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The Pioneer XDJ RX2 may be the revamped version of the favorite standalone DJ controller from Pioneer. Having a suite of features you’d find in pro gear. It’s a concise and enticing option for all degrees of DJs. Get black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales, deals offers.

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Pioneer XDJ RX2 Review
The Pioneer XDJ RX2 features 2 channel control and a sizable touchscreen. With a bunch of useful performance features, it’s positioned as the go-to all-in-one controller for Pioneer fans. Let’s have a look at what it provides.

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7-inch full-color touchscreen.
Imitates the pro-level NSX2 layout.
Full version software.
Standalone capable.
Responsive jogwheels

Not really a massive improvement from the XDJ RX.

THE ENERGY Of Waveforms
The present day era of DJing has taken with it a simple change to how DJs examine and prepare mixes.

One of the primary changes is the capability to start to see the waveform of the music you are playing. This visual representation of the structure of the track can be an invaluable tool. You can view beforehand where major changes occur with simply a quick glimpse. Adding cue points for key occasions also permits maximum preparation.

Screens have grown to be commonplace on professional DJ equipment.

Combining the two offers you a higher potential for executing a smooth mix. In addition, it helps avoid any unforeseen surprises when behind the decks.

DJ controllers with screens take this to a fresh level. With usage of the waveform information on your own gear, you may spend less time looking at your laptop. It’s a far more natural and linked experience. Something I would recommend all DJs experience.

The Pioneer XDJ RX2 can be an impressive controller that ticks a whole lot of boxes. But could it be the very best standalone DJ controller available? Let’s find out.

Mixer Section
The Pioneer XDJ RX2 is a 2 channel Rekordbox controller. The primary mixer section takes inspiration from the DJM-450’s mixer section. You’ll find two channel faders and a crossfader. Above the faders are cue buttons for sending the music to your headphones. A crossfader curve switch sits between your two-channel faders. This enables you to adapt the curve from a smooth transition to an instant cut.

Each channel offers a complete 3-band EQ with trim control. Dedicated level meters for every single channel sit next to the EQ. A master output level meter can be present to monitor your mix levels. Above this meter is a knob for controlling master output volume.

The XDJ RX2 has an outstanding mixer section with great FX controls.

Above the trim/gain knobs, you’ll find switches to create the channel to linked hardware. I’ll cover everything you can hook up in greater detail in the bond options section below.

The left-hand side of the mixer gives you usage of headphone volume and cue/mix knobs. Above these knobs, you’ll find the Sound Color FX options. 4 options can be found via dedicated buttons. A dedicated parameter knob exists for adjusting the selected FX. Afterward you activate the FX on a selected channel via the colour knob. I’ll cover these FX in greater detail later in the review. AUX controls summary the left side of the mixer.

The proper side of the mixer offers booth output volume control and more FX options. Beat FX controls let you pick from 8 different FX. Adjusting the beat FX length is straightforward with the Beat buttons or via the tap button. A dedicated channel select knob also helps it be simple to assign the FX to a particular channel. Time and Level/Depth knobs round out the control over FX along with a major On/Off button.

Anyone already acquainted with Pioneer gear will be right in the home. Plenty of imaginative controls close at hand.

Incorporated with the Pioneer XDJ RX2 is a complete version copy of Rekordbox. To utilize the controller with Rekordbox you just hook up it with a USB cable. Rekordbox is great software and will handle exporting your tracks to USB drives in order to utilize the XDJ RX2 in standalone mode.

You also have the choice to perform Rekordbox in Link Export mode. This will provide you with usage of library browsing and loading. A good feature for all those times that you don’t want to export your tracks to USB.

The jogwheels on the Pioneer XDJ RX2 are solid and responsive. They give a loose feel making scratching comfortable. They are touch capacitive and provide LED illumination showing track position. A vinyl mode is available along with Slip and Reverse options.

Responsive jogwheels make the XDJ RX2 a good option for scratch DJs.

While nothing groundbreaking they certainly are a good size and provide low latency. You’ll be well covered for executing scratch routines or for adjustments to your tracks throughout your mix.

Pitch Faders
The Pioneer XDJ RX2 offers long pitch faders. The tempo range is adjustable with a button. Thus giving you the versatility to go from fine tempo adjustments to larger ranges if needed. Long pitch faders with fine tempo adjustments make beatmatching by ear easier.

A Master Tempo button sits above the fader to lock the pitch despite just how much you slow or increase the track. Above the tempo range button, you’ll find the Sync button which automatically matches the track BPM. Gleam Master button next to the Sync button to create which channel may be the master BPM level.

Performance Pads
The Performance Pad portion of the Pioneer XDJ RX2 is capable but doesn’t contain as much features as other controllers. Hot Cue mode permits you to set and activate your cue points. Beat Loop mode opens up setting loops. Slip Jump opens setting a set loop. When released the track playback resumes from where it could have naturally reached. Beat Jump offers you usage of moving your loops forward or the track forward in a variety of increments.

