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The Pixel Slate is Google’s latest entry in to the booming group of tablet-laptop hybrids. With Chrome OS, a detachable keyboard, a stylus, and support for Android apps, it’s trying to be always a machine for all your productivity and multimedia needs. Get best black friday & Cyber Monday deals & offers now, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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May be the Pixel Slate powerful enough to be most of your computer. With a cost tag that accumulates quickly would you even want to buy to be? Find out inside our full Google Pixel Slate review.

Much like other Google hardware, Google’s keeps a straightforward method of the Pixel Slate’s design. Your body of the Pixel Slate is constructed of anodized aluminum, coated in a stealthy midnight blue. No other color options can be found, so if you need something a bit more colorful you’re simply out of luck right now.

The Pixel Slate includes a very clean appearance with nothing on the trunk aside from Google’s G logo in the upper left corner and the rear-facing camera in the upper right. The metal build of the Pixel Slate is sturdy, and, weighing 1.6lbs, it doesn’t feel overweight or too light. Of them costing only 7mm thick, the tablet is sleek, with rounded corners, curved sides, and curved edge glass which make it very comfortable to carry.

The bezels on leading are thick however, not unnecessarily so. They’re just wide enough to provide you with a resting area to comfortably place your thumbs plus they also make method for an incredible sounding couple of front-facing speakers. The speakers are loud, crisp, and clear, showing no signs of distortion at high volumes. Hearing music and watching YouTube or Netflix is a lot more immersive because of the stereo sound and speakers being directed right towards your ears.

Port selection on the Pixel Slate is pretty barebones. There are two USB Type-C connections on the left and right sides or top and bottom if you’re holding these devices in portrait orientation. The USB Type-C ports are being used to charge the Pixel Slate, nonetheless they may also transfer data and output to a 4K display. You’ll also be using the USB Type-C ports for plugging in headphones as there is absolutely no headphone jack. Thankfully with there being two them, you can still charge these devices and also have headphones plugged in simultaneously.

In landscape orientation, there are dual microphones for improved noise cancellation and the energy button along with the Pixel Slate. Rather than being color matched to all of those other tablet, the energy button is coated in a white finish. In addition, it doubles as a fingerprint sensor, which explains why it includes a flat and wide pill shape. On the opposing or bottom edge of the Pixel Slate are copper connectors. The copper connection points are allowing you to connect to the Pixel Slate Keyboard, which we’ll enter later.

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The Pixel Slate gets the same 12.3-inch screen size and 3:2 aspect ratio as Google’s previous tablet-laptop hybrid, the Pixelbook, but it’s higher resolution. The Pixel Slate’s LCD display is incredibly sharp, with a 3,000 x 2,000 resolution. Google calls the screen a “Molecular Display” which feels as though only a marketing buzzword to contend with Apple’s Retina.

The black levels upon this panel are so excellent that you may second guess it for an AMOLED panel.

Marketing buzzwords aside, the screen is phenomenal. The 12.3-inch screen size is large and comfortable to use as a tablet and a laptop. Watching movies, doing offers, or maybe simply browsing the net on the Slate’s colorful, vibrant, and contrasty display is a joy. The black levels upon this panel are so excellent you may second guess it for an AMOLED panel. The screen gets bright enough to comfortably read in the event you opt to take your productivity or entertainment outside for your day, too.

The Pixel Slate doesn’t offer expandable storage irrespective of configuration.

Performance on the Pixel Slate will change predicated on the model. The Pixel Slate will come in five configurations, varying in RAM, storage, which Intel chip can be used. The model I’ve been testing is powered by an Intel Core i5 y-series processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD. It is the second highest tier model. The Pixel Slate doesn’t offer expandable storage no matter configuration.

While I can’t speak for the low end models, performance on the i5 variant has been great. The Pixel Slate simply flies through Chrome OS. I could have a couple of Chrome tabs open and jump backwards and forwards between multiple Android software without the Pixel Slate showing any signs of slowing. The Pixel Slate can be a properly capable machine for gaming purposes. Graphically demanding titles like Shadowgun Legends from the Google Play Store runs on high graphics set

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