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Here in the united kingdom, based on what little bit of news you continue reading which day will rely upon what story we are fed. Similarly we certainly are a nation that are less active, and on the other we’ve an increasing number of men and women taking on more sports and activities outdoors.

Whatever the ‘real’ situation, the Xcover 3 from Samsung is targeted at the later, those that desire a phone for the outside.

Offering a degree of ‘ruggedness’ in a phone that’s not all that unattractive, may be the 3rd generation of the Xcover family suitable for many who work and play in the outside. Continue reading or watch our video review to discover.

The look ethos with Xcover devices has gone to provide a mixture of rugged features whilst retaining the original smartphone look and appeal. The Xcover 3 is no exception.

At quick glance and it appears like a regular smartphone, however when you pay a bit more focus on it there are subtle design tweaks that work for the environments where it is likely to be used.

Whilst there can frequently be a stereotype for rugged phones, the main element target audiences are the ones that work and relax in outdoors or tougher environments. Whether you certainly are a plumber, an outdoors sports coach, a white water rafter or a devoted walker the Xcover 3 has been made with you in mind. If you want something really tough, consider the RugGear selection of phones.

First of the main element design tweaks will be the three physical buttons on leading of these devices. Easy to touch and connect to even when the telephone is wet or muddy.

Of course leading houses the 4.5” touchscreen, front facing camera, various sensors and earpiece too.

The edges of the telephone are made from a hardcore and resilient plastic which has grooves etched involved with it for a far more grippy texture. The same applies to the rear cover.

Usually the most vulnerable, the corners of these devices have just a little extra thickness that protects the screen a bit more should it be dropped.

Each of the buttons on these devices are raised. On the proper may be the power key whilst the left if home to the quantity along key and a programmable ‘Xcover’ key.

It really is worth noting here that the Xcover key could be programme to do various things with a brief or long press. From the box the flash illuminates to be utilized as a torch on a brief press and the camera activated on an extended press. The only downside is you must unlock the screen to make the most which is a lttle bit of a disappointment.

The top of the telephone houses the headphone jack, whilst underneath is where in fact the microUSB port is for charging the telephone plus a microphone.

Beneath the removable back cover may be the battery compartment which houses a removable 2200mAh battery and there may be the microSIM and microSD card slot.

Within the trunk cover is a rubber strip which forms a seal around these elements when closed to avoid any water ingression.

Also present on the trunk is a camera, flash and loudspeaker. A slightly larger bezel and slight lift in the trunk cover housing help protect these parts.

A small and simple to miss addition may be the lanyard attachment on the left side of the telephone, which is obviously more desired by some in the forex market.

Additionally it is worth noting that there surely is no LED notification light.

The main whole design may be the water resistance. Drop the handset in freshwater up to depth of 1m for 30 minutes and it’ll survive. Usually do not worry that the headphone jack and microUSB port are exposed, they are coated and protected against the elements.

If the Xcover 3 was to find its way into salt water or other liquids it could survive but these have not been tested and things such as salt could be corrosive. Thus do give it an excellent wash should it touch salt water or similar.

Overall, at hand it feels solid and without the very best feeling when dry, when wet the plastics are superior to a glass alternative may be.

At 4.5” the screen is on small side of the scale really when comparing it to numerous phones available now.

That said, I believe it really is ideally sized, not too large but large enough to fit the bill, and allow the telephone to be used in a single hand.

The resolution is just a little disappointing at 480 x 800 which compatible a pixels per inch count of a mediocre 207. Whilst images and other content are not as sharp and vibrant, the positive effect is on the battery life.

When you are reading a map, by using a compass or navigation app, or crunching some figures on the calculator, the screen is correctly sufficient because of this.

You can transform the brightness of the screen, however, not automatically, it should be done manually. There is however an optional ‘outdoor mode’ which improves the screens backlight for greater visibility.

There is also the choice for increased screen sensitivity. This implies for anyone who is wearing gloves, but nonetheless wish to connect to the screen that can be done so, although thick gloves makes it somewhat fiddly. Sony’s simple house with bigger on screen icons works well in this situation, problem is, this is simply not a Sony.

Out of your box, Android version 4.4.4 is loaded onto the Xcover 3.

As is standard with Samsung Galaxy devices there exists a level of customisation in addition to what is referred to as stock Android.

This customisation isn’t as heavy since it is on a great many other devices and of the 8GB of internal storage around 4.6GB is available. Of course you can expand this with the microSD memory card slot.

Many talk about Android 5.0 no doubt with time the Xcover 3 will receive this update (no dates at time of writing) nonetheless it is not needed. There is everything that’s essential to be functional. The Xcover 3 is aimed more at that avenue.

Add and remove different home screens, add iphone app shortcuts and widgets. Re-organise the iphone app drawer to your liking, download more software and change the shortcuts obtainable in the notification shade, most of what I’d consider are basic desires of smartphone customisation can be found. You can create folders of software on the house screen too.

Additions do add a file manager, Galaxy Apps and My Galaxy, which is minimal in terms of Samsung’s added extras in the program.

The pre-installed Google services are easy to hook up to and for existing Google users, a straightforward sign in and you could be ready to go within moments.

Easily add other accounts from different services, be it a Microsoft Exchange Server email account or your social media logins, all is part and parcel of the Galaxy Xcover.

Download free or payed for software from Google Play Store plus much more.

So whether you should employ the Xcover 3 for work purposes to create a document or record results when out in the field, or even to find the nearest bridleway when out walking or even to take calls and answer customer emails when on a construction site, then your Xcover 3 can do all this.

Within the UK, you will find a lot of speak about 4G, so when purchasing the next smartphone it really is worth ensuring it has 4G so regardless if you don’t take good thing about such now, these devices is future proofed, especially when you are apt to be using this for 18-24 months.

Thankfully that is present here, along with 3G and 2G of course.

WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and GLONASS are present too.

Utilize the microUSB connection for charging and connecting to a computer and the 3.5mm headphone jack allowing you to connect up headphones or other music products.

If you want to share files take good thing about the USB hosting option which is supported. Connect a USB memory stick (cable adapter required) and copy files to and from the telephone.

NFC can be available should you prefer to utilize this. Particularly useful in a few commercial applications and for saving effort on repetitive tasks you might complete on a phone every day.

Inevitably with a rear mounted speaker the sound can feel somewhat directional rather than as immersive as people that have front facing solutions.

As nearly all phones still have rear speakers, the Xcover isn’t accurately doing anything different.
To get any reasonable volume, I had to create the speaker to half power, anything below and I possibly could barely hear it. Whack it up to full volume and the sound is a lot more audible but there is proof strain and lots of reverberation through the trunk cover.

At about 80-90% on the quantity scale is where in fact the sound performed best and was loud enough.

I did not need the chance to test drive it on a construction site, but my guess will be that you’d be struggling to essentially hear if you had it on loudspeaker and so a wired headset or Bluetooth option will be best.

I’ve mixed feelings on the camera all together.

On the positive side the camera iphone app is pretty much featured with a variety of options for stills and videos. Different modes from auto, to sport to panorama.

Control the flash, the focus, the exposure, ISO and white balance. Utilize the volume key as a zoom control and have even grid lines.

In good day light, you can even get yourself a depth of field to shots and become just a little artistic, although there are limits.

The camera can battle to give attention to occasions and take the time to capture images. That is particularly noticeable in dark conditions.

I took an image in a pitch black garage and the camera took 3-4 seconds to fully capture the image, although the effect {had n

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