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The Nikon D3500 is among well known DSLRs for photography students – or if you are buying low-cost way into serious image taking. Fans could be grinding their teeth at the relatively small set of changes over the D3400 that came before it, but that’s not the idea. Nikon has refreshed and rejuvenated among its classic designs to keep it fresh, responsive and attractive to first-time DSLR buyers. It looks nearly as good today as when it had been launched, and falling prices only make it more appealing still. Beginner cameras need not be leading edge – they must be straightforward, affordable, and just plain good. And that is what the D3500 delivers.

Value for money
All-round image quality
Beginner friendliness
Responsive autofocus
5fps continuous shooting
Fixed rear screen
No 4K video
Relatively slow live view AF
The Nikon D3500 may be the latest version of Nikon’s entry-level DSLR. Launched towards the end of 2018, it’s effectively an update to the evergreen Nikon D3400, a starter DSLR that’s been a long-term favorite. There haven’t been many changes, and it’s unlikely you’d want to upgrade your old D3400 (or D3300 before it) to the brand new D3500, but this refresh will do to keep it inside our set of the very best cameras for beginners and best student cameras.

The D3500 isn’t just Nikon’s cheapest and simplest DSLR, it’s also its lightest, weighing just 415g, body only, and that’s with the battery and a memory card. It’ll usually feature a lightweight 18-55mm AF-P kit lens that includes a retracting mechanism to create it more lightweight when it’s not started up. It’s not quite no more than a mirrorless camera, but it’s light, fast enough and cheap enough to prove that there’s life in the DSLR design yet.

This camera was created especially for beginners, with simplified controls and a built-in Guide Mode to greatly help new users learn the fundamentals. But it’s also appropriate for a variety of F-mount Nikon lenses, from Nikon and third-party makers, and includes a sufficient specification to please enthusiasts in addition to beginners. So is this among the finest cheap cameras you may get? You bet.

Key features
Inside, the D3500 includes a 24.2-megapixel APS-C ‘DX’ sensor. It could be a beginner-level camera, but that’s as high because so many APS-C cameras go. In addition, it comes with an unusually good 5fps continuous shooting speed, where most rivals in this price bracket can only just manage 3fps.

Nikon will not use in-body stabilization in its DSLR cameras, but many Nikon lenses, like the AF-P 18-55mm lens bundled with this camera, include Nikon’s VR (Vibration Reduction) system. There are cheaper kits on sale with a non-VR lens, but we think it’s worth paying the excess.

You don’t get 4K video capability with this camera, nonetheless it can shoot full HD 1920 x 1080 video at up to 60/50fps. You don’t get Wi-Fi, either, but built-in Bluetooth does enable you to transfer images to your smart device and, in this latest model, fire the shutter remotely making use of your smartphone.

Nikon says it’s upgraded its sensor and EXPEED image processing system to provide improved speed, detail and colours. It’s also uprated the battery life, quoting a fairly amazing 1,550 shots about the same charge – that’s 4 or 5 times more shots than you’d be prepared to get from a mirrorless camera.

The D3500 does shoot raw files, as you’d expect, but they are 12-bit only, instead of the 14-bit raw files captured by models further up the Nikon range. Do you want to notice the difference? Most likely not, as a good 12-bit raw provides much wider tone and colour range than regular JPEGs, and for the users this camera is {targeted

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