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The construction is outstanding. It includes a plastic bottom and an aluminum top. There’s hook flex to the keyboard nonetheless it shouldn’t have any strength issues over time. It is rather light and the battery cover is held on magnetically. It feels a lot more premium compared to the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard. Get black Friday & cyber Monday offers, deals, sales.

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THE TOP Keyboard uses scissor switches. They have a reasonably high actuation force to overcome the tactile bump, but once you overcome it, the entire feeling is light. Their pre-travel distance is quite low, making the keyboard feel very responsive.

The typing quality is excellent. It feels like the Apple Magic Keyboard but with slightly more travel distance. The keys are well-spaced, which is ideal for typing accuracy, and typing feels light regardless of the high tactile bump. The keys are stable and responsive, and shouldn’t cause any fatigue as time passes.

This keyboard has excellent compatibility. The keyboard functions fully on Windows & most keys function on Linux, aside from shortcuts. On macOS, shortcuts, Pause/Break, and Print Screen don’t work. On cellular devices running on iOS, iPadOS, or Android, Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Context key, calculator, & most shortcuts don’t work.

In comparison to other keyboards
The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a low-profile wireless keyboard that’s nearly the same as the full-size variant of the Apple Magic Keyboard. It’s mainly designed for office use, as it’s simple to type on and it generally does not make a whole lot of noise. In comparison to other keyboards available to buy, this keyboard feels somewhat bare-bones, since it lacks programmable keys, backlighting, and software support. For other options, have a look at our suggestions to find the best ergonomic keyboards, the very best keyboards for writers, and the very best wireless keyboards.

The Logitech MX Keys is substantially much better than the Microsoft Surface Keyboard. The MX Keys has better wireless versatility, as possible paired using an USB receiver or through Bluetooth, and it could be paired to three devices simultaneously. The MX Keys also offers programmable keys and will be custmomized using Logitech’s Options software, however, the top Keyboard’s build quality is way better.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard and the Apple Magic Keyboard are incredibly similar regarding build and features. The primary distinctions are that the Apple includes a built-in rechargeable battery, as the Surface uses disposable batteries. THE TOP keyboard is a full-size keyboard which includes a NumPad, and its own higher actuation point could be better for typing accuracy, as there’s less of a opportunity for unintended keystrokes to be registered.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a lot more premium compared to the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard. It’s better built and the scissor switches offer an improved typing experience compared to the mushy rubber dome switches on the Bluetooth keyboard. Alternatively, you can set a few macros on the F4-F7 keys of the Bluetooth Keyboard, that you can’t do on the top Keyboard.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard and the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard are incredibly different keyboards. The Sculpt comes with an ergonomic design with an extremely specific purpose, as the Surface Keyboard is more of an elegant minimalistic keyboard, like the Apple Magic Keyboard. Construction and typing experience are far better on the top keyboard, however the Sculpt Ergonomic is convenient and has software support, that your Surface lacks.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is way better compared to the Logitech K840 Mechanical Keyboard generally in most uses. THE TOP Keyboard has a drastically better construction and it can be utilised with mobile devices. In addition, it has a far better typing quality while making less noise, however the Logitech has programmable keys and software for customization.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard and the Keychron K4 are incredibly different keyboards. Both are Bluetooth keyboards, but only the K4 includes a multi-device pairing feature. The Microsoft uses scissor switches and chiclet-style keys, as the Keychron is a mechanical keyboard that one could customize with the switches of your decision. The LK Optical Brown switches on our K4 provide an improved typing experience, however the Microsoft’s low profile helps it be a little convenient to type on with out a wrist rest. The Keychron has backlighting, that your Microsoft does not have, and it includes a built-in rechargeable battery rather than using disposable batteries.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is an improved overall keyboard compared to the AmazonBasics K4R. It’s noticeably better built and it includes an improved overall typing quality. It connects via Bluetooth rather than a dedicated receiver, this means it can even be used with cellular devices. However, the AmazonBasics K4R includes a built-in touchpad rather than a NumPad, which is often useful.

The Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard is an improved keyboard compared to the Microsoft Surface Keyboard. The Corsair has customizable backlighting, rechargeable batteries, a trackpad and joystick for cursor control, and companion software for customization. Alternatively, the top Keyboard feels more premium and includes a slightly better typing quality.

The Microsoft Surface Keyboard is a marginally better keyboard compared to the Matias Ergo Pro. It’s a radio keyboard with Bluetooth connectivity, nonetheless it does not have multi-device pairing. It isn’t practically as heavy as the Matias, so it is also an improved lightweight option. However, the Matias is somewhat better for office use since it has an improved ergonomic design with a wrist rest and multiple incline settings. The Ergo Pro also uses mechanical switches, which deliver good feedback when typing.

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