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In terms of low-end bass which can be felt up to it usually is heard, we firmly believe the SVS SB-16 Ultra is a good subwoofer. Using its outrageously powerful amp and stylish visual appearance, it’ll fill an area with bass you can feel deep in your bones. It’s so excellent, we gave it an ideal 5 out of 5 inside our review, something rarely happens.

Our team has a lot more than 50 years of consumer and pro music experience, and much of this time – thousand of hours – has been spent hearing home entertainment gear, including subwoofers. We think most of the people will be deliriously pleased with the SVS SB-16 Ultra, but if it’s not right for you personally, we’ve compiled a set of five alternatives, each using its own specific strength, to help you find the main one that’s best to your requirements.

If you’ve already made your decision, check our subwoofer setup guide to get everything come up with effectively and our calibration guide to greatly help maximize performance in virtually any listening space.

How we test
You’d think a box of bass will be fairly simple to ensure that you evaluate, but given just how much a room make a difference bass response from a subwoofer – combined with the growing number of subs that include room equalization features that try to manage those room-based influences – we’ve developed a reasonably intensive process for gathering as much information as we are able to in regards to a subwoofer’s performance.

Before we reach performance-based evaluations, we have a step back and consider the subwoofer overall. Could it be bulky or compact? Could it be solidly constructed or does it feel somewhat flimsy or cheap? How comprehensive will be the connection options and just how do those affect connectivity? If there’s an iphone app to greatly help with subwoofer control and settings, could it be intuitive and useful?

Once we’ve gathered information on those touchpoints in the above list, we run the subwoofer for many hours before you begin any critical evaluation. Since there is much debate over if the “break-in effect” is real, we prefer to get that factor covered so that it doesn’t are likely involved in our analysis some way.

Our subwoofer tests happen in at least two different rooms, some of which we are intimately acquainted with, and we generally test the subwoofer in three spots that we know provide greatest response within those rooms. Testing material includes from test tone sweeps to blockbuster movies and an array of music from multiple genres. We seek to understand how deep a sub can play, how visceral the reduced bass response is, how well it might be adjusted to integrate with both small and large satellite speakers, and how musically accurate it really is capable of playing.

We expect a versatile subwoofer, that may not merely belt out the big bass notes necessary for a high-impact action movie, but one that may also stay tight and tuneful when playing acoustic upright bass, or reproducing the classic Fender P-bass tone. An excellent subwoofer will avoid tubby, boomy sound that lacks definition, and instead integrate itself seamlessly right into a larger audio tracks system, calling focus on itself only during instances where its pure

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