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First Impression
Initially sight, the silhouette is pretty like the original version. However the sole and stitchings look stronger on the Zoom Janoski RM version from Nike SB. I took out the footbed to get a closer consider the Zoom Air unit. That is an essential feature for me because of previous ankle injuries.

Unfortunately, the shoe only has heel impact support no impact support on leading or the arch. Initially, the toe box of the Nike SB Zoom Janoski RM feels a lttle bit tight.

However the Janoski RM version features auxetic shapes between your midsole and the outsole which signifies that they should expand and contract everywhere.

WHEN I tried them on, I couldn’t feel a genuine difference compared to the original version.

First session
As a result of usual break-in period, the first session with new shoes is always a lttle bit hard. But with the Nike SB Zoom Janoski RM, I had no issue – not with flip tricks. Initially, my feet fitted a lttle bit too tight in the shoes. But through the first session the suede already began to work its magic, so now the fit is ideal. The expanding toe box is a major plus for me. Compared, the upper is quite loose which gave me the sensation you could roll your ankle pretty easily.

Fit & Comfort
The toe box really helps for folks with wider feet. It feels somewhat tight in the beginning, however when the suede starts to accomplish its job the fit is amazing. With the Zoom Air unit in the trunk, walking and skating feel pretty comfy. It’s been quite a long time since I skated the initial Janoski version, but I believe the fit & comfort and ease are still good.

POINTS: 7/10

Using these shoes on the skateboard feels somewhat weird if you ask me. I normally skate with an increase of padded shoes for more stability and strength for my weak ankles. In cases like this the Janoski gave me a whole lot of support and I didn’t roll my ankle throughout the complete test.

POINTS: 8/10

Boardfeel & Grip
The Janoski’s are popular for their boardfeel, the only real isn’t too thick but nonetheless sufficient for higher gaps and support. It stayed such as this during the complete test. The pattern lasted for some time and gave me an excellent and long-lasting grip.

POINTS: 8/10

The Zoom Air unit in the trunk really really helps to cushion the impact and I believe it’s better than the initial version. But I still miss some cushion in leading of the shoes.

POINTS: 7/10

5 Hours
The first 5 hours of skating passed pretty fast and now short time the shoes didn’t show any signs of wear. Normally you’ll already see some wear on the laces, but that wasn’t the case.

10 Hours
After ten hours of skating, I had been use to the shoes and flip tricks felt excellent. Because the upper is fairly thin I have the sensation you will have a hole in the upper sooner instead of later. For the present time after about ten hours of skating I possibly could only see some wear in the Ollie area, but nonetheless nothing to take into account.

15 Hours
The test is nearly over and the shoes still look good. The white sole shows some wear and the sews certainly are a tiny bit damaged. The laces remain intact which is pretty rare. Yet but still there are no big holes or damages visible. It appears like this RM version is really more durable then your original Janoski’s.

20 Hours
The last five hours of the test usually are where things either sink or swim, and these shoes definitely stayed afloat. Through the whole test the fit & grip were very good, there is a whole lot of boardfeel and an excellent flick. The strength of the Nike SB Zoom Janoski RM is amazing and even by the end of the test there continues to be no hole in the upper. Only the white sole is showing some wear and the sews in the upper certainly are a little bit worn.


The Nike SB Janoski RM looks pretty like the original model, but you will find a definite improvement. Because of the Zoom Air unit in the heel I didn’t have any impact or ankle problems that was cool. Regarding the auxetic shapes between your midsole and the outsole, I couldn’t sense a difference between your original and the RM version.

The shoes feel excellent while skating – good boardfeel, good fit & grip, nice flick plus they lasted long. After 20 hours of skating the shoes still didn’t have a whole lot of wear and I possibly could skate with them all night and hours.

Grip & Fit
No impact

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