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The Plantronics Rig 800LX is a cozy, lightweight gaming headset that gives immersive Dolby Atmos music from the box.

Comfy, lightweight design
Strong sound performance
Includes Dolby Atmos for Headphones
Long battery life
Bulky design
Occasional static
Microphone will get fuzzy
Dolby Atmos is slowly making its way to the Xbox One, and the Plantronics Rig 800LX really wants to be the best way to see it. This $149 headset enables you to enjoy Dolby’s spatial sound technology on both Xbox One and Windows 10 out of your box, letting you spot enemies with precision and get extra-immersed in movies. Combine that with a lightweight, cozy design and long battery life, and you have an outstanding wireless solution for Xbox One – so long as you can live with just a little bulk and a less-than-stellar microphone.

The Plantronics Rig 800LX certainly favors function over form. The headset’s ear cups are large, aggressive, and packed with knobs and ports, with plenty of sharp angles and unsightly bumps. I’m a fan of the silver mesh pattern externally of every ear cup, but in addition to that, the 800LX is unashamedly a gaming peripheral. Similarly priced headsets, including the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 and the SteelSeries Arctis 7, have decidedly sleeker designs.

The headset’s left ear cup houses knobs for volume and game chat balance, a on / off switch, and a micro-USB port for charging, as the right cup packs an EQ mode activate its underside. It took me a time to get accustomed to achieving the 800LX’s controls for the reason that ear cups have a bulky, angular design. But in a short time, I was adjusting volume and sound profiles on the fly with little hassle.

The Rig 800LX connects wirelessly to both Xbox One and PC with a simple, square-shaped USB transmitter. The transmitter was blissfully plug-and-play on both platforms, without complicated setup to block the way of me and my games.

What the Rig 800LX lacks however you like, it more than accocunts for for in comfort. With plush ear cups, a suspension headband that automatically conforms to your mind, and a soft, sporty mesh fabric covering both, Plantronics’ headset is well equipped for marathon sessions. Because of its cozy cushions and lightweight frame, I used the Rig 800LX all night at the same time and rarely got the urge to remove it.

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Much like previous Rig headsets, the 800LX enables you to pop the ear cups in and out of 1 of three notches on the headband, so that it is simple to get yourself a tighter or looser fit. The headset’s default setup felt a lttle bit snug if you ask me, but when i moved the cups to the loosest setting, it felt perfectly. It’s a good touch that ensures your ideal fit stays set up and prevents the cups from sliding along in your bag.

Gaming Performance
Using its noise-isolating ear cups and booming 40mm drivers, the Rig 800LX managed to get simple to get lost in both competitive and cinematic games.

Plantronics’ headset got me so immersed in Fortnite: Battle Royale, I had to remove it to be sure the in-game storm surrounding me wasn’t happening in true to life. The 800LX also managed to get possible for me to discover enemy footsteps and gunfire, though it didn’t fix my knack for dying within the first five minutes of each match. The headset proved similarly useful in Overwatch, allowing me to listen to my opponents’ footsteps, gunshots and special attacks with precision.

I had similarly excellent results when beating up Superman as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the cinematic brawling action of Injustice 2. Sword slices sounded extra-piercing, punch-kick combos landed with satisfying impact and explosions had a good boom to them. The 800LX’s sound quality is related to that of the Stealth 700, though Turtle Beach’s headset is normally heavier on bass.

I came across the 800LX to be a lttle bit treble-heavy from the box, nonetheless it was nothing I couldn’t fix with the headset’s four built-in sound modes. There’s a default mode, a Seismic EQ that doubles through to bass, an Intensify EQ that sharpens the treble and a Vocal Focus EQ that highlights dialogue. Each mode has its uses for several types of games, and I appreciated having the capacity to easily switch between them without needing to install any software.

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