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Not all ice is established equal-at least that’s what fans of “nugget ice” will let you know. This special selection of ice is frequently bought at restaurants like Sonic, and it’s actually made differently compared to the ice in your freezer. However, with the FirstBuild Opal Nugget Ice Maker, you can finally have nugget ice, also called pellet ice, pebble ice, as well as “Sonic ice,” in the home!

However, the cost of this niche product might easily stop you in your tracks. As the Opal Nugget Ice Maker is marketed as “affordable” in comparison to other similar ice makers, it’s still a huge investment. I needed to see if this machine was worth its hefty price, therefore i used it during the period of several weeks, trying out its ice in every types of drinks and even comparing it side-by-side with real Sonic ice.

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Setup: Simple enough
I was extremely excited when the Opal Nugget Ice Maker was delivered-so excited, actually, that I made the indegent decision to transport it inside while wearing high heel shoes. I wouldn’t recommend this program of action, as the package is heavier than it looks. The device itself is 44 pounds, and the package probably adds a couple more. Study from my mistake and wear practical shoes when you select it up.

Thankfully, carrying the box was the hardest the main setup. The ice maker arrives fully assembled, so it’s mostly simply a matter of unpacking it and configuring it on your counter. The device measures 10.5 inches wide, 15.5 inches deep, and 17.25 inches tall; although it fits properly underneath my cabinets, it’s a reasonably big appliance that occupies quite somewhat of counter space-I can easily see it being truly a burden in small kitchens.

Before you can utilize the Opal Nugget Ice Maker, you should run a cleaning cycle. There’s just a little switch on the trunk of the device that enables you to put it in “clean” mode, and the complete process took me about ten minutes. Basically, I simply had to fill the device with water and transform it on. It cycles water through all of the inner compartments to flush them out. When it finished, I drained the water from the device. Then, it had been time for ice, ice, baby!

Design: Surprisingly sleek and simple
Stainless steel appliances for the kitchen are my weakness-and I’ve a lot more than I care to admit-so it’s really no real surprise I loved the appearance of the Opal Nugget Ice Maker. The device has a minimalistic stainless exterior with a see-through plastic pull-out ice bin and an individual light-up control button. It posseses an optional black plastic drip tray and ice scoop aswell.

As stated above, the ice maker slid easily under my cabinets with about an inch of clearance. However, it requires 3 inches of clearance on the sides and back for satisfactory ventilation per the maker. I also recommend you stick it near a sink-read the section on cleaning to understand why.

Overall, the design of the machine is easy and effective. The plastic bin slides out easily, and it stops in a tilted open position that means it is simple to scoop ice. There are no complicated controls-just the On/Off button. My only complaint is that the button isn’t very “button-y.” Personally, I love whenever a button “clicks” to inform you it’s been pressed, but that one doesn’t. I always wrap up mashing it, and half enough time, it doesn’t focus on the first try.

The Spruce Eats / Camryn Rabideau
Performance: Nice ice!
With regular ice, water is merely frozen right into a hard cube, but with the Opal Nugget Ice Maker, the ice is manufactured by scraping ice flakes off a stainless cylinder inside machine. The flakes are then pushed through a hole, pressing them into small, cylindrical nuggets with an increase of air pockets than regular ice-similar to scooping up snow to press right into a snowball. Because they’re made in this manner, nugget ice are said to be simpler to chew, and several persons say they wthhold the flavor of the drink aswell.

To start out making these special cubes, I removed the ice bin to gain access to the water tank and used a sizable measuring cup to pour 10 cups (2.5 quarts) of water inside. After replacing the bin, I pressed the control button, which glows white and pulsates to inform you it’s working. Initially, a blast of water flows in to the ice bin, but there are holes in underneath that allow liquid drain back to the water tank. This stops after a few momemts, and the first ice gets dropped in to the bin around a quarter-hour after you transform it on.

Want fresh ice to be waiting when you go back home? This ice maker has Bluetooth technology that enables you to set a schedule via your smartphone.

Don’t be alarmed-the first cubes aren’t “cube-y” at all. They’re pretty mushy and wet. It gets better, though. After five more minutes, the device starts popping out perfect nuggets, and it could turn out about 1 pound each hour. The bin can take a complete of 3 pounds of ice, and if the device runs out of water, the button will glow blue. (Remember that you can also choose the Opal Side

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