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Editor’s Note
There are numerous model numbers for the Sonicare AirFloss, which vary according to colour and number of nozzles included. We outline the dissimilarities down the road in the review and connect to various buying options.

We’ve also viewed a variety of water flosser options inside our best water flosser article.

Our Verdict
The Sonicare AirFloss is a handheld device which has a reservoir of water or mouthwash. When activated the AirFloss fires a tiny burst of air blended with the water or mouthwash in to the user’s mouth among the teeth.

For those that usually do not like flossing with string, or locate a countertop water flosser too messy, the AirFloss will probably be worth strong consideration; the complete process of using it really is effortless. That is then supported by an excellent battery life.

The 3 BIG questions about the Sonicare AirFloss
When you are short of time, the answers to the next 3 questions should inform you all you have to to about the Sonicare flosser. EASILY have missed something, i want to know in the comments.

If you want greater detail, you can browse the full Airfloss review further listed below.

  1. Will there be anything drastically wrong with this water flosser?
    No. It performs well.

Depending on your present interdental cleaning habits, will influence your view slightly upon this. Existing water flosser users could be put off by the tiny water tank. However, this is a different design of product and really targeted at those people who are not flossing properly, or at all.

  1. Which other water flossers must i consider?
    There are various water flossers you could consider. But, among the key appeals of the Airfloss may be the lightweight nature and the convenience it offers to the procedure of interdental cleaning.

Which means Waterpik WF-03 and WP-450 are 2 logical alternative products to consider. Both have larger reservoirs and so are more traditional water flossers, compared to the air infused Sonicare.

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And now for somewhat more detail…
Hopefully, the 3 key sections above make clear how it operates and you now understand how it differs from what I call traditional flossing.

I would like to now make clear the AirFloss in a bit more detail and let you know what is is very prefer to use on a daily basis, but there is one additional at the mercy of cover.

Is the AirFloss an improved way to floss?
If you are any thing like me, the very thought of flossing is the one which just enables you to sigh. It is among those jobs you understand must be done when cleaning your teeth, but we’d all rather do without it.

It takes time, it really is fiddly and it could hurt. It is among those necessary evils in life, roughly it seems.

For years, I, probably as if you, have been using string or tape floss.

In regards to a year ago though I learned the sweetness of the Wisdom Easy Flosser (take on Amazon) that i absolutely love and is my head to flossing solution.

I was sold on the thought of the AirFloss after simply a few days useful. It isn’t perfect, but in the event that you really battle to motivate you to ultimately floss, if this will not change your attitude, i quickly am not sure exactly what will.

So before we explore the entire Philips Sonicare AirFloss Review, it really is probably best to get started on off by explaining the AirFloss with a few key questions:

What’s the Philips Sonicare AirFloss?
A handheld device which has a reservoir of water or mouthwash. When activated the AirFloss fires a tiny burst of air blended with the water or mouthwash in to the user’s mouth among the teeth.

How does it work?
The mixture of air and liquid fired among teeth and along the gum line loosens and dislodges plaque, bacteria and residual food particles that normal brush cleaning may not manage to reach.

Where normal flossing depends on the floss to touch, grab and wipe away such, the AirFloss depends on the liquid and air combo to get this done via the pressure of which it passes by and touches one’s teeth and gums.

Philips advise that using this may remove up to 5 times more plaque when compared to a manual brush and will improve gum health in only

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