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Dr. Dre, the person who boasted about being the first billionaire in hip-hop after selling his Beats by Dre to Apple, could be forgiven when planning on taking it easy nowadays. He has nothing left to persuade anyone. But Beats, the brand that transcended its origins as a cynical celebrity cash-in and became a cultural icon, has everything to prove. For a long period, Apple had seemingly frozen development of services inside Beats, allowing its adopted brand release a only minor updates and alternative colorways. You will be forgiven for thinking Beats was a neglected stepchild.

The brand new Powerbeats Pro put such worries to rest. They will be the most sincerely and comprehensively new Beats product because the Apple takeover, plus they are a triumph. The Doctor’s headphone elves have already been quietly busy, and the first true wireless Beats earphones eventually also be the very best Beats headphones of any size or kind. At $250, they don’t come cheap. However, the Powerbeats Pro deliver numerous advantages over Apple’s cheaper and simpler AirPods, and the ones upgrades totally validate the Beats price premium.

Upon unboxing the Powerbeats Pro, you’ll need to stifle fun at how big is their travel case. It’s such as a regular true-wireless headphones case with a significant case of gigantism. You could probably fit four AirPods cases in the quantity occupied by the Powerbeats Pro’s indulgently chunky box. Looking on the bright side, it’s an extremely robust case, it offers a battery to a lot more than double the earphones’ running time, and it’s still not even half how big is a case for over-ear headphones. And without desperate to get before myself, the sound quality of the Powerbeats Pro is sufficient to allow them to indeed be in comparison to over-ear lightweight alternatives.

The design of the new generation of Powerbeats is subtly brilliant. It still gets the crossbar section that houses the batteries for each and every bud, however now it’s a lot more gracefully built-into the hard stem that curves up to debate and around the trunk of the ear. Apple also slowly but surely softened the part that wraps around your ear to create it convenient and forgiving to what’s an extremely sensitive section of the body. (There’s no fat to safeguard the cartilage of your ear.) That single, flowing external condition makes the Powerbeats Pro look vastly more coherent and intentionally designed than their chunky predecessor.

It’s still not the most discreet look – that I’d probably recommend Samsung’s almost-invisible Galaxy Buds – nonetheless it enables you to feel convenient wearing a set of Powerbeats earphones beyond your context of a gym or a fitness session.

Seating the earbuds into my ears was somewhat of a fiddly task initially. They don’t have the AirPods’ streamlined, mindlessly simple shape, therefore i have to pay a lttle bit of attention getting them on / off. The advantageous difference from the AirPods, though, is that the Powerbeats Pro have various sizes of in-ear tips, so they have an even more customizable fit. Which should mean they have an improved potential for matching the persons who find the AirPods fallout or don’t fit correctly.

With the brand new Powerbeats, I really do find that easily don’t position them well, the proper over-ear hook starts to dig in to the back of my ear. (You can blame my physical asymmetry for why it only happens using one side.) I also concerned about those hooks clashing with the arms of glasses, but my colleague Chris Welch, who tried the Powerbeats Pro at their announcement, says the secret is to place the earphones on before your glasses and everything is okay. Once you see through those minor stumbles, what you’ll get from the Powerbeats Pro is completely p

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