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New engine, same body. MSI brings Coffee Lake with their entry-level GV62 line. As the new Intel CPU is a breath of oxygen, it is the only change to the device since this past year. Buggy system behavior and an inexpensive plastic case keep carefully the GV62 8RE from being bit more than white noise.

MSI includes a machine for every consumer. Which range from the mighty GT75 Titan to the budget-oriented PL62, the business is no stranger to consumer choice. Enter the GV62 8RE. The GV62 line is put as entry-level gaming laptops built with mid-tier specs, and our review device today fully reflects this. Coming in at USD $1050, the GV62 8RE sports a quad-core Intel Core i5-8300H with Hyperthreading and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, a combo we typically see in gaming notebooks at slightly higher price points.

However, to lower costs, MSI had to cut some corners. For just one, the same plastic shell observed in last year’s GV62 7RE can be used. MSI also chosen the 3 GB variant of the GTX 1060 instead of the more prevalent 6 GB model. We will have what other sacrifices needed to be manufactured in the name of affordability and if indeed they were worth the purchase price in this review.

Predicated on its price and internals, the GV62 competes directly with other budget gaming devices, including Acer’s Helios 300, Dell’s new G5 and older Inspiron 15 7577, and Lenovo’s Legion Y520. We may also compare MSI’s GF62, which shares a number of things in keeping with the GV62 (like the case). Let’s cinch up our wallets and dive in.

The case could very well be the biggest cost-saving way of measuring these devices. The chassis is nearly a photocopy of other entry-level gaming notebooks from MSI. Looking at the GF62VR as a reference, the same pain points can be found, sans the brushed aluminum lid. Plastic may be the name of the overall game here, and with the cheaper material come several downsides. Fingerprints and smudges show readily and mar the faux-brushed finish. They may be wiped away with some effort. The keyboard deck is firm and barely deforms under direct pressure. The same applies to underneath panel. The lid isn’t rigid enough for our tastes and may be twisted through the use of pressure at the sides and heavily warped (making connection with the keyboard deck) by pressing the guts down. The hinge mechanism can be stiff and requires two hands to open. The lid opens to no more than about 135°.

The creaks and groans could possibly be the worst element of the case. When pressed along the seams, the chassis will click and pop as though the pieces aren’t fully secured. That is especially prevalent along underneath panel, almost as if the plastic clips that hold it on aren’t fully secured. The hinges inside our unit also don’t seem to be set properly. When the lid is opened, underneath edge of the display bezel clicks against the trunk of the keyboard deck unpleasantly. This issue may be unique to your review unit, though.

In an identical vein to the Sdcard reader, wireless performance is disappointing. The Intel 9462 wireless card supports 802.11ac WiFi but doesn’t match expectations. While wireless speeds are adequate, larger downloads like games might take time. The primary reason for the comparitive slugishness may be the Intel 9462, that is a 1×1 wireless card. Almost every other gaming laptops utilize the Intel 8265, a 2×2 card which offers twice the speeds. As such, gamers with faster online connections (50 MBps or more) may decide on a hardwire connection via the gigabit Ethernet port. While slow, WiFi reliability is good; during our review period, we didn’t experience drops in signal strength or speed.

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