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The NERF Lawbringer can be an imposing blaster, dominated by a sizable 12 round drum and post-apocalyptic styling. The firing mechanism is comparable to the Hammershot, so that it can be utilised one-handed, but it will not feature slam-fire.

I must admit I came across the specification of the blaster just a little confusing initially. Spring-powered without slam-fire no magazines usually imply a second weapon, however the size and capacity imply it ought to be a primary.

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Where does the Lawbringer easily fit into the world of NERF blasters? Let’s observe how everything works and see if we are able to make head or tail of it.

I really like the looks – impressively threatening
Incredibly good fun and comfortable to use, it feels as though shooting a sawn-off shotgun from the hip!
Very reliable – the only jam I had was when I didn’t push a dart in far enough
You can partially re-load the large 12 round drum since it is front loading, so that it is operational when an individual round is loaded.
No slam fire, therefore the rate of fire isn’t the fastest, but satisfactory once you get the hang of fanning it
No way to do an instant full reload – each dart should be loaded
Stock is just a little small for shouldering.
Slightly expensive blaster for what it includes
Key Features
Hammer-action priming means no batteries required and it could be primed one-handed, ideal for games like capture the flag enabling you to use an extra hand.
Post-apocalyptic styling and transparent casing showing inner workings make it look damn cool!
12 round drum offers you an excellent capacity and capability to partially reload make it an excellent blaster for games that want a whole lot of scrabbling around for ammo.
The rate of fire is never likely to scare anyone though!
Range – 7/10
Accuracy – 7/10
Ergonomics – 8/10
Ammo – 7/10
Rate of Fire – 6/10
Weight – 8/10
Reliability – 9/10
Fun – 9/10


Essentially an overgrown Hammershot (and nothing wrong with that!) that’s great fun, looks cool and, in the proper circumstances, makes an excellent Primary blaster.

Doomlands Lawbringer Review
The Lawbringer appeared in 2015 within the 2169 Doomlands range. Although it will not say “Elite” anywhere onto it, the Doomlands 2169 range was created to the same internal specifications as the Elite N-Strike blasters. This implies the energy and range ought to be similar, just with a post-apocalyptic edge instead of the sci-fi styling of the N-Strike Elite range.

So we are able to see this hammer-action blaster looks as cool as, and yes it should fire with decent levels of power.

However it is too big to realistically be slung as a second blaster, but does not have any magazines or slam-fire to create it an clear primary weapon.

So is it only a cool looking blaster or is there a place in a significant NERFers collection?

After you have battled the right path through the many cable ties and torn cardboard, you will see the blaster itself, 12 Darts, which are also branded Doomlands but are no not the same as Elite Darts, and the instructions.

The blaster comes completely assembled. All you need to do is play the 12 darts which come in another bag and you will be ready to go.

Design & Ergonomics
Starting from leading of the blaster at the stubby muzzle, you will locate a sling point, however, it generally does not have an N-Strike attachment which means you cannot placed on barrel extensions. This is simply not a lot of a surprise as this isn’t an N-Strike blaster, and the 2169 Doomlands range includes a different aesthetic.

At the top it features an iron sight and two tactical rails, so there exists a good amount of scope (excuse the pun!) for customizing it together with your selection of accessories (sold separately of course).

Underneath it includes a nice handgrip, but no other tactical rails.

Looking at the grip, the handle feels just a little weird in the beginning as the angle is quite steep for a blaster how big is this. Once you get accustomed to it it’s not uncomfortable so there’s no issue there.

The grip itself is large enough for a sizable hand like mine but also is effective for smaller hands too – it creates me wonder why NERF don’t do more grips such as this instead of squashing things up as they’ve finished with the Hyperfire.

EASILY am being picky, the grip is just a little cramped assuming you have the habit of maintaining your finger beyond your trigger guard while you are not going to fire. This gets taught in firearms training, but in the event that you usually keep your finger in the trigger guard you’ll never notice.

Moving further back again to the stock, you will find a second sling mount and slots to carry six darts on either side. This implies you can take one full reload on the blaster itself, a good touch.

The distance of the stock is smaller than it looks. This signifies that when a grown-up shoulders it, it feels somewhat cramped up. That is similar in feel to the NERF Retaliator, but with a blaster such as this, you’re likely to be shooting from the hip anyway!

Loading and Firing
To load, the 12 darts have to go in to the cylinder. Twelve darts is a fairly good convenience of a cylinder in fact it is fixed in the blaster, you don’t have to push a button to eject it. You load each dart from leading with the plastic tip pointing from the cylinder in direction of fire. You can rotate it freely to load another spare slot in the cylinder.

This technique of loading has benefits and drawbacks versus magazines. Magazines let you very quickly switch in one pre-loaded magazine to some other. However, once you go out of preloaded mags it’s actually faster to reload a cylinder than to reload a clear magazine and reinsert that magazine. So if you’re the sort to just run a major dump pouch of ammo or you are in a casino game where scratching around for ammo may be the order of your day, this may be the blaster for you personally.

To prime it, prepared to fire, look right above the grip to the orange tongue looking thing. It is the priming handle. To prime, just pull down until it clicks. You are actually cocked all set, assuming you’ve loaded it of course!

Another nice touch is that the shell is transparent, so when you operate the priming mechanism you can view everything operate which is quite cool.

The priming action itself is merely like a Hammershot. This could be done easily two-handed, nonetheless it can be carried out one-handed with a small amount of practice to create it smooth.

The trigger action can be exactly like any other spring powered blaster, with good feel and a fairly easy pull.

Rate of Fire
That is a non-slam fire spring blaster, which means you are never likely to match a flywheeler, but with a lttle bit of practice at fan-firing, cowboy style, you may get a fairly decent rate of fire.

You also have got 12 rounds to play with, double most blasters of the style, so that it can do a very good job of covering fire when needed.

Accuracy and Range
The internals are created to the same spec as the Elite blasters and we actually got a slightly greater than average group of figures for the muzzle velocity, averaging 73FPS.

This slight upsurge in muzzle velocity, while good, will not really affect the number much which is consistent with a most Elite blaster with a max useful range falling around the 20m mark. Much like all NERF blasters, we got the casual one flying off further plus some reaching less far.

In the event that you don’t like each one of these high-tech magazines and battery-powered flywheel blasters and want a slightly different primary blaster, this may be for you.

It’s really comfortable to shoot and it includes a very good rate of fire once you get the hang of fanning the hammer. It really is a lot more reliable and lighter than any flywheel powered blaster. Plus 12 rounds is a decent convenience of a non-magazine fed blaster and it’s extremely swift to reload, relatively speaking.

This blaster is really as simple and practical since you can get – there are no batteries needed, you merely stuff the darts in, prime it and you will be ready to fire. Sure magazines will carry more ammo per load, however when it comes time to reload and you don’t have any extra mags this would be the blaster you want.

Being picky, the stock is somewhat too short, but I cannot see myself firing such as this, you want to fire from the hip Clint Eastwood style. You’ll know accurately what I’m discussing when this gets in the hands!

Besides that, some persons just don’t such as this priming style. If you are one particular, I wouldn’t buy a Lawbringer!

So overall judgment of the Lawbringer is that this is a good deal of fun and in a few wars, this can make a perfect weapon of preference. It {is unquestionab

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