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Entry-level Gaming Laptop. MSI’s entry-level model in to the gaming world costs about 1050 Euros (~$1117). You’ll get a well-equipped 15.6-inch notebook because of this price. Its main weaknesses will be the display, the battery runtimes and the computerized fan control. MSI should at least increase the latter.

Sascha Mölck, ✓ Sven Kloevekorn (translated by Martina Osztovits), 02/10/2017

For the initial German review, see here.

The GL62M 7RD is an inexpensive entry-level device in to the gaming world. Price and classification within the MSI line-up advise that cuts have already been manufactured in several aspects. Nevertheless, the specification will not sound bad: Kaby Lake quad core processor, GeForce GTX 1050, 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB hard disk drive. Our review will show whether this product is recommendable. Those that frequently visit our internet site might already feel acquainted with this computer. With the GL62 6QF, we’ve already reviewed a sibling with an almost identical design. There is merely a unitary difference: The GL62M doesn’t have an interior optical drive in fact it is also impossible to include such. Your competition includes devices including the Acer Aspire VX5-591G, the Asus Strix GL502VM, and the HP Omen 15.

MSI uses the same case as that of the predecessor, MSI GL62 6QF. However, you will find a difference: The GL62M doesn’t have an optical drive. The case is manufactured totally of matte black plastic. There are light color accents on the trunk side at the fan grilles: Thin, red lines are being used here. The computer lacks a maintenance hatch. So that you can reach the inner components, you will need to take away the underside. We will describe this at length later. The battery is fixed.

The notebook is well-crafted to a sizable extent. The left side of the display frame is slightly protruding and the resulting edge is noticeable. There is more to complain with regards to stability. For example, the bottom unit could be depressed too easily before the touchpad. Furthermore, the base unit ought to be sturdier because of a cost tag of 1050 Euros (~$1117). The lid twists too easily, which results in image distortions on the display. The hinges contain the display firmly set up. One-handed opening of the display can be done by slightly jiggling.

The built-in SteelSeries keyboard series lacks a light. The flat, slightly roughened keys include a medium travel and a crisp pressure point. The keyboard springs slightly when typing, however, not within an annoying way. Overall, MSI gives a decent keyboard, which is well suited for home use. Those that need it an MSI notebook must be aware that MSI uses its MSI-typical keyboard layout. Including the #-key and the Windows key aren’t in the most common positions.

The multi-touch capable ClickPad includes a size around 10.8 x 6.1 cm (~4.3 x 2.4 in). Hence, there will do space for gesture control. The slightly roughened surface doesn’t have a negative effect on the gliding capabilities. There are two dedicated mouse buttons before the pad. They include a short travel and a evidently audible and noticeable pressure point.

The DeltaE 2000 color deviation is 9.74 out-of-the-box. A value of significantly less than 3 is desirable. Furthermore, the display is bluish. The colour profile that people have provided will increase the color precision. It really is installed by double clicking it. However, you should check whether your device uses the same display model (manufacturer + model number) as our test model. Otherwise, the colors might become a whole lot worse. Often displays from different manufacturers are being used within a notebook series. The display inside our test model fully covers sRGB and 76% of AdobeRGB

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