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The Panasonic FZ1000 can be an extremely interesting camera, and one constructed with an extremely clear rival at heart. Just like the Sony RX10 before it, the FZ1000 offers SLR-like styling, yet promises to free you from the trouble of choosing, buying, and carrying various lenses to cover every possible shooting situation.

Unlike an interchangeable-lens camera, the FZ1000 offers a single built-in lens that covers all of the bases, and does so with a bright f/2.8-4.0 maximum aperture which ensures you capture as much light as possible. And just like the RX10, the Panasonic FZ1000 offers a roomy 1″-type image sensor which offers much greater sensitivity and noise characteristics than typical of long-zoom, fixed-lens cameras.

We were fortunate inside our review in order to compare the Panasonic FZ1000 side-by-side against what’s, essentially, its sole rival, and it designed for an extremely interesting comparison indeed. Sony set an exceptionally high standard with the RX10, so when we reviewed that camera this past year, we found a lot to like. Panasonic has evidently increased to that challenge, though, because in quite short order we found ourselves liking the Panasonic FZ1000 a lot more than its Sony rival.

Clearly, the most exciting feature for all of us was the Panasonic FZ1000’s lens. It could not need the fixed aperture of the RX10’s optic, nor quite the same wide-angle possibilities, but with doubly much telephoto reach that’s very simple to forgive. Shooting with such a robust zoom and yet access the possibilities supplied by a 1″-type sensor produces a lot of fun, and we shot some excellent photographs with the FZ1000.

That’s not to state that it’s perfect, but no camera is. Specifically, we found ourselves wishing for greater battery life, and a far more generous buffer depth in raw shooting. And as we’ve noted, the build of the Panasonic FZ1000 does feel just a lttle bit on the plasticky side, although that pays dividends in keeping bodyweight down — and it truly is amazing that there surely is so little difference in weight and size between your FZ1000 and its own Sony rival, regardless of the a lot more powerful zoom of the Panasonic.

But by the end of your day, we just found ourselves attempting to grab the Panasonic FZ1000 more regularly when a image opportunity presented itself. Its body was convenient at hand, its performance was excellent throughout, and it might deliver a lot more tightly-framed shots of distant subjects than could the Sony RX10. And if you wish to pack light for travel, the benefit over a mirrorless or DSLR camera kit is quite clear, aswell. You’d desire a bag packed with lenses merely to match the built-in optic of the Panasonic FZ1000, and you’d spend half your time and effort switching between them — and likely missing some of these unanticipated picture opportunities along the way.

Really, either of the two cameras makes an outstanding choice, as well as your decision between your pair may come right down to a small number of specific features that you’ll require, including the built-in neutral density filter that’s only supplied by Sony, or the 4K movie capture of the Panasonic. By the end of your day, though, we’d tend to spend our hard-earned cash on the Panasonic FZ1000, and we think you’d prosper to help make the same choice unless there’s an attribute of the RX10 that you intend to use regularly.

We really can’t say enough to recommend the Panasonic FZ1000. It’s an exceedingly fun camera to shoot with, and its own far-reaching lens presents photography opportunities that you’d simply have missed with a smaller camera. There is no question about any of it — this is an extremely clear Dave’s Pick, and a clear contender for our twelve-monthly Camera of the entire year awards as well. If you want to visit light and want to keep your photographic opportunities open, we recommend adding the Panasonic FZ1000 to your camera bag!

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