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Time has swept up to Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2. We loved it in its first iteration-what Microsoft now calls the top Laptop (1st Gen), and the low-cost clamshell remains an excellent, optimized notebook computer for students and personnel on the run. But as the Surface Laptop 2 has basically stood still, your competition has chimed in with their own progressive offerings. As our review shows, the 13-inch Surface Laptop 2 continues to be a good laptop, but design choices made this past year look somewhat tired now.

THE TOP Laptop is practically identical to its predecessor in every three dimensions, the rated battery life, and even weight. As well as the color, Microsoft has moved from a 7th-gen to an 8th-gen Core microprocessor, and the business has thankfully eliminated the 4GB memory option that was obtainable in the first generation. Gone, too, is Windows 10 in S Mode, now replaced with Windows 10 Home. There aren’t any low-power Qualcomm or Intel Pentium-based options, and Microsoft hasn’t announced an LTE option-but those weren’t on the first device, either.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2: Basic specs and purchasing advice
As you might recall from our hands-on with the top Laptop 2 following its announcement, Microsoft is selling both Surface Laptop 2 for Business, and the more generic Surface Laptop 2 for consumers. THE BUSINESS ENTERPRISE model commences at $1,199, versus $999 for consumers-quite a jump, especially because the additional $200 buys you simply a slightly better Core i5 processor with vPro capabilities, a better guarantee having the ability to get a new device before turning in the defective model (Advanced Exchange), and Windows 10 Pro, instead of Home. We reviewed the buyer version.

Remember that Microsoft varies its configurations by color. The least expensive Surface Laptop 2 for consumers is $999 for the platinum color, in a Core i5/8GB RAM/128GB SSD configuration (offered by the Microsoft store in addition to Amazon). In black, burgundy and cobalt blue, the least expensive option was a Core i5/8GB RAM/256GB configuration, for an MSRP of $1,299. We reviewed the black version. Other, more costly configurations are also available; we note the ranges below in the essential specifications.

Here’s something to take into account, though: At press time, what Microsoft now calls the ”1st Gen” platinum Surface Laptop is selling at a wholesome discount for theCore i5/8GB RAM/128GB version, on Amazon. The platinum Surface Laptop 2 with the same configuration is both better and just $100 roughly more.

Hands on with the top Laptop 2
THE TOP Laptop 2 is strong without feeling especially weighty. There’s just somewhat of back-and-forth flex in the display hinge when the Laptop 2’s base is wiggled. Inside, the top Laptop 2’s display reclines to an ergonomically comfortable 45 degrees roughly from the horizontal. I never noticed the bottom becoming especially warm or overheated, except during a rigorous round of updates, when underneath warmed to an even that was still comfortable.

A sheet of Gorilla Glass 3 houses the display in a 3:2 format -again, identical to the initial Surface Laptop. (The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 includes a higher-res 2736×1824, 12.3-inch display.) Our light meter recorded a maximum luminance of 337 nits, hook 8 percent drop from our 1st Gen machine. (We consider anything over 260 nits of luminance to be of satisfactory brightness.) There are no additional color space options just like the Surface Book 2 beyond RGB, and the display runs on the stand

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