigning an art to each button leaves your keyboard hand absolve to give attention to character movement, or vice versa.

We tried the G600 with “Wow,” which depends on multiple toolbars packed with varied skills. Assigning our most regularly used skills to the most notable three and bottom three buttons was incredibly effective, and freed up our left hand to keep our character moving during heated battles. Devoid of to reach over the keyboard for skills mapped to the 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 and minus buttons was also a relief.

Tracking presented no issues whatsoever. The cursor taken care of immediately our movements with perfect fidelity at every DPI setting, without discernable jitters or inaccuracies.

The Z-axis tracking leaves something to be desired, however. Lifting the mouse from a surface caused the cursor to jump upward slightly. This may have potentially devastating effects in a high-stakes first-person shooter, but rarely means life or death within an MMO.

As an all-purpose gaming mouse, the G600 is surprisingly useful in some instances, and somewhat of a hindrance in others. For instance, while playing “StarCraft II,” we were delighted with how easy it had been to assign different units into squadrons and access them without ever needing to grapple with the keyboard.

Alternatively, the excess buttons added nothing to first-person shooter “BioShock Infinite.” As the mouse itself was responsive and functional, its unwieldy condition and unusual size managed to get marginally harder to aim and fire. You could utilize the G600 for general gaming, but it’s made with one genre at heart, and doesn’t make many concessions to others.

Having greater than a hundred button combinations at the end of your thumb is a good and versatile feature, specifically for high-level MMO players. Having said that, familiarizing yourself with the Logitech G600’s sea of buttons and tweaking them to perfection need a lot of time, effort and patience. Coping with the mushy middle buttons also makes hitting the correct one throughout a pitched battle just a little tougher than it ought to be.

Gamers who need every advantage they are able to get for high-level MMO play will be wise to have a look at this mouse, but an alternative solution with an increase of distinct buttons, just like the $79.99 Razer Naga, might better suit you perfectly. Those that subsist on a far more different diet of game genres – including first-person shooters, real-time strategy and MMOs – would want to stick with a far more traditional mouse.

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