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Good button placement
Impressive battery credentials
Excellent, reliable tracking
Low max DPI
Lacks great features
Key Specifications
Review Price: £59.99
Wireless mouse
250-2500 DPI
500Hz polling rate
11 buttons
2ms response rate
Battery-saving modes

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What’s the Logitech G602?
The Logitech G602 is a formidable wireless gaming mouse from a company known to make considered, reliable peripherals. The G602 doesn’t disappoint in this regard, with Logitech supplying a low-lag, well-designed mouse that’s ideal for its price.

While this model is greater than a year old now, you can purchase it new on Amazon for £60, this means it’s definitely still an advisable consideration. But what accurately makes the Logitech G602 good, and where could the mouse-maker study from its mistakes?
Logitech G602 – Design & Ergonomics
Logitech hasn’t rocked the boat with regards to mouse design, peddling a familiar condition and button configuration. Even those not used to gaming will feel right aware of this mouse. The downside is that it’s much less luxurious as Razer’s Chrome devices, neither is it as quirky as a Mad Catz mouse.

The G602 is a right-handed mouse, and is preferred when used in combination with a palm-grip. A thumb-rest juts right out of the side for added support and ribbed rubber increases grip whenever your palms get sweaty. The curvature of the mouse feels natural, and we’re pleased to say this is just about the most comfortable designs we’ve ever used.

There are 11 buttons on the G602, including left and righter clickers, a performance mode switcher, along DPI toggles, six re-programmable side buttons and, of course, the scroll wheel. Buttons are less than on MMO-focused devices including the Logitech G600 or the Razer Naga, but that is intended to become more of an all-rounder mouse.

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Logitech’s button placement is well-planned. All are simple to access, with possibly the exception of the performance mode switcher, that is a bit more awkward to toggle. What’s great about the G602 is that the medial side buttons could be easily differentiated, despite being small and close together. A row of blue LEDs privately of the G602 are being used to show which DPI level you’re at – more on that later.

Obviously, having less wires results in a mouse that’s simple to slide around, but its smooth bottom also helps it to glide across most flat surfaces. It’s not really a cumbersome beast either; it weighs 107g, which is just about the sum of two Dairy Milk bars. It’s also lighter than rival Razer Mamba, which weighs 125g.

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Logitech G602 – Features
Unlike normal mice, a gaming mouse will need an excellent DPI range. That’s because DPI is a mouse’s native sensitivity; a higher DPI means the cursor travels farther with regards to your hand movements, letting you perform actions quicker.

The G602 includes a DPI range between 250 and 2,500. The former is too slow for not general browsing, as the latter is merely about sufficient for gaming. Pro gamers typically use mice with DPI settings that are up to 4,500, and even up to 8,200 just like the Turtle Beach Grip 500. As such, serious gamers should look elsewhere; everyday players that aren’t worried about hyper-twitch gameplay will be fine with the G602. The wireless Razer Mamba touts a maximum 5,400 DPI.

Logitech’s wireless mouse comes with an otherwise respectable spec sheet, boasting a super-accurate Delta Zero sensor and a good 500Hz polling rate – that’s just how many times per second the mouse pings your personal computer. Anything above 500Hz really isn’t necessary, and can just put strain on your own computer’s processor.

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Of course, that is a wireless mouse and therefore, the elephant in the area will be battery life. Fortunately, Logitech offers it i’m all over this with the G602. The mouse is powered by two AA batteries as standard, which amounts to around 250 hours of gameplay. However the mouse has been made to also utilize a single AA battery, for a lifespan of 125 hours. This permits you to keep down the weight of the mouse, if you need to increase your performance.

What’s more, Logitech in addition has bound a mode switcher to the G602’s central button. You can utilize this to change from “performance” mode to “endurance”, that may offer you 1,440 hours of battery life. However, this does reduce response accuracy and sensitivity, so you’ll want to utilize this only once you’re not actually gaming.

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Logitech G602 – Software
Unlike a few of its rivals, Logitech’s software suite lacks a snazzy name – however, this doesn’t mean it’s not really a great program, and it offers numerous useful features.

To install the program, just plug in the wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver that’s given the mouse. Now’s a great time to indicate that the G602 also has a USB extender cable for the receiver, used to reduce the length between your dongle and the mouse. After the receiver is plugged in, the driver will install automatically.

After the software is booted up, you’ll get access to a bunch of features. You can re-adjust the DPI toggle presets, program macro commands for various buttons, and create game profiles. Moreover, you can also assign profiles to games – they are saved in the mouse’s on-board memory. The program then automatically detects whenever a particular game is booted up, and loads the relevant profile.

Logitech G602 – Performance
Like all gaming mice, the G602 has its strengths and weaknesses with regards to various video-game genres.

We discovered that the G602 was suitable to MOBAs. That is largely right down to there being enough re-programmable buttons on the mouse to be useful for games such as for example League of Legends and Dota 2. The utmost DPI is also plenty of to keep pace in battle-arena-style games. The same could be said for real-time strategy games – the G602 will continue to work just fine with StarCraft II.

Where in fact the G602 wasn’t so excellent was with first-person shooters, which is due to the reduced native sensitivity. You just can’t whip a cursor across a screen as quickly as someone owning a mouse with 6,000-plus DPI, so that it helps it be tough to compete in games such as for example Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. Of course, everyday players won’t have a concern, and the

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