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Without question, the slickest universal remote available may be the Logitech Harmony Elite. It’s clear from first glance, largely due to the large touchscreen that dominates the most notable third of the remote.

Just like the Harmony Companion, the Elite contains two parts. First may be the Harmony Hub, an IR blaster that plugs in to the wall and which is equivalent to the standalone Hub and the Hub incorporated with the Companion. The Hub is definitely configured either via smartphone iphone app or your personal computer (the latter is better and less error-prone). Second may be the remote itself: Much like the Companion, it’s an RF remote whose primary job is usually to mail commands to the Hub, that may in turn come to be relayed via infrared, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. However, unlike the Companion, the Elite also contains an additional, included IR blaster, so if your Hub isn’t properly placed, the remote could be configured to also mail commands right to your entertainment devices.

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The difference here’s how the remote handles those commands. The physical keys that define underneath two-thirds of the remote happen to be largely anticipated, though they’re placed generic enough to come to be appropriate for almost any kind of entertainment device. Notably lacking: numeric buttons, which are just on the touchscreen menus.

Configuring your buttons
Much like all Harmony Hub-based remotes, the Elite is made around “actions,” multi-step processes that you configure through the mobile or Windows software and which control multiple products found in a good sequence. A “Check out TV” action will start the receiver, start it, and set the correct inputs. Obtain fancy and you could tie this all into your smart home gear, too, therefore the lights dim appropriately when you turn up Game of Thrones.

The Elite shines while you are getting together with the touchscreen. It doesn’t get a lot more intuitive than picking right up the remote-which wakes on motion-and tapping “Watch TV,” which quickly appears near the top of the colour screen. Your devices turn up in quick succession without the additional effort. Switching channels is normally simple: You can create to 50 favorites, which seem as icons on the display. Jumping between HBO and Comedy Central can be a one-tap affair, without the need to resort to the guide channel or tap in a couple of digits. (Though, of course, that you can do both of these things in the event that you so desire.) For every action, the commands that show up on the touchscreen will be fully customizable, in order to drop in commercial skip buttons, extra volume controls, or maybe about anything else.

Things get a lttle bit hairier if you want to delve at night commands you’ve designed especially for your actions. If you want to dig into a more difficult setting, it’s simple to switch to single-device control by picking the specific product you intend to command, but this locks you out of simultaneously managing anything else. For instance, I found I sometimes switched to manual control of my cable box, but this locked out the quantity controls that happen to be routed through my receiver. In single-device mode, there’s no chance to map buttons to some other device, despite the fact that, in this example, the quantity buttons don’t carry out anything when managing the cable box. Having said that, generally, dealing with the remote is easy and can even become fun. It had been so very much simpler to employ a real remote control to view Hulu via my Xbox One rather than having to manage the clumsy Xbox game controller that I might never look back.

Bottom line
Apart from the touchscreen control, the Elite offers additional nice upgrades above the Companion and Hub. First, it could control up to 15 devices, as the Hub and Companion happen to be both limited by eight. Second, which may be the biggie, you can sync changes wirelessly, by tapping a control in the settings function of the remote itself. The Hub and Companion should be physically plugged into your personal computer to sync in the event that you configure them through Windows; not with the Elite. Finally, the remote carries a rechargeable battery and a docking station, so you’re {significantly l

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