While each one of these functions are of help it’s also fairly standard. Nothing sticks out as ground breaking or impressive. I’d have liked to start to see the second layer of pad performance modes incorporated. Functions like Slicer or usage of more Beat FX when working with Rekordbox. Dedicated controllerists should look at other controller options that feature more pad modes. But, for some DJs, the choice is a lot more than adequate.

Connection Options
The Pioneer XDJ RX2 boasts a sizable collection of connection options.

The front panel provides the headphone reference to a selection of both ¼ inch and ⅛ inch. I’d have liked to visit a microphone option on leading but I also just like the minimalist approach.

The back panel gives you two Master Output options. Both XLR and RCA. A lot of versatility to hook up to your favored group of speakers. A balanced TRS booth output option can be a good upgrade over the normal unbalanced RCA option you’ll find on other controllers.

An impressive selection of connection options to take care of numerous kinds of DJ setups.

The XDJ RX2 offers 4 Line In RCA options. These let you hook up external gear like CDJs or turntables. Bear in mind the XDJ RX2 doesn’t support DVS so you’ll struggle to play with a timecoded vinyl layout. A supplementary RCA option is designed for AUX connections.

Two combo TRS/XLR jacks are for sale to microphones. The XDJ RX2 offers microphone controls above the left side deck. You’ll get access to volume control and a two-band EQ. Talkover mode can be available. This will certainly reduce master output volume whenever a microphone is used.

Twin USB ports can be found above the right-hand deck. You need to use this to load music from or record your mixes. A convenient track split button opens up the choice to segment your recording when you are mixing.

With a solid collection of connection options, the XDJ RX2 is preparing to handle a big collection of potential setup configurations.

FX Controls
The FX controls on the Pioneer XDJ RX2 will be acquainted to anyone who uses Pioneer club gear. With 4 Sound Color FX, you’ll get access to the mostly used FX options like Filter, Noise, Dub Echo and Sweep. It’s quick and simple to activate and the colour knob and Parameter knob work in conjunction to provide you with full control over the way the FX sounds. Missing from the line-up is Crush and Space. While I’m pleased with 4 I’d have recommended Crush or Space over the Sweep FX.

Beat FX offers you access to an additional 8 common FX. Control over them is more granular in comparison to Sound Color FX. You can modify the beat amount of the FX via preset lengths or the Tap button for more specific requirements. Options to change between various channels offers you a lot more flexibility. The Beat FX range is solid with Delay, Echo, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Flanger, Pitch and Roll.

Between your Sound Color FX and Beat FX, you’ll get access to 12 options. Plenty to include variety to your sets and test out innovative transitions.

Looping Controls
Located at the very top left of every deck you get access to dedicated loop buttons. You can set the beginning and endpoints. To create a car 4 beat loop you possess down the In button for another. Also you can store and recall loops if you work with Rekordbox. These controls will be the same over the Pioneer range. That is ideal for experienced DJs as you’ll feel right in the home. Likewise, it’s best for new DJs that contain ambitions of eventually playing on club gear.

Beyond this section, additionally, there are the Beat Loop controls available via the performance pads. Regardless of how you want to play with loops you’ll find simple to use functions on the Pioneer XDJ RX2.

The Pioneer XDJ RX2 is a good controller. Weighing in at 9kg (20 lbs) it really is comfortable to move between gigs.

Solid feet adds height to the XDJ RX2 nonetheless they also help keep the machine stable.

The footprint is spacious. It straddles the line between functionality and size. Not overly large but also much less compact as other controllers.

Regardless of the all-plastic build of the Pioneer XDJ RX2, it doesn’t feel flimsy. It’s a good controller that feels comfortable to use. The large feet add stability to the controller. The construction is what you’d expect from Pioneer. Not overly premium for the purchase price however they usually do not use cheap components.

The faders and knobs all feel dependable. The rubberized pads likewise have an excellent feel. The screen is fantastic but I’ll cover that within the next section.

As for the look it all is determined by if you like the appearance of Pioneer gear. The controller looks professional and inherits the looks of Pioneer’s pro-level club gear. This familiarity is a major plus. Possible for new DJs to access grips with club level layouts without needing to spend a big amount of cash on a complete setup. For club DJs attempting to practice at home, in addition, it ticks all of the boxes. Existing muscle memory are certain to get you spinning very quickly.

Touch Screen
The 7-inch touchscreen is a major improvement over the initial RX. Touch controls take it closer consistent with Pioneer’s latest media players. You’ll get access to the QWERTY keyboard search which for DJs with a major library (like myself) is invaluable. Updated browsing controls also make it simple to jump in and out of saved playlists and load tracks.

The screen layout does a fantastic job to show relevant information. Plus, the stacked waveforms make it simple to align and manage your mix. The screen also sits at a comfortable viewing angle. I’d have loved adjustability like on the Prime 4 but at no stage did Personally i think I couldn’t see that which was going on instantly.

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