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Nerf have branched out and the Nerf Nitro range doesn’t fire darts or water, instead it blasts foam cars. Still with the energy we’ve come to anticipate from Nerf, it’s just as impressive since it sounds and works incredibly well. We have been sent the MotoFury Rapid Rally Set and Foam Car 3-Pack to examine.

Contained in the Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally set will be the blaster, 9 foam cars with plastic wheels, including 3 that are exclusive to the set. 12 obstacles (tyres, barrels and crates), a high-jump ramp, a long-jump ramp and instructions.

The MotoFury Blaster is big, but incredibly light and requires 4 x AA batteries which match the bottom for motorised rapid-fire blasting from the 9 car slot in clip. Don’t overfill the clip, however tempting, it just jams. It’s simple to sort, however, not as dramatic as saying “ready, set, go” and also firing 9 cars at a ramp.

If you do get yourself a jam within the blaster, there’s an inspection hatch privately as well as your blaster won’t activate unless it’s properly shut.

You may have visions of cars being fired all around the house, however the blaster includes a ‘dead man’s handle’ in the sort of a press-in base in the handgrip, in order that it must be positioned on the top before it’ll fire. Obviously you may get around this, however the cars are gravity fed in to the chamber, so point it at the sky and nothing may happen. It’s really cleverly done.

This blaster gets the biggest sight ever! It’s huge and bright yellow. It is also pretty useful – Aim early to miss where in fact the ramps meet up with the ground or you crash out instantly. The obstacles fly everywhere, they work effectively.

The Nerf Nitro cars themselves are gorgeous. Brightly coloured foam cars with plastic wheels and chassis. They don’t really hurt. I’d go as far as to state they smart significantly less than the darts can do… The automobile packs contain exclusive designs – my son is smitten with the cars which may have 2 colours of wheel.

It’s at least as much fun since it looks. We’ve all played, we’ve consumed a couple of batteries already, but had so much fun. Making the barrels and other obstacles explode everywhere has been great – extra cool points when it creates a clattering noise.

The Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally Blaster and Nerf Nitro Cars are great. That it is really nice to go from darts and the addition of ramps, jumps and crashes brings a complete different element. I’m sure they don’t excite as much teenagers as younger players, but give it a try – there’s something very pleasing about belting out 9 cars at Nerf speed towards a tower of plastic tyres.

The age selection of 5+ is more about sensibility than ability, my 7 year old adores this and has used it a lot more than other people – yet injured no-one and broken nothing. It’s a win. Our set is probably the bigger ones, but Nerf Nitro blasters start at £10.99, with bigger sets from around £22. You could find out more about Nerf Nitro, play games watching videos on the Nerf Nitro Hasbro Website.

The Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally is open to buy now from toy shops instore and online, including Smyths and The Entertainer rrp £49.99. The Nerf Nitro Foam Car 3-Pack comes in 3 different colourways rrp £6.9

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