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As a repeat customer of the MSI GS series laptops, I’m virtually accustomed to the professionals and cons each one had to provide. Do not require were perfect, but also for the most part they suited me perfectly.

The GS60 was among the first thin and light laptops that offered a high-end mobile graphics card in it (the Nvidia 870m at that time). After another GPU generation and two CPU generations, they finally updated your body style to the GS63VR, that i also liked, however, not just as much as it’s bigger brother, the GS73VR.

I thought they’d stick to that chassis for just one more generation, but MSI changed things up a bit more this time around and it’s really perked my interest. Not merely are they jamming the hexa-core processors in to the same thin chassis, nevertheless they are also carrying it out in a near 14” form factor, with a 15” screen. There’s plenty of other things that’s changed in the GS65, and after a week or two of owning one, I’ve too much to say about it.

I ended up picking right up this machine from GentechPC, because they were supplying a free repaste job, without voiding the warranty. After all of the early reviews, I really was worried about the throttling CPU temps, therefore i felt a repaste right from the start will be nice. Was it worthwhile? Well, yes, but there are a few other things that can be done to repair the thermals. Continue reading to see what I then found out.

Design and first look
With the notebook computer closed, the GS65 feels almost identical to the GS63VR. It’s sensible, light and incredibly thin. The only major difference in the feel is there’s forget about felt on underneath. Most of the notebook computer is made from black powder coated aluminum but there are a few plastic pieces too. At least the plastic elements look and feel very good quality.

The construction is touch and go unfortunately. In the first occasions with it, the notebook does provide you with the impression of being an extremely strong device…with the lid closed that’s. With the lid open, it’s a different story. Picking it up with one hand from either side of the trackpad results in a noticeable creaking sound. In addition, it happens slightly from the sides, but nowhere near as bad as from leading. Consider handling this from the sides if you anticipate moving it with the lid open.

You’ll also hear some occasional creaks from the corners while typing. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan initially, but I am more used to it now. If you’re a previous GS notebook computer owner, note that they are not problems I’ve seen before. There could be a creak here or there on the older models, but none as prominent much like the GS65.

The problem is nearly definitely as a result of the internals. I’m skipping ahead, however the battery is a lot much bigger upon this model, and stretches along the complete front edge, beneath the trackpad. It’s not glued in either so it’s simply floating within and leaves room for what to flex around when gripping the overly thin little bit of aluminum. MSI tries to repair it with these cross beams, but they’re created from cheap plastic and just flex(and could possibly be the primary cause of the creaking noise.). I anticipate going for a stab at fixing this issue in the future.

**Update 6/15: So I’ve been taking my notebook computer apart a whole lot, trying various paste methods and updating the SSD. I finally were able to lessen the creakiness of the notebook by putting a layer of electrical tape within the battery. Basically, anything plastic beneath the battery was covered in electrical tape. Not really a hard move to make at all and really worth it imho. The battery takes three screws to eliminate and you don’t have to disconnect it to accomplish the fix. I also added a couple foam pads between your battery and the palm rest in the gaps. There are two already but I added three more. If you don’t have these pads, you can just use small wads of electrical tape, rolled up. Anything to place more pressure between your battery and underneath lid can do – just not an excessive amount of pressure or the palm rest will boost. Ultimately you’ll have the same flex as I described but no rubbing noises. **

Back to the look, with the lid closed again, you have a good clean notebook lid – far unique of the red bling MSI usually puts on the laptops. Rather than an MSI logo and a glowing red dragon, MSI made a decision to grow up just a little and put a classier looking gold emblem. An enormous improvement for me, and I wouldn’t be embarrassed at all at taking this in to the office with me. I believe many people might feel that emblem is the best team or something. Nothing else exciting on the lid except the gold cut chamfer along the edge – also a good touch.

Opening the lid continues to be a one finger action. The hinges certainly are a little different looking this time around, however they appear strong enough. Incidentally, this lid opens up to 180 degrees. Within the lid you’ll start to see the 15.6” screen surrounded by very small bezels. More on the screen later. Centered up the surface of the screen is among the smallest webcams I’ve ever seen on a laptop. That is superior to the Dell/Gigabyte approach of the “up your nose” webcam. Underneath bezel will be a lot bigger compared to the rest, likely to keep up with the cooling footprint.

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