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The Nintendo 2DS is a comparatively curious device: A handheld stripped of the great features of its powerhouse brother, the 3DS, with a brilliant affordable price attached. Our very own Joey Davidson didn’t think a lot of the device when it had been formerly announced, writing he felt enjoy it was a Pokémon bulk manufactured limited to kids; however, I am using the 2DS for days gone by week, and there’s more to it than simply “designed for Pokémon X & Y.” Sometimes I was just a little disappointed, but sometimes, I was surprised at what Nintendo’s bargain handheld had to provide.

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The 2DS hardware holds the largest changes of anything on the machine, so let’s dig involved with it. The clamshell design of the 3DS has been eschewed for a wedge-like slate. Obviously, they’ve removed the 3D slider from the 2DS, however the stylus continues to be present, and almost everything else. Since a user can’t sleep the 2DS the same manner you’d put a 3DS to sleep (closing the clamshell), there’s a sleep activate underneath right. The circle pads feel virtually identical (if not the specific same) as the 3DS, that is a welcome surprise, as I was expecting them to be cheaply made. Same applies to the bumpers, which don’t feel fragile at all.

For the shell of the 2DS, it will be comes with an air of ‘inexpensive’ – you will not be marveling at how premium it feels in your hand, nor do you want to rave to friends and family that Nintendo went far beyond with the construction. I’ll say, though, that in addition, it felt tough… as in, “my kid drops this thing every now and then, and it’s really still surviving” tough. Which I’d imagine is specifically what Nintendo was targeting. It includes a 4GB Sdcard already in its slot, that is a nice little extra.

A definite feature seemed bizarre to transport over from the 3DS: two side-by-side cameras, used traditionally when planning on taking 3D photographs and videos. Those cameras remain on board, but no matter why, I cannot possibly figure out an excellent reason behind them to be there. It’s a strange decision, especially considering nobody really uses those cameras to begin with even on the 3DS (at least if you ask me). I assume AR games and a couple other use cases apply, but I’m still sort of ‘meh’ about their inclusion.


In the event that you hadn’t heard, the dual-screen setup on the 2DS is really a unitary screen, housed under a cover that provides the illusion of separate screens. That’s apparently a cost-saving measure by Nintendo, and overall, I didn’t notice anything different about just how these “screens” work in comparison to an original 3DS.

The screens on the 2DS will be the same size and resolution as the initial 3DS; to state they’re small will be an understatement. I came across myself longing for the larger 3DS XL screens often, especially while playing The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D. On the other hand, small screen size lent an extra air of portability to the 2DS, and would fit discreetly right into a backpack or other bag. The main one major concern? Scratches. The 3DS is protected when closed, an attribute you do not have with the 2DS, and that is something to take into account if you are considering picking one up.

Looking at the 2DS, I possibly could potentially visit a 2DS XL obtaining a release if the first generation device sells effectively this holidays, but that’s pure speculation on my part.


All of the standard Nintendo software and navigation from the 3DS has carried to the 2DS. Street Pass continues to be loads of fun if you are at a convention (or any other place where Nintendo-lovers gather), and making your way around the settings and different menus is simple. There’s not a great deal to say beyond that – if you value (or hate) Nintendo’s menus on the 3DS, you’ll feel the specific same here.


As I discussed earlier, I spent nearly all my time playing The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D. I’ve played the same game on the 3DS, and I could honestly say I didn’t skip the 3D at all. I don’t often utilize the 3DS with the 3D turned completely up (or on at all), therefore the 2DS felt right in the home, and eliminated the added step of checking the 3D slider to shut the feature off, that was a tiny but appreciated thing.

Ocarina of Time aside, I didn’t experience any lag or slowdown on the 2DS while playing; actually, a few of my friends who tried Pokémon X & Y on the 2DS out of curiosity reported significantly less lag on it when compared to 3DS. They said the 3DS often had slow frame rates while using 3D resulted in, so take that for what it’s worth. I never found myself missing 3D with all the 2DS, but if you are really into that extra immersion, then your 2DS isn’t for you personally.

The Nintendo 2DS is a price-perfect handheld for anybody seeking to play 3DS games without the 3D, but we wish there have been larger screens plus some sort of screen protection included, because you will not be closing this slab shut any moment in the future.

Look, I obtain it: it’s no coincidence Nintendo launched the 2DS the same day as Pokémon X & Y. And yes, Joey could possibly be right for the reason that some persons will make utilization of it as a Pokemon machine. But there have been so many nice comforts in the 2DS: often, I felt like I was holding a vintage Gameboy in my own hand, which was sort of cool and nostalgic; the tradeoff of less price for no 3D was a happy exchange; and the elements of the 2DS that had a need to feel sturdy, did feel sturdy.

If you’re a grown-up, the 2DS may not be right for you. You might want larger screens, or need your handheld to close shut. But if you a 7-year-old kid? It’s a no-brainer. It isn’t so expensive a catastrophe will be ultra painful, and the look makes it possible for little hands to carry for extended periods of time.

We all laughed a bit when Nintendo announced the 2DS, saying it had been crazy; however, far stranger things in Nintendo’s products did well at market, and the 2DS’ compelling price and vast library of games (all 3DS games are compatible) make it an excellent pick for a youngster who doesn’t desire a more costly variant, or a grown-up who would rather spend money on more games instead of 3D on a handh

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