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Buying a camera isn’t a hardcore task but purchasing the right one predicated on your requirement could be tricky. You could find yourself in a hardcore spot seeing the many options available available in the market from leading brands like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, etc. Moreover, additionally you need to consider the sort of camera and its own overall equipment ecosystem for a seamless photography experience to create the correct content.

With that said, Panasonic’s latest compact camera launch- the Lumix G7 can be an interesting product. The mirrorless camera grabbed our attention in the entire year 2015 when it had been first introduced to the world. After 3 years, the camera is currently obtainable in the Indian market at a starting price of Rs. 50,305 with 14-42mm MEGA O.I.S. Lens on The timing can’t be more right as the Indian market may be the emerging hub for content creators, the prospective audience of the Lumix G7.

The Lumix G7 is a concise mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with 4K video recording support. Powered by a 16MP Digital Live MOS sensor, the G7 has the ability to shoot at no more than ISO 25600 and includes a fully articulating tilting touch-screen LCD. The other noteworthy features include Wi-Fi connectivity, 3.5mm Microphone Socket, Focus Peaking, Creative Control with 22 Filters, Time Lapse Shot / Stop Motion Animation, etc.

I tested the camera in my own every day routine that involves product shots, videos and many pictures of everything interesting that I find around me. Here’s my overview of the brand new Panasonic Lumix G7 mirrorless camera.

Design and Controls- Compact and show rich
Panasonic Lumix G7 was created such as a miniature DSLR and the compact camera fits perfectly in a single hand. The angular body offers an excellent grip, so that it is simple to take with you the camera for long photography sessions and video shoots. The appearance and feel is premium and the camera also feels robust while handling. I completed several video shoots on Lumix G7 without the discomfort in handling during still and pan shots, with and without the tripod. Despite having the bundled 14-42mm kit lens, the camera felt very compact and usable.

There are a lot of switches and buttons for extended controls. The compact camera body houses five customizable function keys. The very best deck of the camera has three dials. The left side holds the drive mode dial, which enable you to select specific positions for 4K capture such as for example Single, Burst, 4K photo, Time-Lapse, etc. The Mode dial is located at the proper side of the most notable deck and permits you to select various modes for different shooting scenarios. The energy on/off switch sits just next to the mode dial.

Twin Dial Control
The Lumix G7 also offers front/rear dual dials that may customize the allocation of functions aswell as on the Fn buttons. Leading dial also encircles the shutter button. The newly added fn1 function button enables you to change the exposure compensation. The flash sits near the top of the viewfinder mount and the button to activate it really is located just next to the viewfinder on the left side along with Fn5 key. The stereo microphones are put at the top, just next to the hot shoe cover.

The HDMI, Remote and AV Out/ Digital sockets sit under a flap on the proper side. The left side holds the MIC socket. Underneath of the camera unit gets the release lever, card battery door, and tripod mount.

Built-in Live Viewfinder with smart sensor
One of the best top features of the Lumix G7 is its built-in 2,360k-dot High-Speed LVF. The viewfinder includes a 2,360 K-dot OLED display for better contrast and visibility. It is extremely bright, clear and will be offering approx. 100 % coverage area for the comfortable viewing experience. And there is no change in the scene, user-interface, and functions while capturing a go with the LCD or the viewfinder, as the camera is totally mirrorless. A good sensor sits beneath the eye-cup that switches on the LVF in a jiffy when you bring camera nearer to your eye.

Display: Free-angle touch-screen LCD panel
Panasonic Lumix G7 sports a 3-inch articulated LCD monitor, which is mounted on a tilt/swivel mechanism free of charge angle viewing. The free angle touch-screen display comes quite helpful while shooting videos and capturing in portrait or landscape mode. You can even tilt it to fully capture a selfie and us the on-screen controls. The LCD screen is bright, 50 % brighter in comparison with G6’s display if Panasonic is usually to be believed. The display also offers improved color reproduction and clear visuals for outdoor use.

A lot of Modes and Filters
If you want to test out the images and videos you capture, you are set for a delicacy. The Lumix G7 includes a total of 22 imaginative filters which can be applied and custom-made with the flexible shutter speed and aperture settings. The list includes- Retro, Monochrome, Impressive art, High dynamic, Toy effect, Miniature effect, soft focus, etc.

Still Image Performance
Lumix G7 can be an impressive mirrorless camera in terms of everyday performance. The 16MP sensor works brilliantly in almost all of the conditions and produces crisp shots. I’ve tested the camera with the bundled 14-42mm kit lens and the camera produces fairly natural-looking skin tones whatever the fact that the image is shot in either Auto or Manual mode. There are incredibly minor shifts in color hues, mostly while taking indoor shots of objects but nothing major to worry about. And at any point of time, you can transform the camera settings, white balance, shutter speed and use several modes to tweak the image output according to your requirement. Just a little experiment with exposure compensation gives you the desired shot.

Impressive detailing
Panasonic Lumix G7 captures fairly sharp and detailed images. The detailing in the above macro shot is brilliant. The camera also produces pleasing bokeh effect and the entire result is quite balanced and pleasing to eyes. Even the highlights are incredibly well managed and incredibly little portions are impressed during a sunshiney day.

Good Dynamic Range
The photographs shot by Lumix G7 in outdoors show good dynamic range and crisp shadows. The dynamic range isn’t very loud rather than too subtle; it just hits the proper spot. A bit exposure compensation tweaking can do wonders in daylight shots. Moreover, you may also permit the HDR mode to boost the dynamic range. The HDR mode takes multiple images with different exposures to improve up the dynamic range output.

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