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Class-leading performance
Slick, refined design
Fantastic software
MMO gamers might prefer more buttons
No charging dock
Key Specifications
Review Price: £135.00
Wired or wireless
1ms response time
200 to 12,000 DPI
1,000Hz polling
40G acceleration
300ips max speed
Weighs 107g
30-hour battery life
Logitech software suite
“Spectrum” lighting
What’s the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum?
The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum reaches the very high class of Logitech’s wireless gaming mouse lineup.

Subsequently, it’s pretty expensive at £134.99, nonetheless it packs in incredible hardware for that price. From a technology standpoint, the G900 is unparallelled so far as wireless mice are worried, and its own design, too, is really as slick because they come.

Nevertheless, the Logitech G900 faces stiff competition from its formidable rival, the Razer Mamba (2015). And the true question is this: is it possible to ever truly justify spending £135 on a mouse? Continue reading to discover why you certainly should.

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Logitech G900 – Design & Ergonomics
For a long period, it appeared that Logitech was reluctant to check out the gaming peripheral industry’s trend of big and bold design. That’s previously: the Logitech G900 will dominate a desk using its big, pointy, glowy looks. If you’re buying a device with desk appeal, you won’t be disappointed.

When I first held the Logitech G900, my immediate thought was that it had been empty. It’s super-light, weighing only 107g, which is incredible for a radio mouse. The Razer Mamba – not particularly heavy, at all – weighs around a fifth more. Logitech’s weight-saving strategy is indeed exteme, even the scroll wheel has been hollowed out and its own innards replaced with a “spoked” design to greatly help trim the fat.

The Logitech G900’s body is curved, with hard edges. It’s ambidextrous, to help you make utilization of it whether you’re left- or right-handed. Which isn’t achieved at the trouble of comfort; it feels fine in either hand, and works together with both palm and claw grip.

The left- and right-clicking buttons feel solid, and the actuation distance is low; enough time in the middle of your finger moving and the switch clicking is quite short.

The mouse also offers two buttons on the left of these devices, positioned flawlessly beneath the thumb. If you’re a lefty, fear not; the buttons magnetically detach, and will be moved to the proper side instead. You may also have all buttons mounted on both sides if your gaming style needs more macros.

At the top of these devices you’ll find the scroll wheel, which is coated in textured rubber. Behind that is a switch that unlocks the wheel bearing, so instead of clicking in increments, it’ll just spin freely. That is surprisingly satisfying and is fantastic fow when you’re in work mode, scrolling through massive documents. If that’s more your gig, the Logitech MX Master is an improved bet, using its adaptive scrolling that combines freewheeling and notched scrolling. Behind that are two buttons for toggling through your DPI presets – that’s shorthand for mouse-sensitivity settings. Finally, on the lower of the mouse is a power button.

Despite its light-weight, the Logitech G900 feels as though well made. Apparently these devices is rated for 250km of travel and the switches have already been tested with 20 million presses by the product quality assurance department.

Logitech G900 – Features
With all good gaming mice come a wholesome roster of features on top of that, and the Logitech G900 is no different. First stop: lighting.

The Logitech G900 is branded ‘Spectrum’, which is marketing speak for glowing LED strips. If that concept appears familiar, it’s because it’s basically identical to Razer’s ‘Chroma’ atlanta divorce attorneys way but name. Apparently gamers now expect their mice to glow, and in increasingly elaborate ways, so we can’t blame Logitech for mirroring the idea.

There are 16.8 million colours available, any one of that can be selected for the G900’s lighting through Logitech’s software. Additionally, there are lighting patterns available – Breathing, for instance, makes the light fade in and out in a soothing fashion.

Logitech G900 – Software
Like Razer, Logitech has its software for configuring the G900’s many choices. For example, you can modify the DPI presets so you’re using the buttons and then switch between comfortable degrees of sensitivity. Also you can modify the polling rate – how usually the mouse pings the computer – to 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, and 1,000Hz. This feature is rather niche, but convenient if your PC’s processor isn’t up to the duty of handling 1,000 inputs every second.

You can adapt lighting for the mouse too. You can save lighting profiles – as well as your other defaults – to the G900’s on-board memory, rendering it simple to utilize the mouse on different computers and never have to change the settings every time.

Logitech goes deeper still. There’s a tuning feature that enables you to input the surface which you’re using the mouse. The program will then adapt the settings on the mouse predicated on the reflectiveness of the top which you’re playing, for example. Most players won’t find this overly useful, but if you’re trying to min-max performance, every little helps.

Additionally it is possible to create macros and reassign buttons to various tasks. And if you want using different setups for different games, Logitech makes up about that too. You can assign mouse profiles to specific titles, so whenever a game loads, the Logitech G900 will automatically adopt the proper settings. As of this price I’d expect nothing less.

Logitech G900 – Performance
Performance is where in fact the Logitech G900 really shines. I was hugely impressed by the accuracy of its tracking. I didn’t experience an individual cursor jump, despite using the mouse on several surfaces – wood, plastic, and a SteelSeries mousepad.

For a radio mouse, that is no mean feat. Logitech has made a huge song and dance about the G900’s capability to counteract worries that wireless mice are inclined to lag due to interference, even though it’s very difficult to check in real-world conditions, it appears like it’s worked a delicacy.

This success is partly because of the G900’s capability to dynamically switch to less noisy frequency channels, {making

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