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Have you ever really tried using Sony’s pitiful little mono headset that is included with every PlayStation 4? It’s a chintzy freebie at best, and a no-good, annoying, keeps-coming-unclipped-from-your-collar, hanging hellion all of those other time.

Sony’s 2014 Gold Wireless Headset also angered gamers because of a fragile, crack-prone headband. With this background, you would be forgiven for ignoring Sony’s new 2018 Gold Wireless Headset. I was pretty skeptical myself, but apart from a few issues, it’s been among the finest wireless headsets I’ve applied to the PS4. I even recommended inside our set of best PS4 accessories.

Black may be the New Gold

Just like the first PlayStation Gold Headset, the colour is somewhat of a misnomer. You will not find any gold on them. Such as a Model T, this headset is totally black, from earcup to headband, with part of it wrapped in a soft leather-like material. The headband and ear cushions involve some extra padding on them, as a result of unique design of the headband and how it connects with the earcups.

Most headsets are packed with hinges and hangers to allow them to turn and adapt every which way, however, not the Gold. Underneath all that faux leather, its entire headband is an individual curved horseshoe little bit of metal (or perhaps an exceptionally durable plastic) that you pull apart to suit your head.

The earcups don’t flex forward and back a lot (only a wiggle), nonetheless they can slide along the band itself, making for a surprisingly comfortable fit. Sony says they are made to fit around the PlayStation VR headset. People that have wider heads, glasses, or larger ears may choose to look elsewhere, though. This design gets less comfortable the larger your mind is, and the padding is thin enough that it’ll lightly pinch some frames.

It’s not ideal for those folks with moderate-sized domes, either. I had to slide the earcups up some, which covered up the L and R labels, so that it is hard to determine how exactly to put these on. And because there is absolutely no boom mic, I had to invest a few extra seconds determining which end may be the front and back. Sony is definately not the first headset maker with this issue. Just a little rotation in the earcups would also make resting the headset on your own shoulders and neck a lot more comfortable in-between matches.

Lost in the Gloss

The only area on the PlayStation Gold that isn’t brushed or leathery will be the glossy vinyl-like edges of the earcups, where all of the buttons and controls can be found. It’s never a good idea to gloss up the main one area that’s constantly under attack by finger grease, but alas that’s accurately what Sony did here.

The controls themselves are okay, but could possibly be simpler to feel and discover. Everything is on the left earcup, which appears to be typical for some headsets. The mute button is on the low back side, above this is a volume rocker and above that is clearly a toggle for 7.1 virtual surround sound, which simulates surround. I don’t love this feature for some games since it sounds unnatural, but it’s present and accounted for.

On leading is another toggle, but that one adjusts your chat mix (how loud friends and family sound when compared to game). Below this is a switch that turns off the headset or puts it in the typical or extra bassy setting. The excess bass increases the immersion if you’re playing anything with explosions or bullet fire, and if you download the Sony Headset Companion iphone app on your own PS4, you can replace that bass boost with game-specific effects, or fully tweak the bass, treble, and mids to your delight.

It took time to find, but holding down the mute button also turns on two degrees of mic monitoring, which Sony calls sidetones. Allowing you hear your own voice as you talk. It can help me talk at a far more reasonable volume rather than shouting just to make certain others are hearing what I’m saying. Give it a try!

Missing Mic, Cool Connection

Having less a physical mic is a bummer. None of my friends complained about the standard of my audio, nonetheless it wasn’t almost as effective as many headsets. Sony does try to isolate the sound of your voice, nonetheless it would do a far better job if it had a microphone that may be positioned near the mouth area like almost all of its competitors.

Normally, I’d complain that it’s hard to learn if you’re muted or not, but because of the advanced of integration this headset has with the PS4 (it’s created by Sony, in the end), a prompt pops onscreen in the upper left to let you know the battery life, mute status, and whether virtual surround is on if you adapt a setting. I wish more headsets had this feature.

The battery indicator for the reason that onscreen popup is particularly helpful. The Gold gets a decent 7-ish hours of wireless play time because of its 570mAh battery, but that’s nowhere near to the 15 hours Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 (8/10 WIRED Recommends) can reach. Unlike that headset, that one posseses an optional 3.5mm audio tracks cable, so regardless if you go out of battery, you can still plug it directly into your controller and keep playing. With the cord plugged in you need to use the headset with any compatible system or player. It charges with an included micro USB cable.

Wireless play has been stable and I’ve had no connection problems. It runs on the USB dongle to transmit a 2.4GHz wireless signal, that i found to be very stable. The only cutouts I’ve had are when I leave and walk to some other room.

Choosing the Gold

This is among the clearest wireless headsets I’ve used, and the bass is pretty boomy. I came across myself watching Netflix and hearing music with them on every once in awhile, despite having a pile of other headsets to select from. I still play Fortnite a whole lot, and the sounds of my footsteps pattering through the woods, avoiding conflict no matter what because I’m an awful shot, are very crisp.

The PlayStation Gold Headset can’t quite match to expensive heavyweights just like the hi-fi Arctis Pro line or comfortable Sony PlayStation Platinum, nonetheless it doesn’t need to. At around $100 it’s among the finest wireless headsets for PS4, and if you attach that optional wire, it could hook up to much more. It took Sony four years to understand this headset {perfect

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