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The Switch has tested a tremendous success, your choice to recreate former console glories in miniature form in addition has been down rather well, and there’s an all-new Mario 3D platformer along the way. The near future looks very bright indeed.

Before Nintendo looks too much ahead, however, there’s one last little bit of business it requires to escape the way.

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The company’s DS type of handhelds has topped the pile for lightweight gaming for greater than a decade, but it’s on its last legs. There are reports Nintendo has stopped production of the brand new 3DS and surely the same will be true of the brand new 3DS XL soon.

The finish is therefore nigh for the enduring handheld console series and Nintendo has already been showing signs of moving onto new ventures – either exploiting the Switch’s portability further or getting into a fresh hardware path. But before it shifts its attention once and for all, it’s had one last crack of the whip in the sort of the Nintendo 2DS XL.

Nintendo 2DS XL review: Death of 3D
It might seem to be odd for another DS console to create its way to advertise, especially at such a late stage, but once you play with one you obtain it. It is the best DS yet. An excellent swansong to a glorious generation of mobile gaming.

Nintendo 2DS XL vs 2DS vs 3DS vs 3DS XL: What’s the difference?
Some might bemoan that, just like the more kid-centric Nintendo 2DS, the 2DS XL dispenses with the autostereoscopic 3D tech of its siblings, but we certainly don’t miss it. Nobody we realize with a 3DS or 3DS XL gets the 3D started up anyway and the ones that do run the chance of ghosting or crosstalk problems while playing.

Ditching it means that gaming sessions are uninterrupted even though you accidently waggle the console. And we’re yet to play a 3DS game that doesn’t look just as good, if not better, in 2D. A glasses-free 3D screen was an excellent gimmick initially, but is completely unnecessary today.

Nintendo 2DS XL review: Smaller, lighter, more pleasurable
The look of the 2DS XL has been tweaked for the better too. Although it retains the same screen sizes – 4.88-inches (400 x 240 pixels) at the top, 4.18-inches (320 x 240 pixels) on underneath – the 2DS XL is smaller and considerably lighter compared to the previous flagship. The bezels around the screens have already been thinned to reduce the entire beefiness, making for an improved feel in the hands over long periods.

There’s a nicer feel to the surface, with the glossy, metallic finish of the recent 3DS models replaced with a plastic matt effect, in either white and orange or black and turquoise. It offers more grip, and the very best is slightly ribbed to boost aesthetics further.

Avoid being fooled into thinking that is more for children though. It feels just a little flimsier compared to the last models, so may not survive way too many drops or tantrums. The unibody 2DS continues to be an improved option for the reason that sense.

The cartridge slot is on underneath left corner, as on the most recent 3DS XL, but it’s now secured by a flap to avoid the overall game popping out when in a bag. On top of that, the microSD card slot is beneath the same flap, to help you swap it out easily.

Having to unscrew the trunk of the 3DS XL merely to change over a microSD card was a genuine pain – something we rediscovered when transferring our bodies from one device to some other.

Cameras also have moved. The front-facing cam is currently on the hinge, as the rear 3D cameras (yep, they are able to still take 3D images even taking into consideration the 2DS XL’s 2D screen) are actually centrally located on the trunk.

And the hinge gains notifications lights, to let you know if you have StreetPass or SpotPass data to look at.

The primary thumbstick, mini thumbstick and further shoulder buttons (ZL and ZR) are present as usual – just in a different colour according to which variant you select. The house button has been moved from underneath of the low screen to the left-hand side, nonetheless it makes little difference.

Nintendo 2DS XL review: Shrunken stylus
The whole design is great save for just one small thing, literally: the stylus. It has shrunk. It’s saved at the front end, next to the headphone port, however when extracted it is substantially shorter compared to the standard styli that include other 3DS devices. Of course, it’s not the size, it’s everything you do with it, but with this sausage fingers it just appears a little stingy.

Unlike the 2DS, the Nintendo 2DS XL includes Amiibo support (you will need an adapter on the other model). It might be found within the bottom screen, so just tap any Amiibo there to connect to supported games.

We’re pleased that Nintendo has seen sense these times and carries a power adapter in the box (it didn’t with the 3DS model upgrades). Perhaps it feels the 2DS XL is a jumping on point for most – in the end, would you downscale your brand-new 3DS XL to a 2DS XL version, regardless if it does appear and feel much sexier?

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That’s actually the only downside to the brand new console we are able to see; who is it certainly aimed at?

Nintendo has sold a lot more than 67 million 3DS handhelds in a single form or another, so surely there’s not that lots of gamers out there who haven’t got one already. It isn’t for kids either, as we stress above, because of a flimsier construction than previous models.

But with an excellent games library – including a vast, cheap DS back catalogue – and continued support from developers, at least Nintendo is providing you a great, light and streamlined substitute for join board before it shuts up shop.

And if you’re mostly of the who have resisted as yet, here is the best DS console yet. The pinnacle greater than ten years of tweaking and tinkering by a company now near the top of its form.

Alternatives to consider
New Nintendo 3DS XL
The flagship 3DS model is heavier and chunkier compared to the 2DS XL but has the glasses-free 3D screen in the event that’s more your thing. The rest about it is equivalent to the most recent model, including Amiibo support and a supplementary thumbstick on the proper.

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Sony PS Vita
Sony’s handheld can be on its last legs regarding game support, nonetheless it does have a fantastic back catalogue to select from. This is a different form factor and its own graphical talents far surpass Nintendo’s handhelds. Also you can make make use of it to play PS4 games elsewhere in the house.

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Nintendo Switch
Nintendo’s latest home video game system can be portable, with all Switch games working equally well on its built-in 6.2-inch as when played on a TV through the included dock. It’s somewhat more hefty compared to the 2DS XL though, therefore the handheld is still an improved option for flinging in a

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